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When you've grown up being
called a stranger wherever
you go, you learn to make
home of whatever ground
of little discomfort you
find, you play deaf to
insults and jeers
you hide your
tears and
yourself that
someday you'll
find a home for you
and teach yourself to
believe that lie because
the reality of truth's
too bitter for
you to take it
 Jun 2016 Mercurychyld
 Jun 2016 Mercurychyld
and i have never really understood why i hate luggage.
why i barely own handbags,
and would much rather fit the necessities in my purse.
why school didn't seem so bad if i had less books on my back.

i had never really understood why i hated so much baggage.

until i realised that it was because i already had all of me,
to carry.
Pour energy
into your

Write with intensity
so great
that if you held the page
from a mountain's peak
your words
would be mistaken
wow! I'm so honored to have been selected for the daily. I feel like there are far more deserving writers than I!
Thank you everyone for reading my work and all the lovely comments.
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 Apr 2016 Mercurychyld
You as a layman
May never experience this
And it is most likely
You won't
If you ever catch on fire
Remember the three rules I speak of now
          Don't panic, realize your situation, and that you can be okay though calm, concerted effort, don't run! Running only creates oxygen to fuel the flame
         Fall to the floor, even the very act of being on the floor smothers whatever part of you that is burning that hits the floor. And it is necessary to be on the floor to achieve the most important lesson being taught within my words
          Now that you are on the floor, pull out your telephone. Strike a pose, and take a selfie. Because for gods sake you are on fire, and you know that it can go viral. And really, dying by burning to death is worth it if you are able to entertain someone in doing so. Instagram will go crazy over you

And I suppose step four would be after you have a picture you like, then  roll to put the fire out. But most people never make it this far.
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