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13.4k · May 2015
Mercurychyld May 2015
Only you can translate
where you are
on your voyage through
this varied farce
called “life”.

No one else can dictate
to you…
or should even dare…
how to phrase
your feelings,
your thoughts,
your personal moments.

Who is anyone to
cause another to feel
inept or inferior
for wording their
experiences as they will?

We are all both
audience and poet,
consumed by the
powerful spell of words
and meaning
we are bonded
in ink.

It takes gumption
and courage
to give voice to
your vision of
the world.

It often requires
resilience and nerve
to open your heart
and peel back the
layers of skin,
and let others take
a long look at the
inner workings of YOU.

Be brave,
take courage,
let your soul speak
in its very own

People will read
your words and
listen to the sweet
and thunderous shouts
that flow from pens
and keys
to release the
inner demons and angels
and the lyrical
vines that bloom and live
in our individual

fluidly coursing from
our own rabbit holes
with fortitude and grace
and our neverlands,
where we need never
grow up,

to share with those
that need to see
and hear and feel
and wonder.

-by Mercurychyld
5.7k · Aug 2014
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
In conversation with my cousin,
she says, 'Oh my God, my
brother-in-law still remembers

as my cousin with the 'nice ***';
the 'hottie' from my wedding.

Still talking about me after
all these years, I see.
I couldn't help but think,
'wow, quite the first impression
I must make, or is it the
impression I leave BEHIND?'

and I felt the wheels spinning
in my mind, as they always do,
trying to decipher what the
appropriate response to
such an admission should be...
in this...particular...instance.

And I heard this voice in my
mind, shout, in its softest tone,
A...NICE...***, if you take
the time to know me.'

So I realize that I find
the observation anything but

Amusing, predictable,

But am I flattered, am I
even intrigued, or...
impressed, in the slightest?
Not at all.

For me, it is just...
inevitable entertainment,
among other things I
won't freely admit at this

But if, and when, I happen
to lose any components
of my identity,
I can always remember,
that if nothing else,
I am...

(not my name, or even
my fetching idiosyncracies,

the 'Hottie with the
nice ***', and
I wouldn't be able to help,
but smirk.

-by Mercurychyld
Compliment...or not?
3.0k · Sep 2014
Mercurychyld Sep 2014
A lone ship,
no particular direction,
thrusts forward and
pushes through,
fighting, often,
impenetrable waves.

Waves in constant rush,
pushing back,
slamming into its
outer walls,
never losing

In the distance,
a lighthouse makes
its presence known.

A vessel’s unfailing
a beacon of
safety and light;
a way back home.

Providing a path
out of the dark
and noxious waters,
this pharos,
with aid of buoys
of encouragement
throughout this heavy
provide a stability
not often recognized
by other ships
in the night.

Oh lighthouse,
bring me home
where roots of
benevolence grow
and branches of
may take hold.

Embellish promises
of provisions
and comfort,
as route to never
be lost in those
unenlightened waters

-by Mercurychyld
(Inspired by my Wolf…ALM)

3.0k · May 2015
~ JULY ~ (acrostic poem)
Mercurychyld May 2015
Just as summer releases its warm embrace
Ushering in beautiful colors and flavors,
Love blossoms in my heart once again, reborn.
Your memory, my son, consumes and embraces
me in its own warmth.

-by Mercurychyld
Copyrights 26 May 15

~ In memory of my Giovani, my beautiful
boy with wings ~ ❤️ ~
This was written for a contest on another poetry site. There were several challenges/styles to choose from, and I chose an acrostic poem about a particular month. The month of July; for me it's always so bitter-sweet.
1.8k · Feb 2015
Mercurychyld Feb 2015
Vibrant colors,
droves of faces,
quite the happy daze

Tepid gods,
vast oasis,
such euphoric haze

Visions sublime,
befuddled senses
precede the happy dance

Creativity sparked,
mother nature's dreaming,
find your totem in the trance

by Mercurychyld
1.7k · Nov 2015
Mercurychyld Nov 2015
I feel lonely
when you sleep.

I find myself walking
and pacing,
plagued by thoughts
and worries and
feelings of doom.

Wired yet empty,
as if some part of me
is missing or
ripped away.

Where did it go?
When will it be back?

Displaced, I am
obliged to search within
the trunk of memories
in my mind
and pick out a few
memories of you,
of us,
dust them off
and play them like
snippets of favorite

and for a little while
I can ignore the flood
of tearful melancholia
that creeps and stalks,
just waiting to drown me.

For a little while
I can think of you,
our silly laughs and giggles
and mutual goofiness…

and for that little while
I can smile.

(Ode to my beautiful sons)

-by Mercurychyld
Copyright 23 Nov 15
1.6k · Jan 2015
Mercurychyld Jan 2015
At times, the silence
feels as oppressive
as tar,
and just as dark.

When the family
members are gone,
be it to school or work
or wherever,

I take the opportunity
to let her out;
the little girl with
all the scars,
who lives inside…

of the walls,
in between the halls
of my very being.

She cautiously walks along,
and finds her spot
among the shadows.

There, she can
taste her fears,
and cry her tears…

with no one the wiser,
no witness to be found,
except the very
walls and halls,

but they can hold
a secret,
or a confession,
with the utmost

Standing at a distance,
I allow her her space…

space for expression,
respite from depression,
safety from oppression,
room for regression.

The clock keeps ticking;
it never slows or stops.

She knows the hour
will come for her to,
once again,
return to the place
in which only she

Holding on
(for dear life),
till the next chance
she’ll come out,
once again,

for an ever needed
from the tempermental
holds of our

-by Mercurychyld
Copyright 29 Jan 15
The much needed break we often need from life. A safe time/place to let it all out.
1.6k · Aug 2014
HAIKU (Toys)
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
Let us play today
It’s all about You and Me
Scented candles burn

Tease me like you do
A sweet agony endured
Minds devoid of Sense

Toys all meant for play
Fantasies will come to Life
Sighs will linger here.

Fetishes will rule
Inhibitions find no place
Among these ruins.

-by Mercurychyld
1.5k · Aug 2014
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
Among the silent,
halls of the mind,
there are pathways
one should seldom
roam, for, often,
the bitterest of
fruit grows between
the walls of an
intricate cognitive

I walk the very
walkways that will
either lead me to
self-destruction or
to enlightenment
and divinity.

I walk quietly,
tiptoeing around
certain memories,
so as not to awaken
them from their
slumber, and
incur their wrath.

I walk on glass
footsteps, as the
shards make their
way in through
broken arches,
in search of a place
to call home,
among the ruins of
a broken spirit
and a bludgeoned,
weeping heart.

Such is love and life
and the ever present
shadow of remembrance,
and still I walk,
leaving scarlet
footprints along
the way...

to remember
where I've been.

-by Mercurychyld
1.5k · Aug 2014
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
A place in the country is where I'll retreat.
A place in the country is where two will meet.
A place in the country is where I'll find peace.
A place in the country is where all stress will cease
Let's rest a while, you and I.
Let's lock away grief and worry.
Let's rest a while, you and I.
Life just goes by in such a hurry.

-by Mercurychyld
Mercurychyld Jul 2014
I will end this.
I will end this...Now!

I will escape your
Covert manipulations.

Under the guise of
“This is for your
Own good” or
“I have the solution.
My way is best”,
You plant rancid
Seeds of cunning
Deceit, and reap
My resentment.

You think your
Will make me
Feel powerless,
And lead to my

How wrong
You are;
How you

Surprised you
Didn’t I?

I am fully grown
And i’ve survived
Other devils
Uglier and sicker
Than you.

Marriage is but
Another cage...
A gilded cage,
Covered in false
And grandiose lies,
And empty words...
Of l-o-v-e.

The fragile,
Broken shell
Of a girl I used
To be is no longer

This day,
This time,
This moment
I would take
3 steps back,
And quietly
Slither away,
Like the snake
You are.

No longer tethered
To you.
No more platinum
Chains to
Choke me


I no longer

I have nothing
To lose.
I’m a danger...
To you.

So today,
My ‘friendly’ advice
To you is...

Heed my warning,
‘Cause I’ll only
Say this once...

Step the f**k

The claws are out,
The fangs are bared,
And I dare you...

Come closer...
I won’t bite
(Only rip out
Your jugular).

I promise!

(She said with
A wicked grin)

~by Mercurychyld
Copyright 24 july 14
This is colored by a very bad time in a relationship.
1.3k · Jun 2015
Mercurychyld Jun 2015
Who could’ve thought…
certainly not me…
how the fires of love
would burn so intensely,
and consume me
in the miniscule span
of three precious weeks.

Actually though,
it was longer;
it began
eight months earlier;
before the final
three weeks of  your
most cherished life.

It was before I
tenderly touched
your fragile skin,
so paper thin,
and looked into those
beautiful amber eyes,
when you’d open them.

My own amber eyes
looking back at me.
You were my mirror
and I had no idea, then,
just what I’d see,
or what YOU could see
as you looked right
into me.

You, my little one,
showed me a part of
myself I never thought
before you.

If I hadn’t held you
for the treasured
time allowed,
if I hadn’t felt you
with my own skin,
seen you with my
own eyes,
reached out with my
own heart,
or enveloped you with
my own mind,
I wouldn’t have believed
how much the fickle
fires of the heart could
grow, expand and
utterly consume me,
in the span of those
three precious weeks.

The moment you exhaled
your last little breath
and died in my arms,
you took a piece of
my very soul
with you.

Keep it safe, my love.
You planted it deep
within you long ago,
allowing it to grow.

I love you always,
of that never, ever doubt…
till we meet again
my treasured
first born.

I missed you then,
I miss you still,
and for forever
always will.

-by Mercurychyld

~ In remembrance of my
Giovani, born and died
14 years ago this 5th
of July. Never forgotten.~
Most others have forgotten or put it out of their minds...but a mother never can. I will forever be marked. I wouldn't have it any other way.
1.3k · Aug 2014
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
Demagogues of our society; daftly delivering
disarming delusions of decrepit delights.
Dealing in powder, rock and liquid death,
demurely doled out in droves to the
willing unconscious, dysfunctional deviants
of the land.

Blindly offering devotions, flaccid devotions
to plastic, white collar deities; giving new
definition to internal deformity, through
decelerated dejection.

Desperate and emotionally dismembered,
defrauded by quick, cheap decadence,
debauchery, and mental decay in many
deliriously delicious forms...pick a flavor,
name your poison!

Delegate your defect, as those with
doctoral degrees in defunct traditions
do deviously delineate their demented
designs...for our future.

Perhaps, but in fact, it is we
who sniff, inject and drink up their drivel,
decidedly and dutifully depleted of
intellect by way of dubious data.

Duplicitous dullards...sanitize and
deodorize their fiendish we,
WE do nothing!

Not enough of us dumbfounded or
dumbstruck by their deceitful smiles.
Full of dread and deep dismay, by
the statutes of the day...I, for one,
will dream of better days, when we
shall defeat these diabolical demons.

But for now, down beaten, downtrodden;
we will continue to be denigrated for
the duration.
Clever dissection; dumb as they want you
to be,
disparity of all creativity...individuality...
and all of your rights...controversially.
Our disgruntled displeasure
fall on dormant hearts...and we,
debilitated and daunted, lives dismantled,
are now forever haunted, by our freedoms days we could question
their smiling lies.

Demagogues; Big Brother...such delinquents
dosing up the masses with a deluge of powder,
rock sedation and liquid elation...pick your flavor,
name your poison.

At the end of the day WE are ONE...duped,
defaced, defeated...and to continue on this
road, our final denouement will come
disturbingly DEATH!

-by Mercurychyld
Inspired by a movie I once saw.
1.3k · Sep 2014
Mercurychyld Sep 2014
That Pillow...if it could speak,
would have all too much to say.

It would drown your very ears
with stories of fears.

It would count, for you, the lost numbers
of tears that have been shed,
but never wiped away,
just dried up slowly, instead.

That Pillow...if it could speak,
what would it say?
How many dreams and secrets
would it betray?

Ahh, but that tender Pillow of mine,
it would never cross that line,

For it is always there...eager to bend...
for me,
and always to lend...
itself, as my friend, you see.

That serves me quite well,
and though there is always much to tell...
I know it will never sell...
me...out like that.

Discarding judgement, it takes it all in...
both virtue and sin.

Soft confidante as well as confessor,
putting up with the aggressor.

Never questioning a word or thought,
or the torment of inquiries sought.

Oh...that sweet Pillow; it knows me too well,
And a true friend indeed;
veiling inner stirrings and secret stories...
and it shall never tell.

-by Mercurychyld
Secrets only pillows and walls know. The few that can be truly trusted with all that encompasses you...with no judgement.
1.2k · Aug 2014
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
He is the painter,
painting images of
desperate desire
and vistas of love
and secret knowledge,
upon her skin.

Each patient and
skillful brushstroke,
weaves obscure
and cryptic symbols
in subtle, vibrant
tones upon the
supple texture of
her curving form.

She is a leather bound
swelling with promise
of verses and poems
yet to be birthed.

He is the quill,
his ink flowing
spilling fertile words...

filling her every page.

-by Mercurychyld
1.1k · Sep 2014
Mercurychyld Sep 2014
Atop a hill
most glorious and tall,
you stand as constant
reminder of
judgement for all.

Primordial symbol
of ancient tradition
and the God-given right
to practice volition.

Infinite laws and rules
serve as soul's taxation,
but in the end, most of
those will not purchase,
for us, our ultimate

-by Mercurychyld
Re: the symbol of the cross
1.1k · Mar 2015
Mercurychyld Mar 2015
I see what you're doing; I know what you are.
Seen you travel some distance through
this lyrical bar.

I know your particular flavor,
as you 'give' yet leave nothing
to savor.

Did you say it all...did you feed your
callous need?
As your 'so called' critiques and comments
just left another to bleed?

How 'brave' you are behind your avatar,
but you see,
You've done little, if anything, to honestly
impress me.

You use your lack of diplomatic restraint
to simply crush spirits and leave behind
a dark, bitter taint.

Did you say all you needed, does is make
you feel better?
To ruffle thin feathers; crippling feelings

I know what you're doing; I could BE you,
if I very well wanted to!

The bile and power of your word,
leaves poor souls understanding
that their thoughts and opinions, to you,
are absurd.

Time after time I read your insolent speeches
on many a blog,
as you spew forth your 'wisdom', dispensing
a high voltage flog.

I know what you're doing; I could BE you,
if I very well wanted to!

Unlike YOU, 'friend', I prefer to pay visits
and leave a word of kindness;
never leaving them with lyrical blindness.

Sometimes I may read, and have nothing
to say...if their words overwhelm, hit a nerve,
or inspire my mind to a place of
recognition...far, far away.

I just felt this deep need to express,
how you're grating on my nerves;
with your sour, evil comments
just disguised as 'clever words'.

Go on now, my 'friend', try to pen
words that INSPIRE...
I promise I'll be kind, even as
I unleash my fire...
unto the likes of you...
such a mean spirited shrew!

So next time, give great thought
to your comment before you click away,
'cause I know many a great poet here,
that by YOUR cold, pathetic words...
will NOT be chased away!

-by Mercurychyld
Dedicated to Elsa Angelica, and all of those who've ever had to deal with harsh words in regard to something you've written. Never stop writing friends.
1.1k · Aug 2014
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
Between earth and sky
is where I abide.

Grass grows beneath my
feet and inbetween
moments of deep thought,
longings and unuttered

as I sit, communing
with the trees

and for a while, just
doing as they do...

just simply 'being',
no matter what

as they hold majestic
limbs up
toward the heavens

in adoration or

And that is but
speculation or
on my part.

I sit, quietly,
somewhere between
this moment
and tomorrow

and wonder those
simple, complex
questions of old...

What does it all mean,
in the end?
What price do we pay
for passion or apathy?
Why are we here?

In my mind
worlds collide, die
and begin again

and this most
encumbered heart
still holds hope
by the throat,
refusing, yet, to
let go.

Between earth and sky
is where I abide.

That is where
you'll find me.

Full to the brim,
with questions,
wild, vibrant dreams,
and a never ending
of wonder.

-by Mercurychyld
971 · Aug 2014
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
Life throws
live bombs at you;
manipulation by
‘so called’
loved ones,
betrayal of trust,
****** of innocense,

all contributing
to the grand design
and creation of a
sorrowful, raging monster;
a special breed.

You come to
discover and sharpen
the only real
you possess…


These words
become like machetes,
cutting and chopping
through bone.

These words
become the lethal
bullets that
deep into the
crevices of
heart and mind.

within the vast
depth of yourself
you find a strength
and courage,
in between
the layers of
rusted scars,

creating a new
one who will
stand up for you,
when your fragile

This creature
takes the brunt
of the hurt
and fear
directed your

Those that pretend
to love you,
yet cause only harm,
witness this savior
you’ve borne,
and have the nerve
to be offended.

Often these
find it quite
entertaining to
watch and listen

as you tear
another apart.

That is,
until you turn,
and point your revolver…

at THEM.

Bang! Bang! goes
that gun,
and down they go,
by your own hand,
and you can
only offer up
an amused grin…

as they
bite the bullet!

~ by Mercurychyld
Retaliation, revenge, Karma
940 · Aug 2014
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
Organizing his school bag,
my son found a
Mother’s day card
he forgot to give me.

He apologized and
handed it to me
with a look of
pride and love
in his eyes.

I hugged him,
while struggling
so my own eyes
wouldn’t water over.

I walked back to
my room, and sat
next to my husband;
another loving soul,
and suddenly
it hit me
like a freight train...

an Epiphany.
In a matter of seconds
it all flashed
before me,
mere seconds,
that told me
SO much.

I realized that
how I was raised,
growing up in a
constant state of
fear and quiet rage,
I was led to believe
I wasn’t special
or worthwhile.

MY thoughts
and feelings
had no meaning
or place,
to anyone.

Self love
and Peace...
all ripped
from me.

Believing the Lies
that I would never
be or accomplish anything;
would NEVER be good
was WRONG for just
I lived only a half life.

but never LIVING.

I longed for all
the things I never had;
all those beautiful
vocabulary words
and adjectives
I never understood.
Nothing tangible,
but more
and abstract.

Now, as I looked around,
I saw what I had,
and it scared and
unnerved me,
yet made my eyes
glisten with tears
of realization.

that I now had
my ‘Family’
who ‘Accepted’
everything about me,
and seemed to
‘Love’ me,

What do you do
with that?
How do you deal?

I don’t have
a perfect or age-old
wise answer.

All I can say is,
that door which was
slammed shut
and locked in my
early life,
was now wide open,
and Love
walked through,

Maybe this time
it’s here
to stay.

-by Mercurychyld
About learning to recognize the good and beautiful in your life, no matter what the awful, destructive naysayers may try to have you believe. F**k'em!
918 · Sep 2014
Mercurychyld Sep 2014
Woman: “I know you’re there, I always know,
                  so please, come out.
                  We have so much to talk about.”

Child: “I’m just always scared and alone, it
             really hurts to be me.
             All I am is everything they don’t want
             me to be.”

Woman: “You missed out on so much care and
                  affection, but now we can help each
                   other find the right path and direction.”

Child: “Oh, it’s ok.
             I’m never good enough.
             Guess I never really deserved
             love or affection anyway.”

Woman: “Please don’t say that, don’t let’em
                  convince you that **** drivel is
                  I’ve known you well, always, and I
                  truly DO...Love you.”

Child: “No matter how I tried, I could never
             please, or do ANYTHING right.
             I’m just SO tired of this fight.”

Woman:” I know, my fragile child, that’s why
                  I’m still learning to be
                  everything you need and needed,
                  you see?
                  Because, my little one, we must
                  both realize and always remember
                  that we are never quite alone...

                  ‘cause I am YOU, and you are ME!”

-by Mercurychyld
* Note to Self *
895 · Aug 2014
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
As I sit and watch the leaves
falling off the branches of trees
I can't help but wonder how it would be
to have our most painful memories just fall away.. like withering leaves.
But then I remember that it is there, in the midst of
painful moments,
when we crash against those immovable rocks that the most resilient of character in us is
coaxed out of the darkness
and brought forth...
into the light.

By Mercurychyld
Sad memories, falling away likes leaves.
889 · Feb 2015
Mercurychyld Feb 2015
The truth lies
not in her eyes,
for she learned
long ago
how to forge
desperate lies.

It's as she was
conditioned to do...
to tell lies
with her eyes,
and beguile
with her smile.

The truth lies
not in her eyes,
but if you must know
just where her
verity dwells...

it's in her voice...

the timber,
the rhythm,
the words,
the whispers
in the sound.

It's in her voice
that her truth
will be found.

Can you hear it?

By Mercurychyld
867 · Aug 2014
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
I see,
I know,
I feel,
I recognize your pain.

All that you attempt to hide
from the world is a gloriously
open book...for me.

For, you see, I live in that
same pain as well.

We are neighbors, you
and I, though you
don't seem to know it.

We share adjoining rooms bookends,
holding up the spined
volumes of our
injured, fragile

But no fear,
for what I've seen
and all I know..of you...
will never leave my
sight and will never
be discarded or
disclosed to others
who will never,
could never...
truly understand.

You mean more to me
than even I dare admit,
and you always inspire
worlds of thought,
as you have carved
yourself a unique
space in this tattered
and I will protect this
'gift' of you...

as long as I draw breath.

-by Mercurychyld
859 · Feb 2016
HAIKU (Anxiety)
Mercurychyld Feb 2016
She walks in circles
ever confused in this life
in the grips of fear.

~ by Mercurychyld
(Aka Maria E Labbe)
Copyright 22 Feb 16
850 · Oct 2015
Mercurychyld Oct 2015
the words drop
from fingertips,
climbing over each
other like playful

the words flow
quietly, gently,
like soft waters in
a whispering pond.

the words burst out,
roaring like mighty
sparking the sky
like brilliant

the words spill out,
like scalding lava,
scorching and setting
aflame all in their wake.

the words latch on
with fangs,
suckling the life
force from its
intended victim.

the words infuse
thought and passion
into the bloodstream,
like a ***** *******,
euphoric bliss.

the words sit back,
silently observing
for the need
to birth the cries
of the heavy heart

releasing an ocean
of emotion…

and drowning
the world.

-by Mercurychyld
Copyright 16 Oct. 2015
838 · Mar 2015
Mercurychyld Mar 2015
Your strength
and delicate resilience
showers us with hope,
love and deep thought.

As you fly high above,
the sound of your
mighty wings serves
as a reminder and
a healing…for your soul…
for ours…for those
beautiful, fragile ones
that shall endure
long after.

Your shining legacy
will live on, past any
of us, and
your strength shall
fly on eternity’s wings
into tomorrow, and
in the meantime,
our hearts fly
with you.

God bless you Carmen,
and all the ‘Carmens’
in the world!

-by Mercurychyld

*Written a few years ago, to be included with other
Poets words, dedicated to a victim of violence, **** and domestic abuse who was terribly burned and suffered immensely. This poem, and others, was collected in a poetry book for the victim: Carmen
#assault  #**** #domestic violence #hope #resilience
837 · Aug 2014
~ RAIN ~
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
There are days
when the rain seems
like nothing more
than inconvenience,
and puddles, messes,
and noise.

More often than not, though,
the rain has been a friend,
a companion of sorts.

It has lessened the
loneliness in moments
of grief and despair,
as it shared in
and silent tears.

It has covered me
like a warm blanket,
as it washed away
the fears.

More often than not,
the rain has been
a path to renewal,
a baptism most sacred.

Even the melody
and timber of the rain
has often soothed me,
like white noise
can comfort a
restless child.

The rain can consume
and wash out
and drown,
pushing unwanted
memories and dreams
down an any-named road,
for miles and miles.

For me, more often
than not,
it provides shroud
and cover from the sun’s
intense heat,
inspiring gratitude
and most joyful

~ by Mercurychyld
836 · Aug 2014
Mercurychyld Aug 2014

Let us go,
you and I

down into
the rabbit hole.

Let me be...
your filling dessert,
your wicked garden.

Pluck the thorny rose
and warm the frigid
with the warmth of
your honey wine.

my silvery
dark prince
in that vase
field of gold.

As your lips,
the heat of your
the timber of your
whispered sweet
your skillful hands,
and the story in
your eyes...
send chills of ecstasy
down my spine

and impassioned fumes
besiege my mind.

Let me..
get under your skin,

Let me...
****** you..
from within.

Take my hand,
follow me

together we'll be

You and I,
together as one
shall go...

down, into
the rabbit hole.

-by Mercurychyld
807 · Aug 2014
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
Along with centuries,
decades, years,
days and moments
I stand,
tall, majestic, in spite
of weathered skin.

I have endured
the monotany of
immobile time, deep gashes,
buzz saws ripping
into my flesh,
carved into my

Creatures and beasts
of all walks of life,
have made a home
of me,
pushing, pulling
and bending branches,
causing pains,
oblivious to the
harm inflicted.

Either way
I stand,
tall and majestic,
in spite of insult
and injury.

I am that old
oak tree,
and my roots have
found their place,
gripping the fragile earth;
the raw embodiment
of determination,
no matter the weather,
no matter the punishments
nature can impose.

I stand,
tall and majestic,
like only an
old oak tree

~ by Mercurychyld
787 · Mar 2015
Mercurychyld Mar 2015
Long ago,
seems a century ago now,
I came upon what I
thought was a jewel
in the sand;

a diamond in the rough.
The most valuable jewel
I possessed,
one day I took a
closer look and discovered
my diamond was not
a diamond at all,
or any kind of precious stone.

It had lost its luster
and in my hand all I had
was a broken piece of glass,

it cut me.

-by Mercurychyld
* I wrote this years ago, while going through a betrayal then a divorce. It's been reworked a bit from its original.*
767 · Sep 2014
Mercurychyld Sep 2014
no Elation,
compounded by
the heavy hand.

truth set
Aside...consolation banned.

no Edifying,
Defying, while I,
some day...must take a stand.

then a friend to
I Transcend,
lividity's End,
peace will life to expand.

~ Conclusion ~

lessons acquired
and generously

-by Mercurychyld
Just trying to describe with the least amount of descriptive, and rhyming, words. ; )
740 · Aug 2014
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
She was neglected
and invisible for so long
in this wild, overgrown
garden, where she lived
out her days.

No longer having a reason
to shine, she slipped into
apathy and simply stopped
resisting as her petals began to
fall and her leaves began
to falter.

With her young buds in tow
she concentrated all her
attention onto them, thus
attempting to dilute and
bury her own hidden

Her name, was Lily of
the Valley, and she had
forgotten how to proudly
hold up her majestic
blades and bask in the
sun's nurturing warmth.

Till one day, when she
began to receive anonymous
inked encouragement from
an admirer from a
neighboring flower patch.

She'd never seen his face,
never shared a drop of
rain water, yet, with the
passing of each day, his
words inspired her and
she remembered what it
felt like to be acknowledged
and adored, for her mind,
as well as for her fragrance
and beauty.

His name was Narcissus,
and his endearing and
sensuous verses mesmerized
her, and once again, her
beauty began to fluoresce,
for all the garden to see.
The account of which the
grape vines would duly
spread, with uncommon

Her bulbs took on the luster
of silken pearls...and her
fragrance, took on a
scintillating aroma that
swam along the waves of
every breeze.

Her name, was Lily of the
Valley, and Narcissus was
the virile flower that stole
her heart...and restored
her reason to bloom.

-by Mercurychyld
735 · Aug 2014
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
I dream a peaceful dream,
a hopeful dream of a life
with no more desolation
of our collective

As lessons having been
painfully learned, we
cast away all
self-righteousness and
hedonistic insanity.

For I still believe we need
and will eventually gain
a new world of true
fellowship and illumination.

For myself and so many
others this is our goal,
our selfless hope, and
our final destination.

-by Mercurychyld
This is MY Dream.
735 · May 2015
Mercurychyld May 2015
Floating from moment
to moment,
the red balloon
travels through and past
every phase of life,
never staying long
in one spot.

It was made for this
to fly and soar
in the atmosphere,
wandering, observing
and wildly free.

At times, it longs
for an anchor
to hold onto for a while
and be still.

It knows no other way.
Always alone,
even in the midst of
others of its kind.

The red ballon
endures its long
journey alone,
plagued by its
difference and

Ever unknowable
and misunderstood;
an enigma for the ages,
full of mystery
and longing.

It floats along,
collecting memories
and stories,
often dreaming of
finding anchor,
of reaching peace
and discovering
its true home.

-by Mercurychyld
Copyrights 22 May 15
734 · Aug 2014
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
Many decades ago you chose
to walk away.
And even as I wished and
prayed for otherwise,
I would not stay.

Too many times as I endured
my hardships and cried
lonely tears,
I swore in my heart, if Papa
were here, for sure, he'd
chase away my fears.

But you were never there to
swathe or console me,
as the painful, sordid events
in this life stood to chain
and control me.

Mama's 'men' came and went,
but not before each cut deep
scars into the bark of my soul.
Deadly, wild parties were had,
no fairy tales here to extol.

What I truly wanted...needed
from You, Papa, would have
cost not one dime;
all I ever really wanted...needed
from You, Papa, was nothing
less, nothing more than...
your TIME.

There is just SO much more
this torn heart wants to say,
but alas, my spirit, so tired,
so frayed, chooses instead
to tuck away the words...
for another day.

-by Mercurychyld
Ode to my (deadbeat) dad, but I hold no hatred or grudges...anymore. I even kinda love the man...go figure.
702 · Sep 2015
Mercurychyld Sep 2015
The days are getting darker and cloudier now,
like a metaphor for where my spirit is.
I feel the tentacles of depression taking hold,
quietly slithering, one by one, around my throat,
squeezing the smiles and laughter and happy
thoughts away.
Nothing gives me joy, not even the usual pleasures.
The music has taken on a sad and menacing tone,
reminding me that depression is, once again, a most
unwanted yet insistent guest.
669 · Sep 2014
Mercurychyld Sep 2014
I stood back, and simply silence..
as you went searching..
for me.

You searched everywhere,
high and low,
at every park,
in every bar,
through every store,
each passing car.

No stone did you leave
and I, stood back and
simply you searched
and searched..for me.

What you failed to
realize, as you
stepped all over reason,
and passed by every
was that I was there,
right there,
the whole entire time.

Always near,
never apart.

I was always there...
right under the surface
of your rhythmic,
beating heart.

-by Mercurychyld
For my Love. ~ ☀️ ~
666 · Aug 2014
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
That fluffy little kitty cat,
on the window sill she sat.

She licked and cleaned and groomed her hair,
just living life without a care.

Her daily thoughts were simple and pure,
of meals and treats, and she, demure.

Never did she bother thinking
that our days upon this earth were shrinking.

Seldom did she dream of love,
or of flying creatures just above.

That kitty cat, she walks the line.
Cool kitty cat, and she’s all mine.

-by Mercurychyld
No idea where the inspiration for this one came. Just me being silly. I do that a lot, lol. ; )
656 · Sep 2014
Mercurychyld Sep 2014
The sun wakens
and shines upon
weary eyes, and
grins softly to
itself as it hears
the countless bids
for 'just a few...

The day begins
with the usual
hustle and bustle,
and the yawning
pleas to the gods
of tea and java.

But then...
the night envelops
the land, and while
most do sleep...
the others come
out to dance by
the light of the
goddess moon.

The memories of
yesterday and a
long gone today
frolic 'round the
playground of
the mind.

As daylight stirs,
the voices slumber
as life's many
distractions take

but then..the night
draws out the silent
tears and the wails
of the deepest heart
that you dare not
reveal by the light
of day

and when all else is
asleep, the children
of the tender night
step out from
shadows for we
all know...
the night always

-by Mercurychyld
655 · Aug 2014
HAIKU (Aging)
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
Snap, Crackle and Pop
Muscles flap and Joints will creak
The music begins.

-by Mercurychyld
632 · Sep 2016
Mercurychyld Sep 2016
It is an imposing
and intrusive realization
that sorrow and
righteous fury
take a hold of the
psyche and the soul
in places where most
would not allow
even God or His angels
to tread.

by- Mercurychyld
Copyright 31 Aug. 2016
624 · Aug 2014
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
The great Moon rises
a phoenix ascends from ash
a cold heart ignites.

-by Mercurychyld
Copyright 8 Aug. 14
615 · Sep 2014
Mercurychyld Sep 2014
You see it coming,
for you,
or perhaps you don’t.

Either way
it comes full force,
burning everyone
and everything
in its wake
(in its way),
like Lava;
till it reaches your feet.

It reaches you,
hissing at your heels,
but you continue
walking down
and over
along determined

Others attempt
to run,
falling at your feet,
while they smoke
and hiss,
and death wraps
its tendril-like fingers
around their
many never
get away.

Lethal, angry
winds threaten,
calling out
your undoing,
you champion

You’ve always
known this path,
drudging on
sometimes with
energy and
tenacious need...
to go on
and make
good time
to wherever
you’re ultimately
many times
not even knowing

yet persistence
wins out
as you diligently
force your feet
to keep moving...
never back.

but resolute,
you can’t see more
than three feet
in front of you,
often times
your poor vision
playing tricks
on you...

You can’t see
too far ahead,
but some voice
deep inside
tells you,
coaxes you,
to keep legs moving
and eyes front
and forward,
never back,
till you
finally arrive.

Seeing for the
first time,
with new,
clear vision,
that this walk
was purposeful
and not in vain.

This arduous hike
through storms,
enduring the
violent debris,
was not without
rhyme or reason...

it was a
journey as,
on this often
harried trek,
you found
nothing more
and nothing
less than...

who you are
and what you were
always meant to be,
and now
you’ll get to shine,
wild and bright

for all to see.

-by Mercurychyld
Re: the often long, difficult path through life and old habits.
614 · Sep 2014
Mercurychyld Sep 2014
Welcome to his world
where he reigns supreme.

Hovering over you,
sprinkling seeds of dreams,
watching them blossom,
as he just steps back.

Daylight has nothing
on the mystical Night.

The night is wrought
with dreams,
both good and bad,
chasing images and places,
people and things
which only make sense…

under the Sandman’s veil.

Lions with purple afros,
Fairies wearing combat
boots and wings,
******, adventures
upside down,
spiritual entities
floating in the middle
of a citrine
crystal sea.

These are but a few things
we may see in dreams,
under dancing eyelids,
under cover of dark.

We step into a world
where the odd and
cryptic and usually strange
are nothing
but the norm.

A world where
flying elephants
who sit a while to chat,
are never cause to
bat an eyelash…

until you awaken.

The hustle and bustle
during hours of the sun,
come to a close
at the end of days

Daylight has nothing
on the mystical Night.

-by Mercurychyld
* Ode to the world of sleep and dreams. *
605 · Jun 2015
Mercurychyld Jun 2015
Compelled by the wind
set adrift alone at sea
my heart finds no ease

A lost soul cries out
loudest silence ever heard
falling on deaf ears

The semblance of youth
a clock ticking life away
a heart torn apart

-by Mercurychyld
603 · Aug 2014
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
The morning comes
and the alarm sounds,
alerting me that its
time to get up
and begin our
morning routine.

First day
of the new
school year.

I watch as
my sons get
eat breakfast,
and ready for
their first day.

Nerves are rumbling
in little stomachs,
but, there is also
a sense of excitement
at the thought of
seeing old friends.

This day reminds me
of renewal,
and the beginning,
ending, a new beginning
of stories and chapters
already lived,
and stories yet to be
played out
on life’s
proverbial stage.

They are my heros,
my little ones,
in more ways
than one.

I only pray
their first day
is better than
mine used to be,
growing up.

They are not
as awkward or shy
or broken,
full of attacks of
nerves and anxiety,

almost to the point
of crippling,
or doubling over
with stomach pains,
all from the stress...

of the first
day of school.

-by Mercurychyld
596 · Aug 2014
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
"Oh, come away with me
to a land where you'll be free;
a place where all can achieve
if you only just believe.

Follow me, my friend,
take this journey to the end.
Take my hand and you will see
just how much you mean to me.

As its beauty you inhale, you'll
not desire to go back,
to that place of woe from whence
you came,
a place riddled by such lack.

So take my hand and soon you'll be
in a picturesque land of great jubilee,
where there's never need to beg
or borrow,
and no one ever worries
for tomorrow."

Said the spider to the fly
just before its time to die....

~ Lol!~

-by Mercurychyld
Don't judge a book by its cover, or charming ways.
596 · Jul 2014
Mercurychyld Jul 2014
Why do you bother
Coming here?

I look into your eyes
and all I see is
a wall,
a dark, impenetrable
and looking at you
while you look back
at me,
seemingly burning
a black hole
into me…
just hurts.

It hurts
like nothing else.
It’s a realm of hurt
all its own.

It’s a different hurt
than when my
son died,
my first son,
and I thought that
was the worst
it could ever get.

It hurts differently
than when ‘he’
and ripped
my ****** heart
out from the roots,
leaving a crimson hole,
an immeasurable
for all the world
to see.

This hurt,
it belongs high up
on a pedestal of pain,
so I can see it
again and again,
while it laughs
and glares down
at me,

with those dark,
impenetrable eyes,
just to watch me
tremble and weep

for this great hurt
that reaches so
**** far
and deep.

~ by Mercurychyld
Copyright 26 July14
595 · Aug 2014
HAIKU (Enraptured)
Mercurychyld Aug 2014
Lips to Lips consumed
Drink of the flowing nectar
Pouring out for you

Eyes linger on curves
Landscape feeds a mutual need
Enraptured with Want

Hand in Hand we walk
Side by side in Desire
Ecstacy and Bliss

-by Mercurychyld
* For my Wolf*
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