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keila skie Sep 2020
we all lose things
and people too

we have a timer
ticking furiously

take me back

i wish for eternity
although eternity can be cruel
at least you
will be
I lost someone this week, currently at the funeral. I havent logged into hp in a while now, almost 2 years. I wonder what gave me the motivation to write again, was it death? Looking at my previous posts, maybe it was. Death inspires me. like how a dog inspires a rabbit.
keila skie Dec 2018
Have you ever gotten existential
Hit with the realization
That you are going to die
And you don't know when
Or how
But that it's inevitable

With the feeling that
you don't really matter
You are just passing by
Entertaining others
Not really changing anything
No impact

And that you
Have no idea
That there is an afterlife
You believe ofcourse
But there is no guarantee
But if there is
Even that is scary

If there is
How will it be
Is it really how your grandpa told
Like the bible tells
Like your dreams
But eternal life is scary
Eternal life in
And in
keila skie Dec 2018
I want to fall
So bad
To run
And trip
To crash
And burn
I want to hurt
To feel
A reason for it
The air is
Can't take too much
It hurts
But why?
No reason at all
There is a moment where one feels hopeless, where one feels pain, but we can't seem to find the reason why. It hurts, but why?
keila skie Dec 2018
Im sitting
In the dark

What am I waiting for?
A call
From who?
At this point, does it really matter?
Does it?
Because I'm waiting for a call
Late at night, all we want is someone to talk to, but no one is awake at 3am. No one will answer the phone, so we are left waiting, but that call will be worth the wait.
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