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Mikaela L Apr 2021
Everytime I come to this class,
She's there,
At the podium,
The room's empty,
It's only the two of us,
I- you-I
I just stare,
Repeat my answer in my head,
Just twice,
I've reformulated the sentence,
Now a paragraph long,
As I open my mouth,
Everything goes pitch black,
Then, we're back,
Lights on,
They're all here,
She looks at you,
As if the lights were always on,
She examines the room and quietly asks,
"Does anyone have anything to say?"
I-you-I say "I do,"
The lights go out.
This is literally how I feel everytime I come to this class!
Mikaela L Apr 2021
I feel numb,
Most of the time,
But then, again,
I'm asleep,
Most of the time,
Immersed in nightmares,
I saw you last night,
When I woke up,
I kept inspecting my sheets,
You were there,
In my dreams,
In my arms,
Wrapped in my purple sheets,
I kept looking,
All day,
Then, as I walked back home,
Something turned off,
I swear I felt it,
I just don't know what that something was.
Mikaela L Feb 2021
Eran las 9,10,11,4,5,6,
Colgué el teléfono,
No logro conseguir el sueño,
“Tu padre está triste,”
Por favor, ya no llames más,
“Se entrecorta la llamada,”
Tu madre no deja de pensar en ti,
“Voy bajo un túnel.”
  Dec 2020 Mikaela L
Lily Barrett
“You have to move, get up.”
“I don’t want to.”
“This is sad you need to get over yourself.”
“I’m broken, and I don’t think I can be fixed.”
“Then fake it. Get up and put on a smile.”
“It hurts too much; I just want to cry.”
“No crying! It’s not worth it.”
“But I just can’t let go…”
“You have to move on. It’s the only way.”
“Please, all I want is five minutes to let it all out.”
“You’re pathetic. Fine. Five minutes.”
“Thank you,” said the heart.
“You’re welcome,” said the mind.
And the heart and mind cried together.
Just for five minutes.
LHB 2019
Mikaela L Dec 2020
Seis meses con la culpa,
Tú eres responsable,
Te he pintado de culpable,
No lo he dudado ni un segundo,
La culpa la tengo yo.

No debí confiar,
Me pasa por el descuido,
Que he tenido,
No te pido que te disculpes,
Nunca lo vas a hacer,
Solo quiero ya decirte,
No importa,
No me importa,
De verdad.
Para alguien
Mikaela L Dec 2020
My dad drove me there,
Well, he didn't mean to,
He drove me around the city,
It was a purple afternoon,
An orange hue consumed it all,
The sky ended up looking grotesque,
And, there it was,
The ice cream shop,
6 PM,
Grandpa drove me there,
He got a cone,
I got a small cup with three scoops,
The whole thing's now for sale,
It stands still.
Early memories will always haunt us...
Mikaela L Dec 2020
I've been acting stupid,
I've been in bed,
Buried under pastel sheets,
Thinking of that time,
When I was so afraid of heights,
But I still put the harness on,
They pushed me into the woods,
Someone got stuck,
I kept going,
I kept acting stupid,
I laughed it off,
I shouldn't have.
I went ziplining...
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