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nivek 15h
and hearing we learn speech
to put a name to things
say yes and no and maybe

and speaking we need restraint
thoughtful exchange
the depths of silence.
1d · 36
nivek 1d
orange, lemon, tequila
a time of relaxation
a place to own
be yourself, always
2d · 73
nivek 2d
Silence is a Mother
breast feeding her children

Silence is the womb
we all return to

Silence is a gateway
and the destination

Silence the mystery
we all come from.
2d · 41
dark grey matter
nivek 2d
songs make their way across your mind
seeping into the surrounding haze
lighting up dark grey matter
into a fire-worked display

all the way down deep
into and out your spinal chord
to dance once more all jelly-like
in arms and legs and body sway
2d · 33
to simply love.
nivek 2d
love grant simplicity
ever more
to simply love.

nivek 2d
you feel a little confused mostly
"head in the clouds"
waiting for the Sun to shine
or snuggled in the rain
"its all the same to you".
2d · 26
nivek 2d
somewhere a button has been pressed
a lever has been pulled
someone gave permission
someone let go.
nivek 2d
each poetic venture
a brief light
shooting star
across a silent sky.
nivek 2d
you can smear your lips with blood red
rub red circles into your cheeks
paint your eyes a strange kind of Chinese
wear your hair down to your waist
pierce ears nose tongue and ****
but it will not make all the difference
you seek.
nivek 2d
"I never planned on becoming invisible"
nivek 2d
the surprise of what time the clock says
and the fact you are not exhausted
can mingle and meet sometimes
after all the clock calls the shots, mostly.
nivek 3d
acceptance of mystery
mystery of oneself
mystery of all others
the great mystery of all things
frees mind body and soul
4d · 105
Kicked up a storm
nivek 4d
Kicked up a storm of memories
in the dust of yesterday
I wallowed, bathed and near drowned
as I breathed in each morsel
of comfort I could discern
and "But for the grace of God go I"
saved my life and set me free.
But for the grace of God go I"
nivek 4d
within your voice a Sun rises
silence is a red dwarf dreaming
across surreal skies of violet

I see the unfolding Universe
in the breath of a nights song
rising with the dawn chorus.
4d · 31
cusp of eternity
nivek 4d
at the back of your mind
in a place called time
the cusp of eternity waits
4d · 41
Yellow Circle
nivek 4d
Yellow circle dancing across blue sky
I feel your music deep in my soul;
dance around the stone circle
the sacred dance;
the dance of the return of spring.
4d · 28
nivek 4d
Walled up city
walled up world
walled up prisoner
walled up soul.
nivek Feb 22
Spinning through space comes natural
and you have to wonder, "Can that be normal"
nivek Feb 22
Happiness is fleeting
sadness the same
whereas peace is forever.
Feb 22 · 62
song of poets
nivek Feb 22
voices carry far across the sea
sounding close
industry and war
lovers falling in love
babies first cry
the last gasp before death
song of poets
the silence of forever.
Feb 22 · 233
the returning of the Sun
nivek Feb 22
Blue heavens, blue sea
the scent of spring
feathers being pruned
nesting sites spied
the turning of worlds
the returning of the Sun.
nivek Feb 20
Misunderstood, a constant open affliction, whipping the backs of Mankind
Feb 20 · 38
10w Universal Song.
nivek Feb 20
sweet kiss, hot breath
arms wrapped
whispered words
teenage love.
Feb 19 · 40
short locking
nivek Feb 19
the unlock without a key
the key without a lock
mystery of life alive
the strangeness of death.
nivek Feb 19
upchuck is a Wolf feeding its pup
a pup figuring it out
a Deer with big doe eyes
in winter-land christmas card
a Man will go a long way
lost in the ice and snow
all the way to cannibal
Feb 18 · 67
nivek Feb 18
do not deny yourself a nap
its a quick recharge
fast as that.
Feb 18 · 65
nivek Feb 18
only yellow can do as yellow does
and do it as well as yellow done.
Feb 18 · 26
Chained and Flogged.
nivek Feb 18
Voices of the silent
songs of the dead

Man sold to slavery
chained and flogged

What is freedom
if not the truth.
Feb 18 · 27
one thread
nivek Feb 18
one thread to sew
becoming many
a rope to climb
in union
freedom of language
in poetry
nivek Feb 18
the light at the end of the tunnel
is an indelible memory of coming down the birth canal
Feb 18 · 24
nivek Feb 18
reaping without sowing
coming up empty
(love forever freely gives)

your mind made up
remade in loves image
Feb 17 · 76
10w Husk
nivek Feb 17
words, seeds sown by breaking open the husk of poems
Feb 17 · 71
a fragile sphere
nivek Feb 17
riding the spiral
Blue with white fluffy cloud

a fragile sphere
in the vast black ocean of space

spinning within the web
of galactic music

silence waits
head bowed in prayer.
Feb 16 · 96
nivek Feb 16
some words are best swallowed
held back behind a veil of calm
aborted from the light of day.
nivek Feb 16
doors open seemingly random
an answer to desire
a wish come true
the miracle despaired of.
Feb 16 · 45
Your voice resonates.
nivek Feb 16
Your poems are knitted unique
as DNA is to life:
your voice resonates
deep within each beat,
As fingerprints are to skin
indelible once touched
an eternal song is sung.
Feb 16 · 46
nivek Feb 16
grief is deeper than tears
tears deeper than sadness
sadness deeper than depression
depression deeper than space.
Feb 12 · 39
A Woman
nivek Feb 12
A woman and a hammer
gentle words and truth
to keep a child from delusion.
nivek Feb 12
Blood is easily, often, spilt when its not your own
Feb 12 · 50
Living in Simpli-City
nivek Feb 12
Value simplicity
enjoy its truth.

Become more
and more....

Closer to life
the Author of life.
Feb 12 · 47
sweet ride
nivek Feb 12
sweet ride, within the poets mind;
over hill down dale.
a song in your pocket
set free on paper wings
as you sing and sing again
its a sweet ride, over hill down dale
a song in your pocket
set free on paper wings...
Feb 11 · 41
On your back
nivek Feb 11
One more spin around the Sun
and tomorrow will come
Come and forever gone
yesterday in the back of your mind
a spirit world remembered
for better or worse
a place for dreaming, once again
when the spin enters the spangled black
and your on your back
helpless as a fish in a fishers net.
Feb 10 · 85
soon enough
nivek Feb 10
In the womb you listened
and danced to the drum
your own heart took up the beat
and you soon enough
began to sing.
Feb 10 · 81
nivek Feb 10
on the path of eternity
we met
remember that.
Feb 10 · 75
for you and me
nivek Feb 10
warming to dangerous levels
for creatures of the Forest
and creatures of the Sea
for creatures that fly
and creatures of Arctic
for creatures of Antarctic
and ultimately for you and me.
Feb 10 · 39
what time bends
nivek Feb 10
ten years seeming singular
what time bends
and you crawl out from.
Feb 10 · 69
nivek Feb 10
round in circles
no straight lines
in the waltz
of the Universe.
nivek Feb 10
veiled white ****** fallen from the sky
cold as the sea, frigid gentle touch
on skin and feathered wing.
Feb 10 · 64
Ground Down.
nivek Feb 10
Grist to the mill
memories haunt:
unseen, but felt.
nivek Feb 6
Nature slips a message into your pocket
but mostly she is ignored.
You say "how lovely the natural world"
and then turn your back to her.
Nature slips a message into your pocket
and you throw away your pocket
along with the message.
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