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nivek Sep 2014
The weather on the tv down these parts nearly always puts a cloud over my small island home. So far away , they just make a guess at it, im sure.
We have our own weather system, the islands where I live, and to rely on the tv weather forecast is a complete waste of time. Maybe I could write and complain, but then again, that little cloud reminds me of the spirit world, The Cloud Of Unknowing, a much loved ancient on the contemplative life.;)
nivek May 2014
want to see a smile
then give one away
nivek Mar 2014
Jumping into this moment

without premeditation

I finally give out-
nivek Aug 2016
You were given your date of birth
and live completely ignorant as to your date of death
there's something rather poetic in such a mysterious tragedy as this
nivek Apr 4
we wait, hunkered down
gales and snow
here in the North
to arrive tonight.
nivek Jan 2015
one hundred mile an hour winds
due say the weather diviners
all will be lost that's not tied down
phone internet ferries
"Bring it on" I say bravely while its still calm
and wait fragile as a feather
nivek Apr 7
imagination, imaging the dream
I'm ag in a nation all in the mind
time is relative, a Snail or Cheetah
both win their respective 100metres.
nivek Feb 2016
All my choices are mine
until I choose
something else
nivek Sep 2017
ease some suffering
especially the pain you are perchance causing
nivek May 2017
sing me to sleep my loves

but make it happy
nivek Nov 2015
Love cannot contain itself
gives itself wholly
never tires.
nivek Dec 2015
Complicated I do not do
I left all that behind.
nivek Sep 2019
Stolen words
are wielded but by Moths
and cankerous maggots.
nivek Apr 2016
strawberry lips

taste of strawberry

strawberry tongue

tattooed pimpled licks
nivek Sep 2016
its the unspoken
shared reality manifestation
confounding contradiction.
nivek Jun 2017
rejection is just a sign pointing to an open door.
nivek Feb 2016
You have no need of escape
when you already have.
nivek Feb 2016
have a little heart, my dear
and change the world
nivek Oct 2018
Fair, blue eyes
broken body
growing soul
happy poet
nivek Aug 2014
its easy they said
do as I do
just relax
nivek May 2017
a cold heart
a closed door.

a candle flame.
nivek May 2020
A living ,eternal alleluia
riding cadence
the way of thanksgiving
nivek Sep 2020
are your poems being read in the halls of judgement?
nivek May 2017
kneejerking is a new dance craze made up by accountants
nivek Mar 2017
in too deep
hung up
over nothing
let it be
nivek Feb 2016
You are rare, extremely so
as a species, and individual
nivek Feb 2016
Bang on, timed to perfection, often,
everything falls into place.
nivek Apr 2017
up all day
to sing
your voice.
nivek Jan 2019
Reaching in to reach out
to empathise
nivek Apr 2016
Hope someone has the generosity to dance on my grave
nivek May 2017
there are as many ways as there are persons, unique
nivek May 2017
there are as many ways as there are persons, unique
nivek Feb 2016
Sitting around is an art
a sculptured ten word poem
nivek Nov 2020
let it ***** you
make you wonder/ surrender
nivek Oct 2020
up close and so very personal
love uniquely knows all.
nivek Feb 2017
Gnawing on a bone
warmth of fire
digesting leisure time.
nivek Mar 29
joined up thinking
stitched together
a few words
that's poetry.
nivek Feb 2016
spiders web for a memory
catching unawares
every personal experience
nivek Sep 2016
We all are refugees
temporarily sheltered
on the road, homeless.
nivek Apr 2017
the basics were always a struggle
and always will be
nivek Aug 2014
Beauty is everywhere;
take a peek at your own hands.
nivek Oct 2014
the place to be
is the place
you are
nivek Oct 2014
I watch you do everything;
as I enjoy holy leisure
nivek Nov 2019
the World is full of dominance
and cowardly self-preservation.
nivek Jul 2017
the silence betwixt your words
-is where I find you.
nivek Feb 2016
sometimes you feel you could hug everyone, all at once
nivek Oct 2019
jump into our minds
its a bit grey
in there.
nivek Sep 2014
I could have been a slug
so count your blessings
nivek May 2017
Bombs cannot destroy love
just as love cannot bomb anyone.
all acts of terror are bound to fail in the end
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