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6h · 14
hunkering down
nivek 6h
Green- ing on wind-s
smiles of goodbye
a- Summers embrace
nivek 9h
In nights middle, somewhere deep in black
I wake fighting off nameless foes
faces grim with determined violence
we grapple and punch each others shadow
my pillow taking my aimed blows
-someone behind me, out of sight
not quite there, not quite not.
nivek 13h
I carry a nerve
waiting to be heard

stifle its content
in certain company

it niggles sometimes
squirming on my tongue

all that polite circle
munching on canapes.
nivek 1d
thought sparking constant fire
warmed blood, in flood, lava flow
pulsating heart, beat keeping drum
a song sprung on wings of a Lark.
nivek 5d
In a never give up Universe
its OK to let go
that so freedom to fill your wings
Sep 6 · 309
the Starlings
nivek Sep 6
the Starlings sit atop the Sycamores, singing.
the trees I planted as seeds, long ago.
the Starlings all sing together, and stop as one.
the speckled feathers sparkle like the stars in their black sky
far away worlds in a shared space, singing.
Sep 5 · 36
nivek Sep 5
I discovered a love where all was barren
bereft of all consolation
this love, this universal love
discovered me as I floundered
a shore out of reach
love found me, and love loves me
nivek Sep 3
time tips us out of bed
then time tips us back in again
Sep 2 · 333
a freely given song
nivek Sep 2
bitterness leaves a stale taste
a wont of retribution

whereas a freely given dance
to a freely given song

is a poets choice
of redemption.
nivek Sep 2
you took my thunder
****** on my fire!
The sky over Berlin
is not so bright.
nivek Sep 2
how the Sparrow finds it comfortable to twist its head around and put its beak beneath its wing feathers and sleep is a mystery they keep to themselves
Sep 2 · 99
a poets flagellation.
nivek Sep 2
come forth from out the dark
all thought into the light
a poets flagellation
a poets relief
a poets life.
Sep 2 · 77
nivek Sep 2
following a trail
single footsteps
generations of generation

always following
up to and including
the end.
Sep 2 · 47
nivek Sep 2
when all light fades within your mind
your eyes to eternally close
you will be awakened to new life.
nivek Sep 2
a nameless fear hangs around all corners
seems to follow wherever you roam
shapeless and elusive hiding always
deep within the periphery of seeing.
nivek Sep 2
nameless faces will outweigh
all the faces you can name
Sep 2 · 70
nivek Sep 2
some words you leave in the dark
never to see the light of day.
some words have the wings of dreams
others attached to nightmares.
nivek Aug 30
A plague on all your dwellings
is wrought by unthinking Mankind.
Aug 30 · 33
a creature drums
nivek Aug 30
moving in time

a pulse
after the beat

a river forever flowing
around a pebble

a creature sits drumming
in time with the stars.
Aug 30 · 390
gates to the unknown
nivek Aug 30
jump into your poets skin
dive into the eternal pond
open gates to the unknown
and reveal what you found.
Aug 30 · 44
speckled black
nivek Aug 30
searching the night sky...for something
and maybe have already found it
but just do not know it yet
Aug 30 · 66
steps along the road
nivek Aug 30
freedom from things
freedom to do things
freedom to simply be.
Aug 30 · 88
10w A Kiss
nivek Aug 30
once a kiss has left your lips
it travels eternally
Aug 30 · 60
the unseen
nivek Aug 30
the unseen by astronomical distance outweighs the seen
Aug 30 · 48
Ape Laughter.
nivek Aug 30
laughter, the great freeing of the ego,
the forgetting,
a secret transportation of the mind.
Aug 30 · 44
a killing
nivek Aug 30
wood and flint
fire and spear

a bow
an arrow

a hunger
a fear

a mistrust
a greed

an efficiency
a killing.
nivek Aug 30
within the flow sometimes a trickle
at others a raging torrent
sometimes silence.
Aug 29 · 57
Lovers in Solitude
nivek Aug 29
One persons hell is another's refuge
the visceral depths of solitude
soon winnows those who seek it out
Aug 29 · 70
Hermitage Graffiti
nivek Aug 29
A woman's flesh could tempt me
but I am a well practised committed wily Hermit
nivek Aug 29
The Starlings love singing
very vocal experiments
mixing other birds songs.
nivek Aug 29
More space persons than Earthling
its a point of view,
Aug 29 · 34
10w of mystery
nivek Aug 29
mystery everywhere!
just look, see;
be excepting of truths reign.
Aug 28 · 229
puny strength
nivek Aug 28
saddled with doubt
an anchor dragging
with your puny strength.?
nivek Aug 27
kisses blown on the winds
promises broken, lies lived
oh how I loved you, still
deeper than the grave
kisses blown on the winds
promises broken, lies lived
oh how I loved you, still.
Aug 26 · 79
Living next the Sea
nivek Aug 26
a look over the blue
shimmering with Sun

a night sky full of stars
a welcome of eternal candles
Aug 24 · 224
Rebel Yell!!
nivek Aug 24
rebel yell! is not my mantra
its borrowed from a dead man
who will not mind.

rebel yell has nothing to do with American revolution
but all to do with the young
their music, their voice, their time
Aug 24 · 93
nivek Aug 24
witnessing aged decline
where decline is steep
where the songs of the old
haunt the steps of the young

where lyric meets truth
and truth is kind because it does not lie
where fate looks everyone in the face
and even if only momentary truth sings.
nivek Aug 24
make no mistake
make no excuses
make no deal
with killers
nivek Aug 23
Blue sky, blue sea
blue song blue Moon

Blue veined, blood drained
blue lips your dead.
nivek Aug 22
notion of escape can leave you wanting
trying to be understood a spellbound waiting
one step on the road despite all
will fill you with freedom
Aug 22 · 66
what before was blind
nivek Aug 22
slipped a thrill from out of Sunrise
felt it spread across my mind
listened to Hendrix for awhile
remembering acid that connected
all bad trips aside
friends are dead and some alive
you have to think the dead
know something from beyond
all minds, even acid loosening
what before was blind.
Aug 22 · 72
unpopular herald
nivek Aug 22
The weather man has it tough
sounding positive
even though it rains
(rains on so many parades)
Aug 21 · 43
deeper than Hades
nivek Aug 21
I know the power of a kiss
how to kiss with passion
to arouse more passion

I know the power of a kiss
the betrayal
deeper than Hades
Aug 21 · 353
Another Ten Years
nivek Aug 21
Another ten years and gravity keeps up relentless
nose elongating, jowls just a bit more sagging
the usual acceptance of aches that never leave
and the mellowing of mind, not minding so much
after so much experience, experiencing this World.
Aug 19 · 245
nivek Aug 19
your silence speaks
from the very depths of the Universe
more than words can say
your silence
is a shared universality
Aug 18 · 47
God is Love.
nivek Aug 18
let us talk of love;
forever loves
there is
within love
is not love.
Aug 18 · 35
All For The Letter 'P'
nivek Aug 18
Patience and perseverance
people power
pebbles and ponds
Aug 18 · 99
right thinking?
nivek Aug 18
like to think your autonomous
self-reliant, an island?
think again
Aug 18 · 71
10w From Eden
nivek Aug 18
troubles and pain ripples constantly from the very first disobedience
Aug 18 · 66
nivek Aug 18
Blame and bluster
smokescreen politic;
Refugee? Commodities.
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