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Jun 2017
give me a love that i can’t explain

a love that destroys superficiality

a love that proves it’s real and genuine despite every hard circumstance that tries to threaten it

more than just a pretty face or convenience,
give me something difficult to grab a hold of, but so worthy
that i would want nothing else but to fight for it
until i finally have it

something that would make others say,
“why not just give that one up
and reach for something else, something easier?”

to which i will answer,
“i can’t, i’ve tried,
and my heart simply cannot desire anything else
this is something too beautiful
and i know that beautiful things take time
i can wait, but i can’t afford to settle.”

and it is true; i can’t afford to settle
just because this is easier,
this is closer within my grasp,
does not mean my heart should choose it
i can’t, you know, i’ve tried–
but my soul cries and wails within me
perhaps it understands something my mind simply cannot

give me a love that will break barriers and tear down walls

give me a love so wide
it will overcome miles and miles and miles

a love so deep
it will overwhelm the oceans separating him and i
Written by
Miriam  Metro Manila
(Metro Manila)   
       Rosalind Heather Alexander, Zoe, Shang and Timothy
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