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Sitting in bed
Counting the heartbeats
until you message me again
 19h nivek
I enticed
I teased
I begged
I pleased

I yelled
I waited
I talked
I stalked

I sang
I danced
I ran

I smiled
I cried
I lived
I died

I came
I went
I loved
 19h nivek
 19h nivek
Where does the lost go when the new morning comes
the blossom of Sakura that fell as confetti
in the springs ceremony
the movements of the lambs body as it frolics in joy on flowered turf
where do our words fade to when we become silent
as love came to inhabit emptiness
where does the sparkling water flow to, we left upstream
over sunny pebbles
as we drifted to the sea
Thanks H -Sakura๐ŸŒธ
 1d nivek
They will laugh
But that won't stop you
They'll point out
Don't let that block you
Know your thing
And just keep going
Through the hard times
Slowly growing .

And restless be
See what others cannot see
Know what you want
Keep researching
No one knows for what you're searching
You define your own life-story
By your actions reach the glory
They will laugh But don't gain fear They'll point out Just fight, my dear
sometimes, I have no skin
just raw
nerve, muscle, sinew, tendon
a flayed meat avatar
slick and red
wearing only
a nameless burning agony
calmed, satisfied, abated
through pain, and more pain
until subject and object dissociate
โ€”I am not that
I am this other thing
this safe, perfect other thing
and she carries on
like a snake with a new skin
glistening, young, smooth
supple, wet
The most beautiful words written come from
a heart in love
a heart in pain
a heart full of faith!

Shell โœจ๐Ÿš
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