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JN Cole Jul 2019
kitchen low-light,
kitchen low-bright Kitchen;
open refrigerator door,
illumination on on on
tiled floor
dull light; dull bright reflecting
your sadness.

kitchen low-light kitchen
low bright, kitchen
low; spirit
kitchen empty yogurt
cup >kitchen<
fiddling fiddling
striking the spoon
inside the hollow
(metal spoon,
against plastic cup
the blunt
'til you decide it's time
to stop playing and
throw it away.
JN Cole Jan 2019
BLIND. a cat
in a flashflood
of head/tail lights

frozen as a
deer in the
middle of a
highway through
midnight woods;
once upon a
once upon
the frozen

do you think
YOU know?

how does it
how do THEY
FEEL before
they D I e?

(do you know where i was going?
do you know where i've been?)

do you say
your names
when you pray
with lifted hands?
do you think
the rain will
wash the muck
down your body?

muck sliding down
your paperthin

your candlewax sins
melting your
showing the
core of
your being.

true colors.

make you feel
pure and hallow
make you feel
like a saint.
make you
feel like
you own the
make you
feel like
you own

find me
flat against
the road
on thick
find me
an empty
cup like
red unwanted

bury me
under your skin.
bury me
in the emptiness
of your mind.
bury me
in the hollows
of your sinews.
bury me.
i was
never well
half-alive, anyway.
JN Cole Oct 2018
l-let's ride the

have you ever,
if the ponies

    r                         r
o     u                 o     u
n     d     and      n   d

are Lonely,
have you
ever thought
that being
in the same
place doesn't,
mean we could
mXXt... ha! l-let's
have fun.

please take,
please take, my
hand please
hold my
hand we are
three, four, five
ponies away
spinning further
and further

please won't
you tell me
another story
before the night
fades away

w-won't you
slow, slow, down,
slow things down,
for me heartbreaker

w-won't you
pick up these
broken lights
with me
w-won't you

please just
spin further
and further
away so i can
pick you up

i'll place you
in the centre
of my hand

l-let's ride the

spin me around
and get me off
this ride.
JN Cole Oct 2018
(up here.)

t-take, me down
take me, down
would you please take

               d        o   w n.

l-let's stop this ride
the stars in the
sky are too bright

the city below
dots of magic
and castles on

(almost down.)

please don't,
please don't stop,
this ride.
don't let the night
fade away
the city is
being eaten by
and the stars
have melted
one with the

please hold, my
we are going
down from

   p        i

(and up again.)

p-please let go
i don't want to be
up here
with the stars.
JN Cole Sep 2018
Christmas eve leftover for
breakfast before i drive us
out to Sea. On the

wharf in your doggy tiny
doggy mirror doggy eyes
i am Camera Obscura melting
blue melting one with the

Small enough, dog; small,
dog-enough so i can place
you inside my hand-cage of
crooked fingers and

red-bitten bitten red
red nails red-painted
painted red, red, red
redsoveryred red.

Let us
          Let us you


together we~
throw ourselves
to Sea

Let us let us you and me~
you and me~
we throw ourselves we
throw, we, you and me
let us let us.

Mister Death
mister death i know
you puke out
  Sep 2018 JN Cole
Yz Doo
Shimmering beauty
Slow crisp waves reappear,
Time for coffee
Time for life
Time for shadows dancing on the wall
Im alive
Im dead
Im everything in between
Shimmering beauty
Slow crisp waves reappear
Out of my head and into the day
Im alive
Im grateful
  Sep 2018 JN Cole
Yz Doo
On top of the world
A day old biscuit , A fat sliced piece of bacon
On top of the world
Smiling as I walk down the black and blue alley
On top of the world
Not a penny in my pocket
On top of the world
A smile
I am free
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