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Jan 2014
My lips vibrate
my face twitching in new ways
feelings flush my cheeks
a smile hits my face
I sigh, get dizzy
let go again
Scratch Deeply
Now rub it gently
softly, so softly
now SLAP it!
I gasp and smile
Wickedness hits my lips
Wetness a cold pool on hot hot skin
A sizzle flowing over in cascades
The twitching belly dance begins
Scratch DEEPLY
Beauty and Relief
A release all too sweet
I shake my head No
But that is just me swimming
Feeling it fill me
I smile, I sigh
wide open mouth says AAAhhhh
Body quakes pants and moans
trembling then I hear him GROAN
his sounds make me burst
I overflow
Scratch DEEPLY
Now rub it gently
He tells me over and over
Oh so softly and slow
Spread your legs
and touch those lips
I gasp and my body rises
Sensation all new surprises
I want more
I ache for pain
It is all in perception
What can be gained
I wait for his lighter
to flick my ears quick
Making my body tremble and shake
Up those thighs
Such a sting a welcome exercise
I lust for more
not feeling pain
All about sensations seriously gained
I shake and tremble
Feeling the sting
My flesh slightly torn
Making it warped
No tender touch now
It is all hot hot hot
Holy ******* cow
I love you
Your the best drug
Deeply, scratch me now
I want it badly
Feel me now

Miss Kiss My Bliss
Written by
Miss Kiss My Bliss  Down Stairs
(Down Stairs)   
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