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10h · 57
Salted Wounds.
nivek 10h
salted wounds
stay open

blood seeps
in your mind

as a heart
cries out its pain.
11h · 137
we met there.
nivek 11h
the great orange orb came to visit
rolled over the sea

we met there, in the light
a prayer on our lips-
(for goodness sake).
2d · 105
to be
nivek 2d
a poetic voice on the winds
-to sing with the birds
fall silent as the hills.
2d · 66
nivek 2d
deeds not words
and discerned
what you do
points to where you are
in heart and mind
body and soul
let us desire the good
always and everywhere
for others
consequently for ourselves too.
nivek 4d
plucked from night
ejected from dreaming

there is purpose here
a spiritual hand

wakened for listening
and supplication

humbled by trial
freed by perseverance

grace works with grace
until love is all in all.
5d · 98
to be thankful
nivek 5d
to be thankful for the quiet
the windless day
feathers left unruffled
while today is today.
6d · 44
we choose.
nivek 6d
back and forth we journey
never standing still

our spirits gathered
at the crossroads

once again we choose
our paths.
nivek 6d
Winter rules and we sit it out
-more, thankful for warmth and shelter
given space to marvel at nature
-her powerful magnificence
and all her unrivalled artistry.
Jan 18 · 52
without, within.
nivek Jan 18
listening with ears
you lead us
to listen with our hearts.
Jan 17 · 148
finite times.
nivek Jan 17
electric pulse
red rivers


heartfelt beat
in love

finite times

hand in
nivek Jan 17
before the big bang
all was silent

hushed breath
of love.

spoken into

the word
became flesh.
Jan 17 · 87
one gentle breath.
nivek Jan 17
your words flow on air
one gentle breath
can change the world.
Jan 16 · 85
Perpetual Eden.
nivek Jan 16
slipping into"what's in it for me?"
and "what's the catch?"
Mankind on its belly like a snake,
slithers around.
Jan 16 · 80
addiction to love.
nivek Jan 16
I have quit long time habit
after long time angst

shed the unwanted
got rid of the affliction

addiction to love
overcame the world.
Jan 16 · 113
extinction enablers
nivek Jan 16
creatures extinction
crawling into silence
crawling into history.
Jan 16 · 51
nivek Jan 16
we started with grunts
and still grunting by default
we pay less than lip service.
nivek Jan 16
the sky thunders now and then
and throws down lightening
to get your precious attention.
nivek Jan 16
if you never fall silent
how will you value silence
if you do not enter her portals
you will never hear the rain sing
and if you never hear natures songs
you will forever be estranged from her.
Jan 15 · 60
Blind Prophets.
nivek Jan 15
Seeing into the future
-we see closed eyes.

-A time of dreaming.
-A time of death.
Jan 15 · 56
silently spinning.
nivek Jan 15
inhabiting the silent places
seeking beyond the senses
stars being born and
moons and other worlds
silently spinning
to what end we ask
where no end exists
excepting the inevitable
transformation of painful
Jan 14 · 77
my child.
nivek Jan 14
head bowed to better listen
to your heart beating my child?
prayer takes many forms
and listening is one of the highest.
Jan 14 · 81
so very Human.
nivek Jan 14
there are deeps I fear to fall
bottomless places silent
unheard whispers as you go
following, always
one step behind yourself
yourself you leave along the road
the you discarded in useless moments,
and then you love yourself
for being so fragile and
so very typically Human.
Jan 14 · 57
Orkney Islands.
nivek Jan 14
Climate change here is Sea encroaching fields
harbour wall over-spilled
Sea getting higher, higher.
But on the plus side its warmer, Summers fuller,
Winters milder
But we know what can happen when the temperature
rises supreme, Australia, not so inviting these days.
Jan 13 · 170
the ugly truths.
nivek Jan 13
Beauty energises a dry well
makes it swell, gush a fountain
freely quenches the thirsting soul
makes whole the ugly truths.
nivek Jan 13
your silence is in symphony
united to the wind

your silence is a gateway
and beyond lies eternity

your silence is eternal
songs forged behind the veil.
nivek Jan 12
I cannot dance on the head of a pin
-the place you would have me dwell.

I refuse to hear within my heart
-all childish insecurity.

I will grant you a wish-you-well
and mean it for eternity.

we go our way as we must-
its good to acknowledge goodbyes.
nivek Jan 12
"never let a Punk Rocker cut your hair"
Jan 12 · 138
wind dancers.
nivek Jan 12
its our time to dance
and time is short-
let us dance like the wind
nivek Jan 12
I saw you watching through the eyes of a bird
realised that if I went to the ends of the Earth
you would be there, waiting.

I cannot escape from loves solicitude, love,
where ever I go you will be there before me
and before I go anywhere you are here with me.
nivek Jan 11
voice of forever, pray speak to us
loving heart, forever love
may we be overcome,
so much so we be silent,
and enter the silence of beauty.
Jan 11 · 65
the waltz
nivek Jan 11
from the dark to light
spun spells of confusion

we meet to say goodbye

and sometimes we dance
hand in hand

the waltz around the stars
Jan 10 · 52
on the margins.
nivek Jan 10
finite words to express the ineffable
love gave birth to poets
and poetry came the closest
to express the sublime

and being sublime,
unnoticed by the many
poetry became vocation
and vocation enjoys marginalised.
Jan 10 · 45
the door to eternity
nivek Jan 10
doors open all the time
and time is eternal

where do you want to be?
who do you want to unite with

Jesu is the greatest lover
opening the door to eternity.

love, the road to travel
and the end of the journey.
Jan 10 · 65
the journeying soul.
nivek Jan 10
silence makes room for beauty
and beauty gives thanks
in union with the journeying soul
it expands, opens out, welcomes you home.
Jan 9 · 107
small creature
nivek Jan 9
glimpses in corners of eyes
a flip jump,
we all meet there,
where insects be
a flash, dash, swatted away.
Jan 6 · 99
silence is my lover.
nivek Jan 6
I kept to my solitude shared with the sea
the blue sky and stars to other worlds
silence is my lover and I love her-
she always welcomes me home.
Jan 6 · 49
across the ocean
nivek Jan 6
I saw you across the ocean
I could smell the coconut in your hair

children played hide and seek
around and within the trees

the old men were gathered on the shore
and the women laughed at the men

I looked at your ankles brown with Sun
and felt a little embarrassed

soon the envelope of space and time closed
and I waved you goodbye.
Jan 6 · 65
Sun stars.
nivek Jan 6
you wrap me in language
we touch across eons

your Sun star I see
you are far from here

I heard you last night
a bird flew into my bower

you sung for me then
but I am unsure of your language.
nivek Jan 6
skin curiosity

I need to love you
much more than I do

Banana wrapped  
Peach juiced.
Jan 6 · 100
Garden of Paradise.
nivek Jan 6
in suits
wearing brands

naked into this world
naked to return

cowboy boots
long blond hair

all these things
and much more

clothed in fear
naked in the garden.
Jan 6 · 54
lone wolf
nivek Jan 6
one gunshot one lightening strike
all changes in instants-
and the road can be lone, long,
but a moments clarity seals all deals.
Jan 6 · 49
nivek Jan 6
up close and personal
with the monster in the mirror
who knows there is no depth to depravity
that can break out into full consciousness
and to contradict it all no height to heroism
in an instant can be called upon within the monsters heart
by the forces of love and loves plan for all monsters
to frustrate and ultimately overcome all but love.
Jan 6 · 49
nivek Jan 6
signed on the dotted line
and untold babies died
and I went on my way
blissfully unawares
Jan 6 · 32
cut through the bile
nivek Jan 6
cut through the bile
empty all you cannot stomach
all you hold back
and ***** in the face of respectability.
Jan 6 · 45
shallow soul
nivek Jan 6
sweet nothings in the ear of the sensualist
as long as all goes my way
I will be compliant.
nivek Jan 6
"look Daddy there's a drone in the sky"
Jan 6 · 113
fingers on triggers
nivek Jan 6
fingers on triggers
here we call it paid taxes( you got a lot of Bang for your buck)

the collective mind
split down the middle

right side of brain says die
left hand side of brain says work for peace
Jan 1 · 59
front of stage.
nivek Jan 1
****** into the black vortex
history older than the Earth
stars twinkle for eons
as 2020 takes its bow
front of stage we appear
a flash and we are gone.
Dec 2019 · 125
red and orange
nivek Dec 2019
a shared sky

clouds of wet

red and orange

the worship worshipping

a time ending
Dec 2019 · 57
in the grass
nivek Dec 2019
lay us down in the grass
the green oh so easy on the eye

the scent of summers sun
keeping our hearts pure

lay us down in the grass
let us be childlike forever.
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