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32.0k · Sep 2013
Spoken Word: Choices
Patricia Arches Sep 2013

This ever blotting simple thing that makes up things

as small as a mouse but also as deadly as sin itself

A simple formula of cause and effect

An effect

A result

A consequence

No pretences

Or fences that guard our decisions

Keeps it safe for being just a choice

For it is no longer just a choice

It is not that simple, see there is a formula to remember

An economic study to this choice where c=e


For every cause there is an effect

For every cause there is an effect

For every cause there is an effect

Let it dwell in your mind and affect you

Because that is where it all begins

Let us open up your mind and there we will find that

Alongside that implanted thought are a plethora

Of more thoughts that are placed beside your dreams

Nestled in between your hopes, skilfully intertwined with your visions

There they all lay

Our mind is our drive that takes us down

A road that is long and winding

A highway down to our hands

Which eventually become steered by, picked up with strings ever so delicately like a puppet

Held by that one thought

Your actions are birthed from your thoughts

We see these to be choices

To study these choices would be economics, to understand them would be sympathy

To take a leader who steals from his country

Or a mom who abandons her child to keep herself alive

And view this as sad, as a cry for help?

How and why?

Oh no! We do not stop at just those two ghastly choices

For this is a study of many


Of things that have happened to determine what will and to save us from what has been

Let us open up this book

And flip each page to see what decrees and laws

Revolutions and words put down on paper

Have anything to do with where we stand today

For the choices of the past still linger here

Mixed in with the choices of the present

Creating this air that we breathe in and out every single day

We would be infuriated with rage as we scan through the pages of this book of choices

A chapter of injustice

A paragraph of cruelty

A statement of selfishness

A line of adultery

But, wait! Oh, let us stop on this



For this I do not even understand

See I have studied choices, and put them into many formulas

To see the effects and the causes of each

but this story is different

For it is not just one chapter

One statement

One line

It is the whole story and each is intricately woven within it

In fact, the book is titled for this one story

And to begin it would be to start off with a choice

By a God

To send his son

To die for men

Men whose choices we see throughout the whole book

Men whose choices are vile and selfish and ruthless

Sinful men


And yet a God so Holy and pure still sends down his son in His likeness for these grimy men??

See, if we picture it. It is a white cloth, pure and clean not just dipped but completely submerged in dirt

Now that is not a choice that I would make

But it was made

A man so untainted and holy

Came down

To die for the sinner

Who stole from the helpless woman in the ally

Who murdered an innocent child in the womb

Who told a tiny white lie to his mom and dad and gave himself away to drugs and peer pressure

Who lusted after the world and what seemed good but really was death covered in make up whispering

in the promises lie after lie

To die for the sinner who is you


Jesus chose to die for you

On that cross, with his hands bound by nails and his feet the same

And with every last breath, last drop of blood and whip of the chain

he thought of you

and that is a choice that no study, no analyzation could ever make sense of

but it was done

it is done

is what he said for you as his arms were spread out wide

and all your choices

he negated the effects, and ultimately the effect of death

and formulated a solution of eternal life instead

for this one choice

changed all the rest

Now, think, think it through

Every choice you make

and every choice that was made is made brand new, infused with grace

Remember this for when there is a test the formula of cause and effect

Still stand true

but also remember Jesus who did what you had to do

for you may make many more flawed choices without a thought

Therefore go down on bended knees gaze at the cross

where stood the Father’s son

never a doubt that this choice for you was a wrong one

that any effect wouldn’t be worth it

you are worth any effect

you are an effect

of that one choice made on the hills of calvary

look up at the cross when your lewd effects force out the mistakes of your personal choices

then resurface that one choice made 2000 years before

bring it up amongst all the confusion and chaos

study it’s economic worth

hold it dear

smile at it even for

that senseless,











is all for you
1.8k · Sep 2013
Somewhere's Road
Patricia Arches Sep 2013
The easy road always leads to Nowhere.

I knew it before. My momma had warned me of it, of what I would see. I had two roads to choose from when it was time for me to go, when I would have to leave the comfort of my red bricked cottage.  

I saw in front of me two roads diverged in a yellow wood.

Momma warned me about that easy road. "It leads to Nowhere," she always said.

Yet it was so attractive with its lush scenery and spacious roads. An entrance, painted bright blue. “Welcome to Anywhere!" In fact, many stayed awhile on these roads and gathered among themselves in trivial conversation. There was no need to hurry, no place to be over there in Anywhere.

Laughter could be heard from miles away.

The road so simple could always be seen from the road so hard, sending down envy into the very stomachs of those brave enough to enter it.

The hard road was absolutely terrible.

It took too many sacrifices and short-lived enjoyments. No pretty signs welcomed me in. Only a caution to the cowardly lay hidden among scraggy thorns.

The entrance was vile, a landscape unpleasant to my eyes.

Pain and sadness waited often on the sidewalk there. No mercy for those who slipped and showed a bit of weakness. The roads were bumpy and tumultuous. One cannot simply count on their fingers how many times they would trip on this road.

The hard road was less traveled and therefore extremely lonely. No person in sight. No sound could be heard except for the eerie laughter echoing from the roads of Anywhere.

..But, boy, let me tell you. I have come to the end of that road, calloused and bruised

and my joy lay in the knowledge of the fact that Somewhere was waiting for me.

The hard road leads to Somewhere.

When I reached it that was when I knew:

Somewhere is so much more better than Nowhere.

Even better than Anywhere

Somewhere is worth it.

And to see it on the horizon, at the end of the long road of hardship..

when there were no more pebbles to step on

or pain lurking in the shadows to be afraid of

I knew right there and then

Somewhere was deserved by me

Somewhere was mine

and that has made all the difference.
1.5k · Sep 2013
You are so much more
Patricia Arches Sep 2013
For I did not come here in hopes of a hello

Of a simple stroll down our village

Or an acknowledgement of my existence

I came here because I care

I care

I see in your eyes the difference

Cover up with words soothing to the ear

But actions onset on hindrance

I did not come for a duet

Or a memory that we’d never regret

A heart to heart throughout the night

I did not come for my own benefit

I come because I care

I care
I worry, in fact

That you do not realize

How much you are
Who you are

Or your worth

Because the things you do show otherwise
But see in my eyes, and the eyes of others

Too concerned while we watch the beautiful eagle continue to believe he’s just a worm

You’re too distraught by the blindfold in front of yours

To realize the cries for help

Drowned out with insanity

Because the world is stealing your flame

While you continue to be baffled by the pickpocket’s show

"Do not take it!" I scream

“Do not let it take you!”
but those eyes

So precious, full and alive




The procession goes on while the main attraction continues to burp out synthetic love and false hopes


And you have become the fool of the show

With that blindfold 

Darned, pestering blindfold.

I will still scream for its demise!

I will still plead for the final scene!

I will rip away the curtains held up with burgundy lies!

I will still care.

The show must eventually stop!

For actors must be given a break and plays must be forgotten

To not be cliche

There will be a time when there are no more encores

An end to the grand show

scattered flowers on the first row

And utter silence in an empty space

A dangerously




But I will still be there

Holding a match for a new flame

And a warmer smile

For I care

I truly care
1.3k · Oct 2015
Patricia Arches Oct 2015
write as if you have something to say
because you do

write as if the sky wasn't blue and every day is as upside down as the next
write in colors then write in black and white

write to me
write to those who need it the most, even if they won't admit it

write about your dreams and hopes for the future
and watch them come alive before your very eyes

as you write whatever thought comes out of your head
though it may sound like gibberish

write because you can
it is your freedom

write novels that span pages upon pages bound together by leather or
some short words

write as if he didn't break your heart
and then write as if he did to piece it back together

write to unlock doors and open minds
write to make others and, more importantly, yourself aware

write because you will see
you will see your ideas trickle down into your fingertips and out your pen

onto a tangible and real medium that you may look back on one day
and remember why you started writing in the first place

write to make sense of what doesn't
in hopes that, one day, it'll be more than just in writing

write and fold it into a creaseless paper plane
let it fly and, boy, enjoy seeing where it takes you

then write to: home on one of those rectangular postcards
document every day and its little details

write it all down
and then live it all out
note to self
1.1k · Sep 2013
Patricia Arches Sep 2013
I’ve always hoped to have my father’s eyes

the kind that “smiles wrinkles” without a smile

that discerns with wisdom and fills up with pride

there jolly joy resides

I’ve always dreamed of having my grandfather’s ears

and all the stories they would hear

with a mouth to match and tell me true

to whisper to me lullabies too

I’ve always wanted my mother’s hands

that brought love and calm without demand

the ones that enveloped me with love

and kisses I’d never get sick of

I’ve always adored my grandmother’s laugh

as she cuts her doughnut to give me half

which echoed the halls every night

divine, delicious, delight

But nothing has passed on except what I know

of my ancestors and their quirky shows

that taught me how to appreciate

and enjoy the simplicity of traits

So here, I am me with simple eyes

stout little ears filled with lullabies

entangled with love and peace and quiet

until laughter comes knocking at night
1.0k · Oct 2013
A Knight
Patricia Arches Oct 2013
Did  I wake you in the night
from the tossing and the turning?
nightmares who present to me fright
and a heavy heart a' yearning

Venice was where we wanted to go
the thoughts remind me of when
we said we'd follow the river's flow
problems, never to see again

but life has caught us in it's clutch
you are not as well as before
yet you never complained, said it's too much
with a smile and the pain you ignored

while dawn settles in, I let hope whisper
"(when) you are well, we will journey the river."
"(when) you are well, we will journey the river."
1.0k · Jul 2015
Patricia Arches Jul 2015
How easy it is to fall in love with the knight in shining armor from the land of words
He will sweep you away on his steed named Promises,
Of appreciation and sincerity
But never forget that his armor will eventually come off

And all that will be left is the man born from the land of dishonesty
Who grew up with men who were
Enemies of integrity and action

His steed, Promises, is fast
he will run away when he feels threatened
When there is nothing left for himself
And he will take the knight, oh knight in shining armor when he goes

He will be long gone before night ends and the moon's light no longer glistens against his armor
He will be just the reflection of a reflection of the Sun
a suit of cold steel
That's all he really ever was.
I choose to love the faithful King from the kingdom of the Sun.
1.0k · Jan 2014
Patricia Arches Jan 2014
The doctors have given up
than once I have too
But you dont give up

You keep going

Picking me up when I fuss
Nudging me when I lose hope
Carrying me when I want to stop

Your hope
Keeps me going

Keep him going too please
995 · Aug 2014
Before you..
Patricia Arches Aug 2014
Careless actions and careless words
The very threads that I keep trying to mend and
You're moving at a faster rate
Than I can fix
Please think before you say or do. We're breaking apart.
930 · Jan 2014
Patricia Arches Jan 2014
I never deserved a word from you,
what more a sentence?

Still, You conceived for me a story
You still wrote my chapter within Your book.
925 · Jan 2016
Patricia Arches Jan 2016
that my struggles will never know no end
oh, the mountainous heights to overcome
though my fears of falling may wish my descent
the higher breeze carries your delightful hum

every inhale reminds me of what I know
even if my hands and feet do tremble
regardless of where my path may go
what awaits is monumental

well what I've gained is more than what I have lost
or rather what I will lose
what I've risked I know is for a nobler cause
in you, I see the proof

to live and have not loved, I wish not of
for it is the grandest of adventures
Although your walls reach the stars up above
the highest walls guard the most splendid treasures

when I reach the top, for you, I'll bring back the stars
though it can never capture your whole essence
trace out all the risks and all of the scars
just to be in your

I can't wait.
908 · Dec 2013
Greener Grass
Patricia Arches Dec 2013
I knock on his door
With a basket in hand
A celebration
A feast
Enough for two
Or three or more

But just for us
Because this is a momentous occasion

He let's the door creak
Gloom in his eyes
For he has stayed up the whole night
In pain
In disbelief

But I come to him with a picnic
With a celebration

I lead him to the highest hill
It takes us awhile
yet when we reach it
He breathes in fresh air

And I shout for joy
He just smiles

We are here now having a picnic
a feast for victors

The wind blows so softly
Up here
And I feel it through my hair
He does too on his scalp

I notice him
He looks so different, his frame smaller
But his spirit stronger than ever

I see him take a deep breath
I see him take in the view
I see him take a sandwich
I see him

I propose a toast while his hand quivers
'here is to you and your victory! You've come so far..'

He only assures me with a nod
But that's okay,
He's here with me
He made it.
Hold on, papa. We'll have a picnic soon.
836 · Jun 2015
Endless possibilities
Patricia Arches Jun 2015
Maybe, just maybe
the rushing waves aren't there to hurt you.
Maybe the breaking down of the rocks, the itty bitty bits of sand that fall off with every tumultuous
crashing of each wave
beating upon what is
supposed to be so strong
falls quickly in oceans of beauty, travel down streams of
deep and rich blue
You'll find it to be a lot easier when you let go.
830 · Apr 2015
I, you
Patricia Arches Apr 2015
Here lies the last of us.
Not the us that you'll look back on as the best friendship ever
or the us that I hoped we would be
but whatever mess of an us that we are
or we tried to be

I tried
at least, I tried
to make an us
I tried to pretend
that hurricanes and
droughts couldn't hold back the us that
I held on to for too long, too much
to the point where I broke us, it crumbled
not into shards of glass like they said it would
oh how easy it would have been to pick those up
and allow time to put it back together
but we, us
crumbled like fine sand

and the wind carried us away
each grain of a story brought into new lands

you are in a different place now

Here lies the last of us.
I am at the shore where the waves crash ever presently
you, you are in a jar
a memory of a place to someone new.
Sometimes words in my mind feel the need to come out and I have to let them. I can not relate to this at all. I don't even know who in my life this would be about lol
806 · Aug 2015
Free admission
Patricia Arches Aug 2015
Life is like a rollercoaster
You're in for one heck of a ride
At times you can get nervous
Butterflies inside

Fear can strike your very core
As you observe its height
But as you see it more and more
Anticipation rides

Down and up
Up and down
The worst parts followed by the best
And when you reach the highest top
Your fear is put to rest

As the ride comes to a stop
You can look back and observe
That you accomplished a life so great
Every twist
Every turn
Every curve

So don't you worry about being alone
There are people in the seats by your side
Enjoy life, the rollercoaster
You're in for one heck of a ride
I wrote this poem in my highschool English class as a writing prompt for extended metaphors. Looking back, I realize how blessed I was to be under such a wonderful teacher who really encouraged me to start writing. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have rediscovered my love for writing. Thank you, Ms. Linny, if ever you stumble on this page. Your kind words and warm smiles leave an impact on people greater than you can ever imagine.
765 · Sep 2015
Patricia Arches Sep 2015
They always
Tell me
The skies
The limit
But when
They do
I reply
With a
Laugh and
Say why
Must I
Be limited
To just
The sky?
720 · Aug 2015
Patricia Arches Aug 2015
Never fall in love with a poet.

Her familiarity with words
How she can gather and pick the best of consonants and syllables from the white picket fenced field that has a sign near the entrance labeled  "alphabet"
and with this she may offer you a bouquet of sentences carefully articulated and placed in a specific manner to look effortlessly marvelous

How she will always fall asleep with a thought
And turn them into thought infused dreams
And then churn this mixture in the mechanisms within her
Bring forth a lovely array of vocabulary that sounds like rhythmic melodies to your ears

Never fall in love with a poet.

She will know your words all too well
Because she knows words all too well
She knows that they aren't always what they seem
And no matter how many words you offer back to her in return
A lesson is engraved within her heart which solely believes
that words can not be given alone

The beauty of words must be matched with the strength of actions
Less your beautiful words will be nothing but a distraction
Without the fibers of action to hold your words together, to wrap her up in a cloth of security and warmth
Everything you will say and have said before is just
sweet poetry

And she, my dear, is a poet
Who has too many a poem tucked away in the deepest corners of her heart
What good will just your poem do?
The dangerous beauty of words.
677 · Nov 2013
You are Heavenly beauty
Patricia Arches Nov 2013
I find it funny how we always try
to cover up ourselves with the
smallest particles of powder
and colored dust

to change the pigments
of our natural skin tones and hues
that pride in the beauty marks
and dimpled cheeks

how we are enamored by the world
and what it tries so hard to be

but we don't even realize that we
have come from dust ourselves
we make up the fascinations

without even trying

the difference with us and the dust of the world
is that we were hand chosen
to be made into an image
from the Heavens
random thought of the day
662 · Sep 2017
When we meet
Patricia Arches Sep 2017
I want to know
All it took
to get to this point
Right here
Right now

Your "hello, my name is _"
Will carry the weight
Of your struggles
Of your mistakes
That were really lessons learned
And have made you into the
Strong and secure person you are today

And the answers to the endless prayers
I offered before I even knew what
Name would fill in that blank

What did it take for you to reach this moment where we meet?
The lines that we will draw to connect all the dots together
No matter how seemingly insignificant
Or painful those dots may be

The end is our own little masterpiece
Our own story backed up by a million more stories
And the prologue
to rest of our lives
There a million more stories to find out.
611 · Dec 2013
puzzle pieces
Patricia Arches Dec 2013
Upon words
Upon words

Placed beside
Complimented, no


That don't quite match up
Some things apparently aren't worth it for you.
604 · Oct 2013
Peculiarly Unusual
Patricia Arches Oct 2013
I do not want to conform
I do not want to be relevant
I do not want to be common
I do not want to be routine

I was not made for those kind of things
I was not made for the temporary
I was not made for the substitutes
I was not made for the limited

I was made for more
and more I will be
579 · Feb 2014
Unfinished details
Patricia Arches Feb 2014
I never liked writing
my thoughts
because I could not put things
into the right words
with the right sentences

the rhythm
the repetitions
the rhymes

I could never make sense
of ink spilling out onto paper
washed in
the salty speculations and
pristine attention to detail

picket fences, red feathered hats, locomotives, and
what I ate yesterday
weren't  as interesting
on the lines of monotony
on what used to be trees
it was always incomplete

but most
of all
I never liked writing
because I couldn't fully explain you
even if I tried

I still can't write you right.
571 · Oct 2015
Rain or Shine
Patricia Arches Oct 2015
I want you to keep in mind
that you are my sunshine
on days when the rain never ends
and the clouds around me do descend

As of now, the rain has not stopped
your rays of light are sadly blocked
yet even in the darkest hour
I stand her smiling in its showers

because you are my sunshine
I know everything will be fine
you are still there just behind the clouds
"to bring back the light" you have vowed

although, now, I may not see you here
your warmth and presence still is near
So I patiently wait for when I may see
my sunshine smiling back at me
To the one who will one day be my sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray.
571 · Oct 2013
Patricia Arches Oct 2013
My heart is so heavy
it plummets
into the
ocean's trench
whatever is going on
I let it

because it seems
to me
that it's
better to see
from down
than from the
ocean's surface
561 · Oct 2013
Patricia Arches Oct 2013
i forget

i forget a lot

i forget about

what You’ve done

Your blessings


i forget

but You don’t.

You don't forget

You never have,

You never will

forget me
549 · Oct 2015
The Proof
Patricia Arches Oct 2015
Well you have shown me your true character
through distance's filters
When I gave you the benefit of the doubt
you left for some time and came back
offering in return your inconsistencies

Don't get me wrong
It's not that I'm mad at you
I'm the farthest from that
I just hoped you would have chosen
to prove them wrong

I just hoped that you'd be different
Seen it time and time again.
524 · Jun 2015
Final regards
Patricia Arches Jun 2015
I always thought that the worst kind of pain was to see yourself lose someone so very slowly
to see him every single day for the longest time, anticipating that one morning you won't be able to see him again
but still hoping that you will
rejoicing in every moment he's still around but noticing that he's slipping away as time slowly creeps in
and when he leaves, it's a kind of emptiness that you tried to acquaint yourself with each new morning
but this time the emptiness takes his place

I always thought that nothing could beat that

but I've found a pain more sudden and sharp
no time to compose yourself
or to comprehend the situation
leaving isn't an unwelcome guest but rather an ever present force that hits you head on
your head is left in a daze when he leaves
before you had the chance to know he was gone
before you had the chance to really say goodbye

see, when he leaves slowly your heart is battered everyday and when the final blow does come, the pain is somewhat bearable because you've grown callouses from those wounds

however, when he leaves as quickly as a flash of lightning, all you are left with is an echo of the thunder
and a realisation that you don't have an umbrella on hand for the mess of the storm
Me for the last two months.
515 · Oct 2013
To: Grace
Patricia Arches Oct 2013
Have you ever heard
of such a thing
as being heartbroken
for hearts, not your own?

tell me please

because I do not seek a remedy
for myself
to soothe my ailed heart

it's not my heart that's shattered

I'd let it shatter

oh, I would

if it could make yours whole again
I don't know how God does it.
497 · Jun 2015
I hope you know
Patricia Arches Jun 2015
how do you move on when your heart can barely keep up with your feet monotonously dragging across the ground?
you're at the subway, it means nothing to you now
I watch you take in what once was our city and breathe in the fresh air
while I suffocate in your perfume with every inhale
every exhale is meant to be an "out with the old"
but I know that carbon dioxide only enters the plants we grew together and brings back the very same oxygen again
You wanted to grow a whole garden of different flowers
because you wholeheartedly believe that the world needs more beautiful things
I hope you still know that you're that beautiful thing in this world.
But now
I will wake up each morning knowing that the sun rises for me as well
Your smile will fall into the lists of things I love, but I now revel in the things that made and still make you smile
the things that took your breath away
They take my breath away too.
I no longer need to breathe in your air, breathe out my worries, or leave this city.
I've found what's made you so beautiful, and it's slowly changing me too.
497 · Dec 2013
A miracle
Patricia Arches Dec 2013
all you asked for this Christmas was for me to be well

I'm pleading that for you
483 · Aug 2014
My Always
Patricia Arches Aug 2014
"Maybe I can't stop the downpour, but I will always, always join you for a walk in the rain." He said leading the way.
Recent contemplations since it's been raining a lot and I've been drowning in stress from school. I can do this though.
464 · Dec 2013
What will you do now?
Patricia Arches Dec 2013
And the worst kind of reminder
Is not in the reactions of the people
Or the lack of

It is not in the soil that you stand on
For over time it will come
Back. Renewed

It is not in the written
Down words
Even the ones
etched in stone

It is in the the souls of eternity
The way beyond
The lives of the future generations

Who will reap our complacency
448 · Jul 2017
If and When
Patricia Arches Jul 2017
Even if our what if will always still be suspended in the air
And I will be forced to breathe it in and out once in awhile, remembering your smell
I'm on solid ground
And no matter how many free moving particles of our what if roam the skies
What's sure is keeping me on the steady floor

Our what if may never be seen, even if I may feel it once in awhile
But my here and now is where I walk on
Even if it's just one step at a time
I'm moving forward
And my when is in my view.
446 · Sep 2015
Ivory walled tower
Patricia Arches Sep 2015
what a terrifying and illogical extreme
to love someone without fear
the girl of your wildest dreams
who you may never be able to hold dear

for she does not know you exist
she does not know of your love
she sees the world with closed fists
and heart is empty of

she may never accept what you have
even if it does shine ever so bright
to her you are only a young lad
yet you know you are a lad with some fight

you were never limited by a clock
or what was known to be acceptable
stronger than a diamond in a rock
even if your ending would be quite terrible

she never digs for your treasure
for in her tower she kept waiting
no matter how grand your gesture
she still needs some wall breaking

still you love her with a love so pure
illogical, terrifying, fearless
captivatingly obscure
you will forever love her the fiercest
This idea is so abstract and raw in my head. I wasn't quiet sure how to form it into proper words so I decided to try putting it into a rhyme scheme. If ever I do get around to finishing this idea, I will fix this poem.
411 · Sep 2014
How little
Patricia Arches Sep 2014
For the past couple weeks, the lights have been kept on and I can finally see how much I meant to you.

I wish it was dark again.

— The End —