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Nico fuentes Sep 2017
I will harbor
I will hide
A deep crevice
A long fissure
In my heart
I will carry
If you ask me
What it is
What this Amazing void is,
I will say, not much,
Just something
To avoid
Nico fuentes Sep 2017
do I wish to see you again? At a less miserable time. when our lives are not as hectic as they are. Or when the chaos has found home in whole new place. Then maybe just then shall try love, once more.
Nico fuentes Sep 2017
I don’t want to die just yet, with my heart a hollowed mess, I don’t want to die just yet. These days I’m searching for reasons as to why someone close to me once said that there’s not always an answer for every question. How can I live like I've always wanted , but still be immortalized as a man? Which parts of me am I really chasing after? Which parts of me do I truly know? A single act of kindness can change a person forever, sometimes it’s good to forgive....wait. Maybe not all of the time. But life’s too short, it’s bittersweet. I don’t want to live forever, maybe just long enough to see where I might end up some day. But when I die, maybe I’ll be transformed into thoughts and become an idea to some young mind that feels like I do. when does this loop end? I’ve been hanging myself off the edge. I can count my own heartbeat. I’m just trying to figure out if I’m doing this right. Are we living a life that’s worth something to anyone. Or are we just breathing? I don’t want to just breathe. I want to live.
Nico fuentes Aug 2016
She knew it was really over this time. No second chances. No apologies. Just a goodbye. A best friend, a lover soon to be stranger. From talking everyday to 2 second check ups out of regrets. To now becoming a bitter memory. When you finally utter why you wanted them to stay… it’s generally too ******* late.
Make a phone call to nowhere– no one is home. Knock on your chest- there's no answer
everything is broken.
And you to realize.
As pieces of what was,  lie before you  
And my darling, you’re alone again.
Nico fuentes Sep 2015
It's hard to believe a beautiful girl can make you dizzy
As if you have been drinking jack and coke all night into the morning.
Her presents gives you a uplifting feeling
She's a Promise, promise of a better day
Promise that there is hope
Promise there is a new tomorrow
This particular aura can be found in the gait of this beautilful girl
In her smile and in her soul and the way she makes every rotten little thing about life seem like its gonna be ok...
And she, she is the one...
Nico fuentes Jul 2015
I Got a sister
She had my back through think and thin
Seen my up and downs
My happiness and my hearts breaks
Hell she pretty much my twin
Siblings through marriage
But you could swear we are blood
Miles apart we're still one
Miles apart we hurt, bleed, cry, laugh
Miles apart she is my bestfriend
Even big brother have little heroes
And my sister is it.
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