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May 2015
there was no sound, but the sound of wind
no movement, but her dress twirling through the air

she was supposed to be afraid
scared, drowning and confused
but for the first time she could read the sky
and smiled

being her was to raw
being someone else was fake
was she picturing it all in her head?
she had traveled all the roads and created new ones
but was it enough?

so she flew, she flew as fast and far as she could
that fast, that she thought her wings were going to break
and maybe they did, maybe she got lost,
maybe she disappeared,
maybe some remembered her, maybe no one did

so she escaped,
escaped to the place where the skies are purple
and there's gold flamingos
rubi stars that share their secrets
dancing demons with cellophane treasures
Hidden in endless forest with a touch of mist
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