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 Dec 2014 oliviah rachael
If I could only sit still, I would write a million words about us, about you, about me at the bottom with my hands on that rock.
Scratching my fingernails against it so that I could go home and complain to you about how much my tiny hands hurt, and how I could not hold them in yours.
If I could hold my train of thought, I would type out a memoir about you and me and the time we decided to make love in a parking garage elevator late at night, my back against the glass. And who might’ve seen us while they walked home.
Their names and their faces, all those people that aren’t us. I would write about how when those doors opened, the world outside had changed and so had we.
If I could keep my fingers steady, I would dial your number on my telephone. I would cry your name into the speaker, and I would wait patiently for you to take me back.
I would be on hold forever.
She felt ugly, from the inside and out
Her stomach never small enough to satisfy oneself
She turned to her side, and cried while staring at the mirror
The reflection that shown back at her, made her feel insecure
She said she wasn't hungry, as she began to starve herself
The craving that built up inside, did anything but help
The bones began to show, and her frown began to widen
Her grotesque sticklike figure, began to leave her frightened
Finally she realized, she was beautiful before
As her sticklike figure faded, and she began to eat once more
The beauty of self image is represented in this poem, through the insecurity of  your average girl. Now I wanted to write about this, because it's so common nowadays for girls to be insecure with themsellves. To be unhappy with how they look no matter how beautiful they really are. And i'm here to tell you, that if you think your ugly, then you need to think again, because you are beautiful no matter what size, shape, color, etc you are. You are perfect in your own way. :)
Sara not so plain and not so tall
Daydreaming in the shopping mall
As blond as a summer day
Speaking of herself in a peculiar way:

"I'm pretty, yes, but I wish to be better;
To be the admiration of a love letter."

But her beauty is the kind that lasts
And makes your heart beat especially fast.
Finland born but London found,
Lovely, sure, but greatness bound.

And the nights grow more tiresome,
as her chest beats a tattered drum.
Her mood too dreary for speckled eyes
that will dim if night blurs into sunrise.

"Sleep why do you run from me,
as my memories grow.
Eyelids, be a blanket,
And melatonin, a pillow."

Victoria Lucas in her head,
as the bell does ring until fed
by the words that sound soft to us
but are actually strong and thus
she is misunderstood-lips are red-
Like Greenwood inspired, kissed dread:
She can save herself before jarred,
Before feathered, before tarred.

And it is my faith that lets me know,
That her happiness will one day grow
Because Sara not so plain and not so tall
Is the strongest of them all
For the lovely Sara Murray.
I can see myself
my own dignity,
popping it like
and watching as it
under my
 Dec 2014 oliviah rachael
Lovers all are soldiers, and Cupid has his campaigns:
I tell you, Atticus, lovers all are soldiers.
Youth is fit for war, and also fit for Venus.
Imagine an aged soldier, an elderly lover!
A general looks for spirit in his brave soldiery;
a pretty girl wants spirit in her companions.
Both stay up all night long, and each sleeps on the ground;
one guards his mistress's doorway, one his general's.
The soldier's lot requires far journeys; send his girl,
the zealous lover will follow her anywhere.
He'll cross the glowering mountains, the rivers swollen with storm;
he'll tread a pathway through the heaped-up snows;
and never whine of raging Eurus when he sets sail
or wait for stars propitious for his voyage.
Who but lovers and soldiers endure the chill of night,
and blizzards interspersed with driving rain?
The soldier reconnoiters among the dangerous foe;
the lover spies to learn his rival's plans.
Soldiers besiege strong cities; lovers, a harsh girl's home;
one storms town gates, the other storms house doors.
It's clever strategy to raid a sleeping foe
and slay an unarmed host by force of arms.
(That's how the troops of Thracian Rhesus met their doom,
and you, O captive steeds, forsook your master.)
Well, lovers take advantage of husbands when they sleep,
launching surprise attacks while the enemy snores.
To slip through bands of guards and watchful sentinels
is always the soldier's mission - and the lover's.
Mars wavers; Venus flutters: the conquered rise again,
and those you'd think could never fall, lie low.
So those who like to say that love is indolent
should stop: Love is the soul of enterprise.
Sad Achilles burns for Briseis, his lost darling:
Trojans, smash the Greeks' power while you may!
From Andromache's embrace Hector went to war;
his own wife set the helmet on his head;
and High King Agamemnon, looking on Priam's child,
was stunned (they say) by the Maenad's flowing hair.
And Mars himself was trapped in The Artificer's bonds:
no tale was more notorious in heaven.
I too was once an idler, born for careless ease;
my shady couch had made my spirit soft.
But care for a lovely girl aroused me from my sloth
and bid me to enlist in her campaign.
So now you see me forceful, in combat all night long.
If you want a life of action, fall in love.
 Dec 2014 oliviah rachael
They tell me the sky is blue
Then why does it make  me so happy?

They say not to take things so literal
Then why do they get so upset?

If they want me to be honest
Why must I think before I speak?

Why are the only ideas of yours, they agree with.
Come from their  books?

Why is freedom of speech,
silenced once heard?

Why does history never change ou world
When we all live in a highly evolving society?

Why are we killing our brothers and sisters?

Why do we say we are civilized?

Why do we only care, when someone is staring at us?

Why do we only care, when we are the victim?
My music rests on a page.
It plays silently.
Without a warning.
Without a sound.
Without cause.
But with feeling.
It needs only the melody of the words.
Words that play softly in tune and harmony.
They ease my mind into peace.
And continue to ring
Without sound.

It’s a huge shame on the men who think its their place to strip women naked.

Shamelessly, they quote the bible, “it’s the temple so it should not be displayed”
If that is the case, why didn’t the “believers” who were present take a leso or kikoi to the lady to cover the temple? Instead you strip her???
You are the most sinful of them all and you deserve to have been thrown at the first stone.

Shame on the men who think that just because you show some skin, you need a touch.
Dressing is done for whatever reason that is personal to a soul.
No dressing is right or wrong.
It’s a shame how ignorance has raided our society and posed as norms and stupid absurd “morals”
How about we pull your trousers down when you sag them to the lowest place your belt can find?

Shame on the men who live in the stone age era of blaming the appearance of women as a push for ***.
Why not long for the ones you see on the soaps, or movies or all???
Why not dress your women in whatever you think  looks appealing and only you, could strip them when you get home for your own pleasures?

Shame on the men who have brought women to the level of slavery!
Could this be insecurity making your head full??
Do women now do better than you? Yes!
Do they stand for themselves without you or even better than you? YES!
Do they have a voice? YES!!

So SHAME on you when you let your face be seen on the camera stripping a woman and shamelessly putting your fingers inside her privates.
SHAME on you for stripping a woman her integrity and dignity and letting the whole world know.
Your Education was a Fail!!!
I recommend you go back to school and learn some more.

Who is our society raising?
Fathers or Defilers?

REMEMBER that this person, next time,
This, could be your sister,
Your mother
Or your wife!!


This piece is inspired by the anger burning inside after a woman was stripped naked because she wore a mini skirt in our City 2 days ago. Its a shame and I will shout it from the rooftops!!!
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