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 14h Mari

we regret to inform you that your coat has been stolen and
your scarf is warming up the neck you wish your hands would

we also regret to inform you that your lover is leaving you
and you will never see them again


he said i lied to you she said i like you too and now
like everyone else he sees her face in everyone else
yeah he knows this song but she’ll leave him anyways
since that boy was foolish and the girl couldn’t help
that hers was a face of neon ignorant enough to look at him


there are so many things that i want to do to you but i guess
i’ll just eat your stale cookies and imagine pulling your hair
the glitter in your eyes tells me everything i need to know &
i’m sorry but the lipstick on your face looks better on mine
it tastes like december cold and glühwein in union square
now tell me

why is it so easy to picture you as the mother of my child?


sick with the fleeting beauty
bless this breeze ephemeral
until it knocks us down weak
so we can learn to say grace

silver sinned bavaria
dream in blonde and leopard print
heavy hearts foam at the mouth
dead until we bleed again


i have chosen the moment i held you in my arms
as the moment i’d like to live in forever
Find me in the meadow
Sprawled out amongst
The drunken breeze

Where the moon glows
Brighter than the sun
Illuminating the crowded
Landscape where only
Rampant thoughts grow

And the poet’s flow
Sounds more like
The ramblings of a
Soon to be madman

Crazed by the nature of our
Two fates intertwining
But never touching
What’s hidden behind
The winds
silent kiss

Lies a
Sacred jewel

A perfect stranger
Swaying in the
Romance of the
Nights silky mist
Couldn't think of a title
Brain died
 6d Mari
She pulls up her hand
Stands on the toes of one foot

Drops appear on the ground
She falls with grace
Hands extended
Bowed forward to the audience

Tears stream down her face
The empty seats stare back
The room is bared to the sky
The roof is gone

The rain starts slow then fast
Her tears
The raindrops
The empty audience

She pulls herself up
Stands on both feet

The tears and the rain
She drowns under the gray sky
She picks her way through ruins
She walks along battered streets

At the end
She lifts her hand
She waves
She spins

She leaves.
 6d Mari
 6d Mari
I deny any touch
Ice cold metal
A stiff collar
Around my throat
Here I choke
On my lies
I pity the fool
That ever believed me
Snot in my nose
Runs into my mouth
Pain is not penance enough
But I am not god
Or even wise
Only humbled
Against restraints
That allow me
No more than
A fingers breath of air
The night will take me
As her own
Before morning
Can even set a wage
What is the market for souls
When I am only a host
For such gentle chaos
Rage within me
All the deplorable things
I will not last
But how beautifully
I will burn
Making way
Before the coming of the sun
 6d Mari
My throat narrows
Vision tunnels
At the sight of you

I am flightless
Beneath the sky
At the mercy
Of a breaking dawn

Have I always been
Shallow waters
Against your ocean trenches
We will go out
With the tide

The smooth rocks
Upon the shore
Will murmur
Of our devotion

Until they too are sand
 7d Mari
Da Ra
 7d Mari
Da Ra
It might be said:

Heart trembling,
Breaking in the midst of it all.
He lost her
She forgot him,
I stand in the middle, from ear to ear
Listening to twisted voices,
Scratched throats,
And a sea for tears dripping down their eyes
As droplets of water filter down broken drains.
I didn't feel their hearts,
I didn't sense the trembling,
The aching,
The breaking.
I forgot to look in the mirror.
 7d Mari
 7d Mari
I feel deep again

The thinner air
At the bottom
Of the gulley

I do not remember
The taste of fresh air
Nor will it return to me
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