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23.4k · Aug 2014
nivek Aug 2014
a famous artist once painted Sunflowers
I do not think he was seeing flowers
14.4k · Mar 2016
nivek Mar 2016
freedom can be bare feet
or naked
or laughter
freedom can be poetry
13.5k · Jul 2014
Love At First Sight
nivek Jul 2014
lightening fast
Heart fell head over heels
13.1k · Mar 2014
nivek Mar 2014
I always
from the day
I realised

was part of life

from its
12.3k · Jan 2015
winter tales
nivek Jan 2015
I enjoy the company of snow-
iced shining roads
the cleanliness of cold-
a time of winter tales
10.3k · May 2014
Education By Niece
nivek May 2014
fairy tales in the midst of life
my niece pointed
that's a real fairy and
that's not
looking at fairy pics on the web with my 5 year old niece
8.8k · Jun 2014
nivek Jun 2014
arms wrapped around the world
I saw you there
7.7k · Feb 2015
My Cactus
nivek Feb 2015
my cactus waits patiently for summer
stuffed into a *** by the window
rain or snow cactus sits meditating
so deep you would think asleep-
would be more fitting. but I know better
get too close and cactus is alive and willing
sharp as ever and prickly with it.
nivek Jul 2015
here we write our epic
from first post
to last bugle fading
and all your readers
throw in a handful of dirt
the day you stopped singing
and turn away to their bowers
to continue in this stranger than fiction endeavour
writing out their hearts and minds one big poem stitched together
6.9k · May 2014
nivek May 2014
when we met across those sands of centuries
slowly ebbing their way as we embraced
our eyes so sublime in the fullness of meetings
I was holding my dreams and nightmares
in either hand but you never noticed when
out those experiences I added you to my dreams
because your presence dissipated all my nightmares
6.5k · Oct 2014
Time Travel
nivek Oct 2014
imagination is a spirit worth listening to
it has the possibility to take you anywhere
6.3k · May 2014
nivek May 2014
a date with destiny
many fulfilled
lots more to come
6.2k · Oct 2014
Viking Saga
nivek Oct 2014
Braided brushed *******
the princess and her jewels
hair fair platted with history
servants standing by swords ready
gold hats seamed silver pulled tight
with silk ribbons and scarfs full beaded
this is a Viking girl astride her war horse
5.7k · Oct 2014
nivek Oct 2014
paper used to be scratched
pencil lead sharpened
long ago now

a schoolboys remembrance
schoolgirls too
5.6k · Mar 2014
nivek Mar 2014
Drink and warring
Swords and resting
Women our heaven
Bards our telling
Ships laden.
5.6k · Apr 2014
nivek Apr 2014
You are a child of the Universe
You have a right to be here
And eternal right
To be you.
5.5k · Oct 2014
nivek Oct 2014
each every-day birds sing
people catch a plane
hope fully it stays in the sky
as long as a bird wishes to fly
wings longer than Albatross
a big winged bird oh my
this is a birds poetry song
corny and corny beyond smiling
5.5k · Apr 2014
nivek Apr 2014
my sister gave birth to a daughter
and gave birth
to this uncle
5.4k · Jul 2014
Lovers Reunited
nivek Jul 2014
your voice singing reaches across star journeys
star light speed to my waiting plodding
my dim dark night time dreaming
awakened now alive to your sweetness
a voice I have longed to hear for centuries
5.2k · Sep 2014
nivek Sep 2014
Given the popularity of burgers
I cannot conceive a God
Who wouldn't like one(fries of course)
5.0k · Mar 2015
nivek Mar 2015
I am the No. 1
to my niece
And my niece
has me at 3rd
coming after
her mother,
my sister.
and grandmother
my mother.
Such are
the orderly
they live.
4.8k · Mar 2014
Wind Chimes
nivek Mar 2014
You have to
by recognition
to have lived
years to experience
so many deaths
and to live years
to ask
for so many
Eternal rest
4.8k · May 2014
nivek May 2014
rejection of others
is rejection of oneself
that's what hurts
one of my favourite truths
4.7k · May 2014
rhythmic hammers
nivek May 2014
my love sings as the nightingale sings
as all birds sing my love hides
behind all gifted songs of Earth
psalm and childrens laughter
the sound of rhythmic hammers
mankind at work with wood and metal
hearts full of life and love and singing
4.6k · Oct 2014
nivek Oct 2014
salt is needed keep you sugary
and sugar
you never met anyone like me
4.6k · Mar 2014
nivek Mar 2014
I have come this way
to search
to find
and be found
4.5k · Aug 2014
Sea Seduced
nivek Aug 2014
Seduced I breathe in the Sea;
her waves lolling against my body.
Seagulls swoop diving
enter the green depth, where
I lay down in a bed of seaweed,
and watched fish escaping.
Seduced I gave her my all
mind body and soul
but she washed me up
spewed me onto land
Where ancestors first crawled.
nivek Jun 2014
an Island of half-marathon tomorrow
football England are playing tonight
Birthday for some Brendan tomorrow
and I wait for love to find me today
take me up into forever and then forever
when no one is watching spying
yes some are watching having forsaken love
and ***** in the darkness of others lives
4.3k · Oct 2014
Cheesy.... i like cheese
nivek Oct 2014
you are my lightening bolt
the kind that can strike
in the same place
more than once
4.3k · Aug 2014
nivek Aug 2014
who could live

couldn't care less

Time to fly

4.2k · Apr 2014
Viking Days
nivek Apr 2014
its 4 in  the morning
still we sing

the barrel to empty
will take

three days
4.1k · Sep 2014
outer space
nivek Sep 2014
coldness on the skin;
touched from the furthest
of outer space
4.0k · Nov 2015
check your grumpy calculus
nivek Nov 2015
the grumpy anger of a selfish nature
tormented by impatience, and dominance  
can infect the freedom of the sheer joy of living for the rest of the tribe
4.0k · Apr 2014
nivek Apr 2014
Daisy visited to say hi
she smiles like
no other
dog ever known
comes round
while on her travels
From about the farm
Shows her full set
a smile to be believed
I give her a treat
and send her
on her way
some visitors are always good to pass the time of day
3.9k · Jul 2015
Mini Monsoon
nivek Jul 2015
Summer is more mini monsoon
where dry days outnumbered
used to hold sway this archipelago
3.9k · Jun 2014
nivek Jun 2014
a seagull singing so late at night
is unusual;
But remembering a book once read;
Johnathon Livingston Seagull;
nothing is unusual with seagulls
3.7k · Apr 2014
nivek Apr 2014
Shut away with words for company
A mother pushes along a street her baby
I push along a page my sentence
and wonder at the sameness in sacrifices
3.4k · Apr 2014
Wearing High Heels.
nivek Apr 2014
Your Feet precarious
heels into high heels
into high heeled shoes
the stilted amazement
3.3k · Oct 2014
nivek Oct 2014
hoist everything into the sky
on balloons
let every decision be universal
3.3k · Jan 2015
nivek Jan 2015
you turn yourself inside-out
each word from the invisible
stretches into the ear of listeners
your heart sense making sense
in a whole new galaxy
the mind and accepting hearts
forming stars in the blackness
light up and spin like ballerinas
3.3k · Jul 2014
nivek Jul 2014
the silent flight of
mirrors my mind

and the cries of
sing my hearts desires
3.3k · Aug 2015
mini monsoon
nivek Aug 2015
one of my neighbours I have not seen all summer
due to the amount of growth between our dwellings
and that due of course, to our mini monsoon of a summertime
its amazing what raining can achieve, just by falling
3.2k · Jan 2015
A Niece Who Climbs Mountains
nivek Jan 2015
I climbed the  mountains with you
my part very small
but I loved you as much
as anyone holding your ropes
and I enjoy my obscurity
knowing my love for you was free
is free; and this was your gift to me
to know and love you for you
nivek Jul 2014
what say you to strawberries and ice cream
a bath full
3.1k · Sep 2015
wet wet wet
nivek Sep 2015
somewhere someone must be doing a marathon rain-dance
and I hope they realise just how effective their dancing has been
3.1k · Oct 2014
peer pressure
nivek Oct 2014
the hair on heads is to keep the warmth in
so why cut it
3.1k · Jul 2014
nivek Jul 2014
dancing calling flight of the Seagulls
cuts through the blowing of the wind
as fast as fighter jets dipping dives
and reeling upwards into the distance
freedom wild as freedom was always
from the dawning of the feathered
sailing now on wings strong honed
masters of air currents and updraft
3.1k · Dec 2014
nivek Dec 2014
the brass in your pockets are heavier than water
all that concentration to hold onto some semblance
of freedom bought at the price of false security
is washed away in a moments madness skinny dipping
the bare skinned fish out of water looking for a smaller pond
to find you have bloated to outsize all known measurements
yes a big fish indeed way out on a limb and its breaking fast
3.0k · Oct 2014
nivek Oct 2014

nivek May 2014
eyes survey a distant horizon
and eyes see
what the heart loves
what the body cannot reach
where the soul is mingled
dissipated and whole
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