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A wrinkled, old man
sits beside the road
eating an orange
The clouds darken the sky  and the sun may appear blocked from view  

You long for the rays of comfort but feel the rain of confusion pelting on your face  

Regardless of your fears and sorrow  

Trust the lord  

Remember his goodness to you in time gone by and hope in it for today and tomorrow  

Your still alive, breathing air through the lungs and exhaling out all the bad stuff  

Its all by design, the trials are by the design of God's hands  

He promises to never give us more than what we can handle  

Never more than what we can bear  

So believe in him  

Trust his kindness and grace  

The days are better spent walking by his side
God hope Faith grace love Belief
O sorrowful one  

Your tears are seen  

Each droplet is collected in a sacred bottle  

Your sighs don’t go unheard  

The Lord Knows, The Lord sees  

He ordained the days

He ordained the moments  

Trust Him, he brings solid joys with each day  

He is always at hand to heal and to bless  

Time is in the hand of God.

He controls the events of each day both pleasing and dark. Finding humility and comfort in Him is the daily challenge. Each day brings its trouble and the storms must be walked through. Emotions overwhelm the soul perpetually and the heart is drowned in confusion and perplexity. O that help would be sent to assist one to swim in this sea of confusion and heart ache.

Loneliness creeps into the soul leaving the mist of solitary isolation. The heart is unable to cope with floods of emotions. The mind struggles to sit still and composed through the trials of life

To view God as all sufficient and all satisfying in the trials of life is difficult. To believe that in spite of all the trouble, all will be well, therein lies the difficulty.
Ruler of the sheets
Sleep has its own zip code

Dreamland is the nightly
Wait and wonder
We all have membership to

But this has its limits

The boundaries belong
To another kingdom

One of fun and adventure

A place of equilibristic feats
And corporeal claims

It's a fair trade-off

Sometimes we count sheep
In the center

Other times we play games
On the perimeter
There's a fine line between wanting to let your guard down to trust the process versus the fear of being vulnerable and mentally preparing for the heart break.
How many times can you let the same person let you down before walking away? When you know their intentions are pure and they never meant to hurt you. When they simply didn't know they had.
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