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4h · 33
ears to hear
nivek 4h
one persons song
can be
another persons
ear ache
4h · 19
eclectic mix
nivek 4h
the radio spills classic music today
filling the air

but at any moment fingers on dial
the music can change into almost anything
4h · 15
nivek 4h
those masters of song meet up in the boughs of the sycamores
singing just the other side of the window
always a welcome sound heard as if for the very first time
-providence led me here and providence the songs of birds
each day a wonderment in mind body and soul.
nivek 1d
this is usually a time of open windows
-airing the long winter from the walls
-giving freshness a breath through cobwebs
-Summer time a welcome guest come to stay
but this year cold hangs around too long
-a guest unwilling to leave.
1d · 53
cabin fever
nivek 1d
this a cold Summer
thus far

cabin fever
boils just below the surface

short walks around the garden
keep the fever at bay
nivek 1d
some days to join in with the dawn chorus
at other times in the evening with the lone Blackbird
both will be equally beautiful.
nivek 1d
crumpled paper is so last century
along with road maps
and payphones
1d · 42
lit up
nivek 1d
today is lit up
enough to see by

you came via yesterday
all yesterdays

now on your way
to all tomorrows
nivek 1d
the pied piper takes many forms
many tunes many hues
and parents despair their lack of understanding
nivek 1d
the pied piper did an honest job
and the reward multiplied through others dishonesty
1d · 92
a bird song
nivek 1d
the day dolls out her feed
-a little sunshine
a bird song
a few words to try and explain
nivek 1d
the mind tries to catch up
running from the memory
grounding with the date
seeing hands of the clock
2d · 44
nivek 2d
some look for a weakness
some too weak to look
some look out of weakness
nivek 2d
some things make sense
going along with a big lie
full supporting a charlatan

all self-serving of course
and full of bitterness.
2d · 30
nivek 2d
one flag is waved in triumph
meaning another may well be supplanted
2d · 95
nivek 2d
Cabin fever is catching on;
spreading from one nation to another;
Russia, China, fully infected
nivek 4d
I could make out the Sunrise
-the one in your dance
as you rose up in your poems
my sisters, my loves
your songs reverberate
forever in our hearts
Here in this seeming wasteland
where children are born
we contemplate living forever
the forever Sunrise.
5d · 50
nivek 5d
four fingers on each hand
two thumbs
what's the difference?
stubby I guess?
nivek 5d
there is a drowning most years in the surrounding sea's
but you will not see that advertised in the local paper
or indeed in any of the holiday ads
5d · 27
nivek 5d
you can leave a trail of jealousy in your wake
just by the simple act of 'being'
haters hate because that is all they have left,
until someone feels sorry for them, apart from themselves that is.
5d · 112
a marvel
nivek 5d
it is a marvel in mind, memory, and daily living
this path, this road, this beginning and end,
this everything, and so much more than imagined,
truly a marvel in eyes filled with life's goodness.
nivek 5d
to have taken the solitary road
in order to be fulfilled -
is a hard sell-
so I do not bother trying.
I guess maybe you have to be born to it
-delivered from a perfect set of circumstances
that really left no other option-
and a gate swung wide open.
nivek 5d
saying less to say so much more
is an art
nivek 7d
responsibility for all of ones actions
is an excellent start in understanding
no-one gets a free pass.
7d · 67
petrol heads
nivek 7d
some say we escaped the jungle
came down from the trees;
to return with a chainsaw and
an insane thirst for making money.
7d · 150
banana freak
nivek 7d
life's road at times is strewn with banana skins
and you have to wonder just who the litterer is;
an escaped monkey with a dire sense of humour?
nivek 7d
vanity falls away
a free creature
nivek Jun 11
the neighbours cat stalks birds in my garden
the fledglings are so innocent
-they have no idea a tiger wishes to eat them.
Jun 11 · 55
Kitchen Songs
nivek Jun 11
the washing machine has its own songs
along with the fridge freezer
I allow these songsters to sing in my space
because they do me a service.
Jun 11 · 68
eyes wide shut
nivek Jun 11
multi sense experience
all clamouring for attention

you can close your eyes
to ease your burden

to rest a weary mind
cutting down sensory overload
Jun 11 · 29
into the arms of love
nivek Jun 11
attraction is a double edged sword
attracted to beauty, yes
moved to pray for the dead, yes
Attraction can lead you into the heart of hearts
the centre of the Universe, into the arms of love
attraction is a path to follow
but discernment is to be asked for in prayer.
Jun 10 · 57
nivek Jun 10
you soon come to realise that it is the Spirit of God living in your heart
that is one and the same love you have for flowers
Jun 10 · 23
Butterflies in Summer
nivek Jun 10
for some God is distant so distant for some as to be almost an irrelevance, the world can be demanding

God can be found where uniquely you find your love
be that Butterflies in Summer or kneeling in a Cathedral, or both.
nivek Jun 10
played hide and seek all along the road
travelled with an unknown companion
given strength to keep on keeping on....
until the child rediscovered its hideaway
portal where love waited long my arrival.
Jun 10 · 51
a crucifixion
nivek Jun 10
words writ large
- across the forehead
picture of a crucifixion
- dead to the world.
Jun 10 · 50
the back of beyond
nivek Jun 10
squirrelled away
- at the back of beyond

beyond the end of the trail
back further still

beyond dreaming
beyond wild.
Jun 10 · 39
birthdays to the end
nivek Jun 10
starting counting down to the end
takes a certain age to have lived to
unique to everyone, I guess
Jun 10 · 43
dizzying precipice
nivek Jun 10
describing life as 'short'
comes close

knowing it as 'short'
is something else.
Jun 10 · 69
nivek Jun 10
more an apparition than anything else
-popping up here and there
-the one and only island shop
-the garden
-wandering dreamlands at night.
nivek Jun 10
a Chimpanzee has the strength to rip a Human apart
literally into pieces
and in the wild its all about dominance and hierarchy.
Some folks think keeping an ape as part of the family
a good idea, along with all the other 'good ideas' put into practise by Humankind that turned out to be anything but good.
Jun 10 · 37
tail pipe dream
nivek Jun 10
deeply damaged creatures
at the top of the food chain
committing Hari Kari
with exhaust fumes
coming from tail pipes.
Jun 9 · 25
a disservice to Apes
nivek Jun 9
apes are still with us
and have not evolved
- to arm themselves
with nuclear missiles.
nivek Jun 9
a feeble creature
at the top of the tree

throwing hand grenades
at all those below
Jun 9 · 36
searching for home
nivek Jun 9
a fragile seed in the wind
looking to put down roots
in the unseen spirit world.
Jun 9 · 158
rats in a barrel
nivek Jun 9
planetary earthling hitchhikers
trying to square the circle
walking the treadmill
to nowhere.
Jun 9 · 23
a daily listening
nivek Jun 9
someone gave uplift to my wings
carrying me off to the desert

there they spoke to my heart
and it is here that I dwell still

a daily listening
a moments breath.
Desert; a place apart
Jun 8 · 173
nivek Jun 8
so long as there is a breath to take
a silence to value

-the invisible will manifest love
in the actions and words of Mankind

lavish gifts of a shared reality
- the eternal Kingdom of God
Jun 8 · 59
weaponizing politics
nivek Jun 8
the one with the gun can say all they want
and generally they will
but only so long as they have the gun
Jun 8 · 34
a shadow
nivek Jun 8
looking death in the eye
the dead staring out the mirror
a shadow a fleeting ghost.
nivek Jun 8
deep in the lands of tomorrow
destiny holds open the gate
waits eternally for your return
watches for your footsteps
getting ever closer to home.
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