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 Feb 2017 Miriam
Vivi Greene
life is a voyage.
you know one day it will end.
why do we tend to forget that so often?
when knowing that the end
comes soon you start enjoying things
quite more intensive.
it’s like travelling,
just a little longer.
 Feb 2017 Miriam
Louise Ruen
Love is___ (Finish this sentence)

                                   Magical? Incredible? Mystical?
                                    Destroying? Confusing? Ugly?
                                          Never or ever- lasting?
                                  Heart breaking or heart healing?
                         A road to happiness or a road to sorrow?
                                                 Non exsistent?

**Please, I need to pass this test.
Trying out something a little experimental for me...mhm....Don't know what I think
 Feb 2017 Miriam
Ramin Ara
It's like I spent my whole life wondering
Who could really love me?
The Foster system sure didn't
I was just a child
With a number
In a file
That said
"No Family"
 Feb 2017 Miriam
Mark Blickley
A spiked and oily chlorophyll kiss of triumph for a natural blend of scraping feet and gutter rat gnawing rooted in hardened concrete arteries of sensible suffocation under shadowed sun that tears like dew or cracked asphalt in a breakthrough of natural reflection within a stained layer of dirt distinguished from filth by a spark of color that screams at pedestrian populations passing the chance to marvel at the growth of feeling like a freak in primal ecstasy without constraints or complaints in sensual squeezes that rise up into a paved path living memorial to what  exists beneath the foot and above the fool scraping in time to his cemetery waltz ….
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