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Phoebe Mae Jan 2015
opening a brown drawstring bag and emptying
what looks like my mail onto the table
you sit and quietly examine the addresses, the contents
the stamps
as for sounds, the quiet rustle of paper
then of course
you put your reading glasses on
they're a soft brown
never intimidating, unlike you
you are an experience
you take a look at the contents of my head right now
don't try to understand this pls
just some imagery really
Phoebe Mae Jan 2015
what goes around comes around
and what comes up must come down
sorry in advance
Phoebe Mae Jan 2015
there was this girl i used to know
she was like this
skateboard girl
tangly hair girl
homemade pretzel girl
fire escape girl
cigarette girl
different when it was just us girl
tough girl
tomboy girl
save the animals girl
god knows where she is now girl
mazel tov, ******* girl
god, i was so hooked on you girl
Phoebe Mae Jan 2015
The dinosaurs are dead.
Really dead.
Someday you will be too.
Phoebe Mae Jan 2015
if the words you use are big enough
someone is bound to believe you
Phoebe Mae Jan 2015
today has been a stormy day except the sky is clear
it's my moral compass that's stormy
i feel twisted
i feel like one of those knot bracelets we used to wear
when summers were salt and wind and blackbeard and houses with names
except not as nostalgic
i feel tired, mostly
the kind where you wonder how in the hell you're going to do it all again
Phoebe Mae Jan 2015
there's nothing worse for a habitual liar
than being accused for a lie
you didn't tell
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