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old dandelion
close your eyes and make a wish
gently blow the seeds
experimenting, with punctuation!
I never know. when is the right. time.
to punctuate;
periods! terrify me—
semicolons; are we? writing? a dissertation?
and commas.
“tie me up in knots”
let’s. experiment!
with, punctuation,
 1d nivek
I've seen a devil in your eyes
and I've been brave to fight
it all alone
Featherlight being
To be driven by the wind
To temple of love.

Shell ✨🐚
Sitting in bed
Counting the heartbeats
until you message me again
I enticed
I teased
I begged
I pleased

I yelled
I waited
I talked
I stalked

I sang
I danced
I ran

I smiled
I cried
I lived
I died

I came
I went
I loved
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