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I think my favorite part was when he caressed my lips with the tip of his thumb

so slowly,
so affectionately,
so passionately,
showing the longing he wanted.

"I wish nights were often more like this.."

but that's just the adrenaline talking,
no sense of judgement to clarify things
no sense of direction..
both just taking it.. for what it is,
an adventure.

and lustful.

everything wrapped all in one.
Never would I have ever came across writing something about this particular guy.. much less feel anything..
 Sep 2016 FrostedMustang
Tessa F
You make knots in my throat
So big I can't breathe.
At least treat her better than me.
 Sep 2016 FrostedMustang
Tessa F
The worst part
Is that I can feel it happening.
I can see it coming.
The aching, scratching, crawling beneath my skin
My gut dragging itself up and out
Through my lungs
I can't breathe like this for long.
I know by now the limited time
My tired spine can hold me
This hollowed-out version of myself.
*I just wish I didn't feel so at home here.
But you say "I love you" to every girl you meet
And that really isn't love,
Just because you are lonely
And what's sad about that is -
You'll never really feel "love"
Because she leaves or you leave
And you're back on the desperate hunt for a new
"I love you"
And this cycle repeats
Love doesn't die when a person walks away
Love is a stitch in the chest that remains
It can't quite ever go away
And I think you know this, but -
You are too scared to be alone
Too scared to live without a love
So jump and jump from this love to that one
I think you are scared because you know
That you can't ever love yourself
sort of old-ish.
 Jan 2016 FrostedMustang
you offered hope
for a new beginning
then ran away

you seemed sincere
sharing kind words
then ran away

I'll never understand
your  selected choice
you ran away

you gave no explanation
just left me here
you ran away

Birdman 08/28
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