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Kryptonite Feb 2020
never settle for less
  Oct 2019 Kryptonite
Aaron Combs
There is a time between us, when the pebbles of the sea
and the darkness of the moon will seem one.
Where the lilies and the starlight falls,
and my hands and bones will sleep.

See in our sleep, the world can be one, and
the flowing waters will be like Chardonnay.
Our memories will sing so wild and free.

Under the moonlight, before your lips,
I give you my breath and the secret beneath
my soul, where my soul falls underneath.

Awestruck and charmed by the precious jewels,
in your eyes. You are my beloved,
Leaving my breath to you, my very life,
I lift you up like a rose stretching for the sea.
Previously named Chardonnay, I found somebody, who rests likes the moonlight in my eyes.
Kryptonite Oct 2019
is it just me
or is there a splash of magic in
sipping hot coffee
feeling the chill under my skin

distant voices see
the slightest burn to my tongue
cross legged I be
alone to hear melodious words sung
i love sitting in cafe's by myself, whether it is to read, work or simply sit and observe. it feels magical.
  Oct 2019 Kryptonite
Kitty Swiatkowski
Wake up early
Do things that make you happy
In hopes they make you happy

Push them out
Not down
If they are out they might come back
But if their down they can only come out

In time you will forget
And they will forget
And it will just be another

Wake up early
Do things that make you happy
Until they make you happy
Kryptonite Oct 2019
How do you become a writer
First you take a whole heart
One that can’t shine brighter
Slowly but surely rip it apart

And in sewing the ragged patches
You in the darkness of a lions den
Wishing the fathomable pain of scratches
Final saviour, some of us found in a pen
We need to get our heart broken immensely before we truly felt
  Oct 2019 Kryptonite
Faizel Farzee
I danced to the tune of your heartbeat
I love to the memory of your touch
I'll bleed just to see your smile for one more fleeting moment
I'll give up my soul just to hear your Angelic voice calling my name

In the bitter end
The truth decaying my numbing mind
Words like daggers through a fragile heart
These words floating in a river of hatred
The honesty of your love undefined

You moving forward in life
leaving me broken and blind
Truthfully, love and hate both have four letters
This time your love was unkind.
When love only flows one way
no matter how hard you try
When every part of you is craving their touch
when they say that they love you
Yet it's the kind of love that's never enough
It's a love that hurts,
It's a love that lost all the smoothness of being gentle
a love that wholeheartedly rough.
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