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 Jan 28 chris
She Writes
Tell me this!
How can you cage a bird
When you fell in love
Whilst watching it fly?
 Jan 28 chris
to you
little lighthouse
who i was not sure
would appear,

now with your little
finger peaking out from
your little ***
proud and small,
soon to be
big and scary and sharp

i need you more than you need me, Spiky

and that is true
so much so
my brother and i
made it permanent,
gave up a limb each
to your edges and curves,
had needles poke them
into our skin

because like you
we felt
thriving on neglect

like you
we felt barely watered
by those who sowed our seeds

like you
our defenses are now
on the outside
and pricking

nonetheless when i checked last
you had grown
your first spikes.
After Ross Gay’s Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude. A poem I wrote for my brother. Written Feb 4, 2020.
He pushed his shopping cart towards the empty tunnel
it was full of rattling empties and a brave cocker spaniel  
a penniless vagabond hiding from the rainy day pummel
wet,  cold, and hungry hunching closer to Jack Daniel  
he shared with his dog, a little square of flannel
Along came a mosquito with a straw-like mouth    
and crawled into the bottle with an empty spout  
The hobo drunk on ***** in a stupor from the sauce  
shut the insect in then hollered " so now whos boss !"
the dog did bark but heh, he wasn't in the land of Oz

so on his knees the hobo went and soon began to pray
"I didn't have to ****** him so why did I, oh why oh why "
and then the echo came from the empty tunnel's way  
"Don't cry my child after all it was just a fly !"  
confessed and reassured the hobo slept  until the light of day.
 Jan 28 chris
Sheila Haskins
I dreamt of you last night
You were laughing in the light
I was laughing with you too
We had nothing else to do
We never looked ahead or behind us
I’d forgotten how life could be
Sparkling easy and free
Now I don’t do very much
Routine chains me, keeps me in touch
With reality such as it is
I do miss you and the fizz
You were my bottle of champagne
In my dreams you will remain
I dreamt of you
Yes I dreamt of you.......

Last night
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