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Charles May 2016
"Don't look at me, you'll fall." She said.

"I already did." **I whispered.
Got a little help from friends.
Charles Feb 2016
There are times
When I want
to be in a relationship.

When I see a couple holding hands,
I look at my own hand and ask,
Forgive me. It's my first time.
  Dec 2015 Charles
Nathan Pival
This stitch in time
Will one day only be a memory
Eventually to be lost
To forever's eternity

The pain and sadness
Happiness and bliss
Fades away and dies
Forgotten to time's abyss

Make the moments count
Even if they will fade away
You may not get a second chance
You may not live to live another day
  Dec 2015 Charles
When people come to truths
they dont want to deal with,
they close their eyes.
Hoping that the darkness
will cover and hide everything.

It isn't easy. It isn't worth it.
It is painful.

And hope is a torture sometimes.
And though they are pretending
they are okay,
reality is they are dead inside
when they are smiling.

And with every pain they feel,
they realize they are alive
and then they choose to die inside
over and over again.
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