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Mar 2015
Why did the angel fall for the demon?
Was it the devilish smile he had that made her cheeks burn a rosy red;
Or perhaps his dashing charm that made her head spin around.

You want to know the truth?
The angel fell for a monster, because she was lonely.
Before she met the demon, a knight and shining armour broke her heart.
All the while she thought that finding someone else would mend her broken soul.

Little did she know,
She ended up falling into a deep dark abyss of regret and loss.
And, so, the angel decided to escape the wrath of the demon.
Oh, the demon begged and pleaded for her not to leave.
He was on his knees, for all the wealth he once had was gone.

The angel had no choice but to stay and live decades of heartache.
For she had made a child with this demon.
She had grown up to be a lovely lady just like the angel.
"I pray she will understand one day." the Angel whispered to God.

The angel's strength is what kept her bravery going.
Her wings started to take flight with freedom;
for one day she knew that all this war in her heart;
Will soon be put to rest.
This prose I made is for all the ones who are lonely in love. Let's just say I once knew a couple who met at their loneliest states in life. Everything moved too fast for this couple. And feelings of regret, anger, and heartache arose.
Ladies and gentlemen, the lesson for today is to love when you are ready. Not when you are lonely.

God Bless You - Caira
Caira Ventura
Written by
Caira Ventura  MNL
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