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Jan 2017 · 340
Caira Ventura Jan 2017
She stares back at the bruises that have scarred her body,
Upon the mirror she sees the stream of tears running down her face.
Will she admit defeat? Yes.
Will she allow herself to be vulnerable to pain? Yes.

She gets up.
She dusts off the anxieties that have clouded her mind.
Will she be okay? Of course.
Will she conquer? Of course.

For underneath her battered soul lies the heart of a warrior.
For underneath all the fears she has, she will rise as a queen.

Never underestimate the fire in her eyes.
Nov 2016 · 360
Wait and See
Caira Ventura Nov 2016
Sweet words of affirmation.
Weak actions of cowardice.
Long glances at the little things she does.
Silence speaks out loud when you hear her laugh.

Rumours are running around.
Hearts are being broken by millions.
People watch you both and try to decipher,
"Are they really together?"

Time will only tell,
If your worth being under my spell.
Time will only show,
If we should just let things flow.
Aug 2016 · 593
A,B,C,....I Love You.
Caira Ventura Aug 2016
A universal voice that echoes through the source of time.
A feeling of warmth as it wraps those familiar arms around you.
A tingling feeling that resonates on your lips when it kisses you.

Betrayed, dismayed, and terrorized was what it left you feeling.
Bittersweet but traumatised by the memories that were long gone.
Because of you, I have realised that love can either make or break you.

Coming of age was what love did for everyone.
Calling your name through my lips did not leave a sting anymore.
Creating a whole new identity was what love was.

Love changes you.
For better or for worse.
Aug 2016 · 343
Caira Ventura Aug 2016
There was a barrier between the both of us.
There was a girl in the mirror staring back at me.
There she was standing tall and mighty.
There was a hint of glimmer in her smile.

The girl who stood there had hollow eyes,
The girl had curves and stretch marks around her thighs.
The girl who everyone thought to be a timeless beauty,
The girl had wanted to rot away for quite some time.

Beauty was what she was known for.
Beauty was what she was seen to be.
Beauty was what made her transcendent.
Beauty was what killed her.
Aug 2015 · 1.1k
Caira Ventura Aug 2015
It has been awhile.
As time passed the awkwardness between us grew.
Forming a bond with you was a nuisance, you were too fragile.
Who knew that we met at the wrong time regretting chances we blew.

Hearing your name felt like an odd habit I wanted to get rid of.
Yet seeing your face on my timeline still makes me wonder,
If time would bring us back together would you be aloof?
What has a millennial like me have to do but look from a yonder.
Caira Ventura Mar 2015
The princess finally took her place on the throne as she awaits for her crown that is adorned with silver linings.
The mighty warrior is given her sword as she is steadfast towards her battles as she slays murky monsters and fire breathing dragons.
The super heroine watches over the town of her loved ones as her cape floats with the wind while she protects the lives of the innocent.
The angel fluttered her decadent white wings as she is about to take flight to embark on a wonderful journey led by faith.

As the princess finally accepts all the hatred and negativity that others have given her,
Or perhaps the mighty warrior heals from her scars and battle wounds.
Maybe even the super heroine has decided to overcome her Kryptonite.
Even the fallen angel knows that she must be forgiven for thy sins she has committed.

But, alas, the princess shall sit with her head held up high as the heavy crown is placed on her.
The blood of the warrior has been wiped off her skin and her bones have turned into pieces of metal that are strong enough to fight even harder.
Capes and compassion has been the heart of the heroine.
Lastly, may the faith strengthen thy beautiful angel forevermore.
This is to mark my journey as it ends being a sixteen year old. All the hardships I have faced throughout the year. All the lessons I have learned from my mistakes. All the values that was taught to me. May the bright age of seventeen bring nothing but strength, happiness, and overall faith into my life.
Happy Birthday Caira <3
Mar 2015 · 642
Broken Wings
Caira Ventura Mar 2015
Why did the angel fall for the demon?
Was it the devilish smile he had that made her cheeks burn a rosy red;
Or perhaps his dashing charm that made her head spin around.

You want to know the truth?
The angel fell for a monster, because she was lonely.
Before she met the demon, a knight and shining armour broke her heart.
All the while she thought that finding someone else would mend her broken soul.

Little did she know,
She ended up falling into a deep dark abyss of regret and loss.
And, so, the angel decided to escape the wrath of the demon.
Oh, the demon begged and pleaded for her not to leave.
He was on his knees, for all the wealth he once had was gone.

The angel had no choice but to stay and live decades of heartache.
For she had made a child with this demon.
She had grown up to be a lovely lady just like the angel.
"I pray she will understand one day." the Angel whispered to God.

The angel's strength is what kept her bravery going.
Her wings started to take flight with freedom;
for one day she knew that all this war in her heart;
Will soon be put to rest.
This prose I made is for all the ones who are lonely in love. Let's just say I once knew a couple who met at their loneliest states in life. Everything moved too fast for this couple. And feelings of regret, anger, and heartache arose.
Ladies and gentlemen, the lesson for today is to love when you are ready. Not when you are lonely.

God Bless You - Caira
Feb 2015 · 960
Girl Almighty
Caira Ventura Feb 2015
I have seen her breakdown with tears of sadness.
I have seen her stare at her reflection and think what a hideous mess she was.
I have seen her fall from the failures she has gone through.
I have seen her being ignored, unaccepted, as if she was some old toy placed on a shelf.

I have seen her wipe those tears away from her rosy cheeks.
I have seen her putting an end to comparing herself with others.
I have seen her rise amidst all her failures.
I have seen her walking away from those people who made her feel less good about herself.

That girl was the one who always believed in the word hope,
That girl was the one who never stopped believing in herself,
That girl came out a warrior with victory after every battle,
That girl who had hope, was none other than me.
Feb 2015 · 19.9k
Caira Ventura Feb 2015
There was not a day that would pass with my usual routine.
Whether it would be going to the grocery, visiting my family, or maybe hanging out with my friends.
It seemed like everyday was pristine.

Life was quite a bore though,
But little did I know,
That you can actually find adventure in everything that you do.
When that realisation struck me, I felt my smile and aura glow.

What I am trying to say is that adventure is out there,
With everything that you do, even the little things.
As long as you have a mind that is set to explore the infinity and beyond,
Then you will definitely find a hidden treasure in everything.
Jan 2015 · 603
What is Love?
Caira Ventura Jan 2015
Love for me is limitless.
It does not only abide to a couple.
Love happens when your grandfather plants a kiss on your forehead.
Love is being called beautiful by your mother or father.
Love is that bear hug your brother or sister gives you.
Love is sharing that laughter with your best friends.

It is one word that has a million meanings.
Although it may be a hard game to play.
Fear not, for it is something everyone would want to achieve.

I guess you can say that a sixteen year old does not know a thing about it,
Well I agree my expertise on it is far behind others.
But one thing I can say about love is that it turns the world around.

Love is limitless,
Amidst your sexuality or race.
Your gender and age.
Love is love.
And love, is limitless.
Dec 2014 · 1.2k
Caira Ventura Dec 2014
There once was a little girl who dreamed big dreams.
Dreams that rose up like flowers that blossomed in the spring.
Dreams that shine brighter than the sun on a hot summer day.
Dreams that fell down in snowflakes on a sparkling Christmas winter.
But, one night, everything changed.

The storms of reality poured down like rain drops.
Tornadoes shook all her hopes down.
Pain pierced her as she drowned in her pool of tears.
This sudden sadness she endured was at an age where she was sixteen.

She thought growing up would be a pretty thing.
Looking all glamorous as she started dressing up in leather jackets.
Boys made her feel like she was a baby doll.
Her friends started being her family.
Soon enough she had all these realisations about life.
Now all she ever wanted was to turn back the clock, and turn six again.

Amidst all that she knew the past was long gone.
Therefore she had no choice but to move on.
And dream those big dreams she wanted ever since she was that little girl.

— The End —