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  May 2014 MariaLoves
A Rose raised
in the protective shade
of a mighty Oak,
no matter how well
nourished and loved,
will never bloom.

Her delicate petals
must defy the beating drops
of an angry Sky
in order to bathe
in the golden rays
of her birthright.

Step aside
and let her thrive!
My thoughts about how over-protective Fathers treat their Daughters for no good reason.
  May 2014 MariaLoves
You lit me up
and took the first long drag
of my innocence.

I felt so alive!

I burned with orange
and red intensity
as you inhaled me
into the warm and
darkest depth of your chest.

As I swirled around
your beating heart,
I was one with you
in a vaporous peace.

Then the moment came
to evict me from your being.
The walls around your
pulsing heart suddenly
collapsed and expelled me
passed the puckered
wet lips that once
inspired my lust,
and I vanished
in the breeze.

All that remained of me
was a spent remnant of ashes
that you flicked into the wind
and extinguished me
  May 2014 MariaLoves
tú eres mí alma
mí corazón entera
mí propio vida
My Beloved

you are everything
my heart, my soul
my very life

  May 2014 MariaLoves
In the silence,
your absence echoes
off of every surface.

The water
from the faucet
mimics the open
veins in my chest.

Filling the empty gap
where my heart
once was.

It's sickly splatter
pools in the basin
and pours into
the darkness.

into the void.

*How did it come to this?
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