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  Oct 2014 MsMercedes
In depth
there is
fear and insecurity...

people prefer

The shallow
Tried and tested...
  Sep 2014 MsMercedes
Michael Duong
To infinity and beyond isn't just a saying for me, it's a life goal.
MsMercedes Aug 2014
I once viewed silence
As a cruel thing
I once was scared
Of silence
Thats becuase it never
Spoke to me
Now when I sit
In my room and silence
Is all around me
It speaks
With the sound of speeding cars
Or even the sound of the breeze
It speaks to me
In ways words never could
And the loudest of them all SILENCE
MsMercedes Jul 2014
I feel so safe with you
Which is different
Because you are known as
A heartbreaker
But somehow I trust you
Somehow I don't believe
You'll break my heart
And I hope you don't
But if you do I'll be okay with that
Because I knew the riskes
Yet I still choose to love you
The way I hope you love me
**I just hope you love me as much as I love you
MsMercedes Jul 2014
Life seems so odd
Because for the first time
In forever I'm happy
For the first time in a while
I can smile with liberty
I'm finally who I want be be
I'm finally **HAPPY
Find yourself
MsMercedes Jul 2014
Everytime I'm at at lowest point
Of my life I find hidden strength
At times I wish I had found that strength
When I was at the top
So I could've stayed there
Even if its just a little while longer
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