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Apr 2015
There are some days when
every encounter becomes a confrontation,
when every incident
feels like an army of arrows
piercing through the shattered remains of your armor.

These are the days where you must teach yourself
to breath deeply all over again,
that your hands weren't always
balled into fists, but that once
held the hand of another.

Sometimes there are days when
you are invisible to affection. You are a ghost
to the ones you crave to love you.
You are withering under a stranger's stare
and ****** you just want to be held
until the cavity in your chest feels warmth again.

You cannot bare to be alone because when
no one's around its easier to decay into
your own sorry nightmare, when all you want
is solitude to override the static in your head.

But just know
it's alright to feel like everything
is just a little too much.
It's alright to unclench your heart
and let your soul spill over
until the air around you is moist
with your tears.
Feel for those
who can't, because
if I could I'd do the same
for you.
tell me what you like, tell me what you don't like, or just say hi.

Ivy Swolf
Written by
Ivy Swolf
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