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Jun 2015
steam sticks to my body
a lightened breath escapes my chest
its just another one of all the rest
my vision is going blurry, i can't seem to forget anymore
i wish they'd be able to see my dead body on the floor
its too hard to see, too hard to breathe, too hard to ever be me
i can't find myself amongst the steam
and the bath water turns colder than ice and my bones start to freeze
and i can feel my heart being pulled on a leash
keep pulling it, drag is across the glass shards until it bleeds
cover my mouth and smack me when I scream
i can't bare to live this life anymore, let the currents take me under the sea
but what hurts the most is what people want me to be
that I want to be that, but something stops me
like the dark room, the chains, the humility
i remember that one day where they all touched me and now I can't even look at my own body
i can't compliment myself sincerely
i can't look good in the eyes of those who love me
i can't speak on behalf of this or else they'll catch me
so let me rot, let me go down
deep into hells burning grounds.


Written by
conceptcollection  22/F
   Eiliv Advena
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