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Jan 2016
that my struggles will never know no end
oh, the mountainous heights to overcome
though my fears of falling may wish my descent
the higher breeze carries your delightful hum

every inhale reminds me of what I know
even if my hands and feet do tremble
regardless of where my path may go
what awaits is monumental

well what I've gained is more than what I have lost
or rather what I will lose
what I've risked I know is for a nobler cause
in you, I see the proof

to live and have not loved, I wish not of
for it is the grandest of adventures
Although your walls reach the stars up above
the highest walls guard the most splendid treasures

when I reach the top, for you, I'll bring back the stars
though it can never capture your whole essence
trace out all the risks and all of the scars
just to be in your

I can't wait.
Patricia Arches
Written by
Patricia Arches
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