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Jul 2017
it will happen.

you will meet him. you will finally get to look into his eyes. feel his skin. see the slow lift of the corners of his lips as he smiles. it will no longer be pictures, no longer short video clips, no longer just a voice through the phone.

no, you’ll see him, you’ll experience the presence of his whole being.

you’ll feel electricity running up and down your spine, adrenaline rushing through and through, but you’ll feel a warmth and peace washing over you. you will be amazed at the rarity of this connection–how so many people you have encountered only leave you feeling drained, but this soul energizes you. refreshes you. and leaves you curiously wondering why that is.

and he will feel the same.

everything will unfold in a strange beautiful way. peaceful, yet you will feel its intensity. the most quiet explosion.

you’ve always believed there’s a higher love, a connection formed simply by being–not by convenience, not by looks. it’s just there, just like how the mountains are always there, or the sky, or the sea. it’s something natural. it’s something that just is, and we just discover it.

you’ve always believed it, and darling, you won’t be proven wrong.

it will happen.
Written by
Miriam  Metro Manila
(Metro Manila)   
       Lior Gavra, tRevor gUmede, Zoe, Mishael Ward, --- and 8 others
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