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Sep 2018 · 788
If I were only 10 (Again)
Nancy E Tracy Sep 2018
What a perfect place for a treehouse
In the limbs of that old tree
I'd spend all my time just dreaming
Of what a wonderful time it would be
To be running away from the pirates
Who were after me!

While looking for a place to hide
I'd look up and see
That treehouse snuggled high above
The perfect place for me.

The only way up
Not the way you would think
Was a little old Elf
Sitting there on a shelf
Saying, "I'll give you a boost for a drink"

So I pulled out my cup
And went looking
For water was surely nearby

He said, "Water's not my favorite drink,
                   I'll have a cup of Rye"

I had no Rye to my name
Thinking quickly on my feet
"Let the pirates give him a drink of Rye"

When they go up,
I'll say "Goodbye"

What a perfect place for a treehouse,

If I were only 10 (again}.
inspired by being outside in this wonderful weather we are having right now
Aug 2018 · 1.4k
There's a Cat on the prowl
Nancy E Tracy Aug 2018
Not a sound
in th forest
Not a leaf
in the wind

On the lake
not a ripple
there's a storm
coming in

Not a deer
in the meadow
Not a hiss
not a howl

Not a breath
Not a whisper
There's a cat
on the prowl

Not a twitter
of a bird
Not a Bat
Not an Owl

Silence in the forest
There's a cat on the prowl

All is well until he brushes against my legs, looks
up at me and meows - lunch time
Jul 2018 · 321
Quote - Light from Heaven
Nancy E Tracy Jul 2018
If thou indeed derive thy light from Heaven
      Then, to the measure of that Heaven-born light,
      Shine, Poet! In thy place, and be content.....
                                                --William Wordsworth
Jul 2018 · 336
Writers Block
Nancy E Tracy Jul 2018
Awake! You lazy pen who gives me nothing..
You fingers parlyzed

Awake!  You stubborn thoughts who lie in puddles..
Refusing to cooperate when all I ask is such an easy task,

Give ear to all the world encompassing your gifted sight

Stoke the fire that burns wthin the ashes of your heart

Beat out a tune for all of those who live to write
Jul 2018 · 388
103 Degrees
Nancy E Tracy Jul 2018
103 Degrees

The sun dropped fast behind the trees
And cooled the squirrels, the birds, the bees....
And me

And soon enough the shade where I, at peace, reside
An audience to nature's Summer Night
A performance, in perfect harmony
A witness to a magical delight
A concert that touchs where the soul abides

July 17, 2018
6:30 PM
Jul 2018 · 941
Adam and Eve in the garden
Nancy E Tracy Jul 2018
Adam and Eve in the garden
Eve said "Sir, but begging your pardon"
"This apple, you see, just fell down from that tree,
but I tasted and it's just delicious."

"My Father said  we're not to eat it
But he's not around here today
so, just give it to me and I'll try it
Delicious, is that what you say?"

Now, the next day, when God was out walking,
{He was looking for Adam and Eve}
He couldn't believe they were covered in leaves
So he told them "Sit down and start  talking"

"The serpent beguiled me" said Eve
That left Adam with nowhere to turn
He said  "Eve said 'lets try it'  and I don't deny it
I took a wee bite just to please."

"The fault is on Eve can't you see Lord?"
So all humans were banished from paradise
'Cause ADAM just couldn't say NO...
Women's POV ,  limerick
Jun 2018 · 472
Only Endure
Nancy E Tracy Jun 2018
There are hearts that are so tender, Lord

Hearts that are so rare
that every little grievance
causes pain that we can't bear

Oh, hear our cry,
dear Lord we pray

Give comfort and assurance

that though we cry
you are near by
to strengthen our endurance

Matthew 24:13
But he who endures shall be saved
May 2018 · 344
I Love
Nancy E Tracy May 2018
I love my neighbor

I love myself

There is on shame in love

Then why is it so hard for some

To to just go on and say it
May 2018 · 305
Quiet Time
Nancy E Tracy May 2018
It is stunningly amazing

What you can hear and see

while quietly you're seated

Beneath an old oak tree
May 2018 · 255
Anotther Spring
Nancy E Tracy May 2018
Rain on the roof
Lightening in the sky

Little blossoms bow their heads
and dare to wonder why
Feb 2018 · 1.1k
February 14, 2018
Nancy E Tracy Feb 2018
On Valentines Day
I don't belong
The love I've had has come and gone

No roses now delighting me

No heart shaped box of sweets
To bring me joy, it seems

But memories beside me sleep
To waken only in my dreams
Still Happy on Valentines Day because of CHOCOLATE!
May 2017 · 1.5k
Embraceable You (edited)
Nancy E Tracy May 2017
Embrace me, my sweet embraceable Dell
Embrace me, you irreplaceable Dell

Just one look at you, my Windows open up wide
You and you alone are always right by my side

I love all the Rom and Ram about you
Above all, I give a Dam about you

Don't be a naughty baby,
Do the magic that you do so well

My sweet unbreakable Dell
Just Fun  :)
Apr 2017 · 547
I should be in love today
Nancy E Tracy Apr 2017
I should be in love today
Fly me to the moon
Happy endings come my way
Good fortune coming too

Spring is

Life in color fills the air

I should be in love today
If a certain guy
Could love me too

I could be in love with you

Now all I need is a musician guy...........Oh ..Bur-t.......
Apr 2017 · 716
Loving Hands
Nancy E Tracy Apr 2017
You lose nothing in
the Loving Hands of Jesus
You gain everything
Apr 2017 · 517
Nancy E Tracy Apr 2017
Of all the gems
the best of gifts
you'll ever give

A Diamond is a girls best friend
Apr 2017 · 373
Spring Again
Nancy E Tracy Apr 2017
It's cold outside
and it's windy, Wyndee
The sun is obscured by the clouds.

Do you know that on Wednesday, Wyndee
the flowers will bloom
and the grass will grow
and what do you's Spring outside again.

The Sun will be shining, Wyndee.
When you look out the door you'll be finding
That the birds are singing "Spring" outside
What a wonderful time of the year!

Love, Mom
Apr 2017 · 570
Music of life
Nancy E Tracy Apr 2017
Fields of Bluebonnetts
Suddenly appearing

New birth upon us
Songbirds we're hearing

Daylight is lengthing
hearts are strengthening

Dance to the music of life
Apr 2017 · 378
Love Yourself
Nancy E Tracy Apr 2017
Love Yourself

Not because nobody else is going to do it
but, because when someone else loves you,
it is so much easier to love yourself.

And when you love yourself,
it is so much easier to love others

And you are loved by me

Mar 2017 · 669
The Promise
Nancy E Tracy Mar 2017
like a soft breeze through a willow
He reaches out and bids me take his hand
An easy step across the River Jordan
No more need to understand
All things are clear to me upon my pillow

"I'm here" He said "just like I promised"

"No more sorrow, No more fear.
You'll not ever shed another tear
No more pain and no tomorrow,
eternity is your's.  
Well  done my friend"
RIP Charlie..............we all loved you dearly.  (Lost another friend yesterday)
Mar 2017 · 1.1k
Spring Evening
Nancy E Tracy Mar 2017
High, thin, cirrus clouds
cutting off half of the moon

Just the bottom shows

Tall trees, swaying breeze
nightingales in joyful tune

But, the old Owl knows

Spring is for the young
Love and roses everywhere

"Who...says that's how it goes?"
Mar 2017 · 730
Brighter Day
Nancy E Tracy Mar 2017
If your soul is aching and you need a friend
Call on Jesus
Call on Jesus

If you're down and troubled, need a helping hand
Call on Jesus
Call on Jesus

He'll take care of you
He'll be there for you
He'll lead you all the way
out of the darkest day
Call on Jesus
Call on Jesus
Just a little encouragement for my friends
Mar 2017 · 369
Nancy E Tracy Mar 2017
Dear Friend, received your letters, they were late
They came (in box) on Tuesday, with that date
Demands that I should read them instantly,
was not a polite thing to say to me.

In view of ways that did proceed from you,
I say goodbye, Adieu, Adieu, Adieu
Iambic Pentameter  practice
Nov 2016 · 359
Happy Thanksgiving
Nancy E Tracy Nov 2016
I know that we can thank the Lord
For all the blessings we receive

For home and Family and Food,
the wonders we do not perceive

But may the Lord
Our dearest friend
Thank us for what we've given Him?
Happy Thanksgiving HP Poets!  Hope you all have a wonderful day
Oct 2016 · 1.4k
Nancy E Tracy Oct 2016
Here they come now!

Giggling up the sidewalk
On their way to my front door!

Masses of costumed gremlins
Tumbling, Pushing, Squirming, screaming bundles of fun.

On their way to my front door.

Sticky faces, Painted faces, Horrid Hairy masks that hide happy faces,
Upturned faces

Grinning ear to ear in anticipation of some goody
Tossed into each sack

On their way to my front door!
Have a fun Happy Halloween!
Oct 2016 · 405
Nancy E Tracy Oct 2016
Come blow away the deary leaves of Winter
          scattered everywhere

Wash the dust from all the dead and dying
          green of spring magnifying

Bathe the Earth in Rainbow
          colored hope
Oct 2016 · 425
Nancy E Tracy Oct 2016
Like the Ocean's Tide
The roller-coaster ride of life
A bitter pill to swallow

when you know too much
When you feel too much
When you Love
.........too much
When you care too much,
you get hurt too much

Vast the Ocean, Deep and Dark
It's mysteries so beguiling
As if the fates have conspired
To a wailing call of the sirens

The evoking chants of the night's air
The eerie howls of the dark wolves
Like the ocean's unending seasons,
So is life's endless tussles

Boundless the ocean's depths
Far and wide
Boundless the ocean far and near....
And blue the waters, blue as tears.
anybody want to finish this poem for me?
Thank you Ovi for Lines 14 thru 20 and thank you Angstrom for lines 10 thru 13.  Thank you r for line 21!!  It completes the poem for me, but if anyone else wants to add anything else, feel free to do so.  Thanks
Oct 2016 · 342
Forever Love
Nancy E Tracy Oct 2016
There's Love that makes the world go 'round
There's love that lasts forever

But, Love for you is so profound
Oct 2016 · 668
More to Life
Nancy E Tracy Oct 2016
There's not a man
Who doesn't know
There's more to life than this

That God is gently waiting by
to greet us with a kiss

He truly only wants your love
Forgiveness has been won

His Love is free
our sins nailed to a tree
All done for us by his son
Sep 2016 · 595
Nancy E Tracy Sep 2016
Somewhere there are
Flowers blooming
Dew is trimming
each and every petal

Somewhere there are
Oceans booming
fishes swimming

Somewhere there are
People laughing
Happy families
Babies clapping

Sun is shining
no more whining
Peace and quiet
No more riots
No more bombs
or people hating

Just not here...........

Preachers teaching
God is reaching
out to you

If  you listen, you can you hear
His sweet voice is everywhere
Sep 2016 · 802
Roses Roses
Nancy E Tracy Sep 2016
Roses, Roses, Roses
Yellow, pink and red
Dreaming in a flower bed

Ducks afloat
upon the pond
Gliding graceful
To and fro
Searching for a piece of bread
Thrown from the pier
on which two children perch.

While I may search

for peace, of which I don't deserve
for struggling through this unforgiving world
for making many errors on the way

But, now it's done
I see so clearly
There's only peace
a price so dearly
paid for me by One
Oct 2015 · 1.5k
Nancy E Tracy Oct 2015
I was hungry
          and you gave me bread of life
I was thirsty
          and you gave me living water
I was lonely
          and you said to me
          "I will never leave you nor forsake you"
I was tired
          and you gave me rest
I was afraid
          you said "fear not, for I am with you always,
          even unto the ends of the Earth"

Everything I need comes from you
Thank you Father
Oct 2015 · 6.5k
Definition: Poet
Nancy E Tracy Oct 2015
A poet is a nightingale
Who sits in darkness in the wood

He sings to cheer his solitude
With sweet sounds noone's ever heard

"In His Land of Dreams"
Aug 2015 · 784
Nancy E Tracy Aug 2015
I've had time
to look around
at all the folks I've met

Searching for the perfect
And I haven't found one
Nobody's Perfect.....
Nancy E Tracy Aug 2015
Fret Not!
Thou canst but read them all!

Hordes beset the pages now here-in
Contorting mental faculties to new and different bent

Perusal of Poetry in monumental quantities
is known to suddenly suffuse the brain with lusher thoughts, ideas

Behold! A new man doth arise
as a Phoenix from the ashes of despair

Continue on, my friend, to try to drink of all the knowledge here
While Eliot wafts his magic wand creating wonders in the air

But, ya can't read 'em all.............alas
Just a thought :)
Aug 2015 · 797
Just a Little Ditty
Nancy E Tracy Aug 2015
If it's 63 degrees
in your town
in August

Don't ask me why
can't tell ya

You'll know you're in Texas
Believe me
Oh, Hell yeah
Aug 2015 · 504
Nancy E Tracy Aug 2015
Want to be Happy?
Forgiveness makes freedom yours
And opens those doors

To truth, peace and love
a pathway you will treasure
Joy beyond measure

And all who know this
Know forgiveness comes from love
It can't be ignored

The truth yours at last
That love comes from Christ Jesus
All you do is ask
I John 4:8  God is Love
Jul 2015 · 523
Hole in the Heart
Nancy E Tracy Jul 2015
There's a hole in my heart
Where once she resided
Another friend gone
A new grief ignited

A lifetime of friendship and kinship repeated
A thread of gold woven, the work is completed

Our lives knit together
Of long golden threads
It's strength lies in Heaven
My heart lies in shreds
I lost a cousin by marriage yesterday.  Friends, appearing in and out of each other's lives over a period of over 40 years.  She will be truely missed
Jul 2015 · 881
Just a little reminder
Nancy E Tracy Jul 2015
"The finest thought
runs the risk of being irrevocably forgotten
if we do not write it down"
Arthur Schopenhauer
Jun 2015 · 725
Diagnosis: HOPE
Nancy E Tracy Jun 2015
Dark and gloomy days on end
with no apparent hope in sight
fortunes fleeing (lamps alight)
on fairy wings into the night

Out of darkness sinister
with teeth like sharks to minister
that sweeping blow with the sharpest knife
that rips and tears the soul apart
then plunges terror in the heart

Those words from out Golgotha's pits
of pending dangers lurking near

Diagnosis: Cancer

Then just a whisper wafts by here
and sets a message in the ear
"I will never leave you nor forsake you"

A friend was diagnosed with cancer today.  There are so many new treatments out there now that there is great hope
Apr 2015 · 891
Mother's Lament
Nancy E Tracy Apr 2015
I've been kicking you
From Behind for years
And STILL you do not notice
Not Haiku :)
Apr 2015 · 1.3k
You're a Poet
Nancy E Tracy Apr 2015
If words can move you to faraway places
or open your heart as you read,
or sit in your mind
for hours at a time
It's poetry

If you rhyme or compose at every suggestion
of things that you hear or you see,
or if there's an obsession to write it all down
It's poetry

If you put down your fork on its way to your mouth
so you can pick up a pen
and jot down a note,
you are definitely a poet too.
(Courtesy of:  Mike Essig)

If you think that you're different
You are

If you wonder about
or have any doubt
of whether or not you're a poet
You are
(Whether you like it or not)
(Thanks to HP poet  Mike Essig for the added line)
Apr 2015 · 8.3k
Old Age Insight
Nancy E Tracy Apr 2015
I spent my life
trying to please my family

It didn't work

I spent my life trying to
Please others

I spent my life......
Be yourself
Mar 2015 · 824
Lavish Love (10W)
Nancy E Tracy Mar 2015
The sweetest words you'll ever hear
"I love you Nanny"
Mar 2015 · 1.4k
Nancy E Tracy Mar 2015
One has to speak their language - Cats
a snotty, snooty breed
Don't try to tell them what to do
Don't get them down when they are treed

They'll come down when they want to
when they hear the opening whirr
where can opener meets cat food
they'll walk out of that tree as if it wasn't there
and swish their tail as if to say
"it's nothing"

But, Oh, the softest love they have
when on your lap they softly purr
or stroking all that silky fur
and all the stress of passing days
so soon becomes a milky haze
and flys away, forgotten now
She loves you dear, there is no doubt
Adopt a pet today... there are so many, so many who need a home and love. they were put here for us to take care of
Mar 2015 · 4.6k
Life of a Ballernia
Nancy E Tracy Mar 2015
Gentle ballerina dance
dance your way around the world
with bold precision dance
with graceful arms unfurled

Tip toe to the passion of the tune
whirling, leaping maelstrom of romance

existential exercise of poetry unwritten
fluttering, a butterfly of souls unduly smitten
with love of life and dignity stirred all up into one
resounding splash of destiny
the last breath of a swan
for my world traveled, ballerina friend Marilyn on her birthday.
Feb 2015 · 1.4k
(Not Exactly) A Poem
Nancy E Tracy Feb 2015
"If some people like your painting, fine.
If some don't, well, there's the door.

Take your work seriously
But don't take yourself seriously

Paint for yourself
Enjoy yourself"

I was watching a show on PBS today
"The Beauty of Oil Painting" with Gary & Kathwren Jenkins

Gary said this and I marveled at how much this echoed the attitude we should cultivate when writing poetry.
I think we could also consider writing poetry as a painting of sorts
Feb 2015 · 1.3k
Trouble II
Nancy E Tracy Feb 2015
I pedaled so hard to get to the place
that I thought that I knew was right

And when I get to where I have got
I sometimes find out that the right
that I thought was right.....
was not

So I picked myself up and I dusted me off
although I'm a terrible sight
I got on my horse (I hope no one's  watching)
and galloped off into the night

It isn't so bad to make a mistake
just go to the end of the line
a lesson you've learned just like everyone else
and you start all over again

starting over is not such a horrible thing
sometimes it's all for the best
your perspective is better, your mind is much clearer
you've triumphed and won like the rest

A good sense of humor and love in your heart
are required for a life without woe
you'll never be able to live without those
and we all have to learn to let go
So many people are so afraid that they'll make a mistake that they are afraid to try anything new....
Feb 2015 · 624
Nancy E Tracy Feb 2015
Born on this day
my firstborn child
In Huntingburg
far from the sea
The life that's given us by God
so full of possibilities

Her destination still unknown
she strikes upon the path of life
so full of wondrous mystery
she sees a world filled up with strife

And picks her way among the stones
(life doesn't mete out dulcet tones)

But then again that still small voice
calls from the vail of destiny
"To Love is such an easy choice"
"Come here my child and rest in Me"
My Daughter's Birthday today
Feb 2015 · 1.1k
Kill me with Love Re post
Nancy E Tracy Feb 2015
Hypnotize me darling with your eyes
Mezmerize me lover with your sighs

**** me with the magic of your kiss
Kindle in me fire that's truly bliss

Break away the boundries that have kept us far apart
Heal the broken pieces of my unforgiving heart

Put it back together like it was
and fill me now and always with  your love
Feb 2015 · 398
Nancy E Tracy Feb 2015
There is no end to love
except a broken heart
My kitty has been missing for five days
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