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The time had come, it was Sunday noon
My mind kept on telling me, this was way to soon
But there I was, there was no excuse
I had to accept, I couldn't refuse

When we arrived, they were already there
I was trembling inside, this I can swear
I met your Mum, she was so kind to me
But with the stare of your Dad, I was about to flee

Then I met the sisters, and there are three
Andrea is the oldest, she has a Mother's Degree
Marta came next, as tough as she looks
Then the nurse Flavia, with all her Books

Renato is the Brother, a King of the House
Little Angel Maria the daughter, Claudia the spouse
Alvaro is Andrea's husband and the jack of all trades
Their kids Martinha and Gui, both with A grades

You grab my hand, never left me alone
And then I met Nuno, always on the phone
He is Marta's husband  and Barbara's father
Then I heard: "Come and sit." It was your brother

I smile at you, how could this be
They look so perfect, so perfect to me
It felt like home, I was happy and so glad
They were the Family, the Family I never had
To the South, empty I went
In search of fun and excitement
Through the night relentless, I drove
Until I reached that beautiful cove
The year was ending and to me
Love was as far, as I could see
When dressing up for new years eve
In Portofinno I was, I couldn´t believe
Under the moonlight, what a view
And then she enters, the Lady in Blue
There she was, in my sight
The brightest star, in the night
How she looked in that blue dress
I found no words to express
With shaky legs I took the chance:
"May I ask you, would you like to dance?"
She said: "Only if in the balcony"
Putting an end, to my agony
Took her hand and lead the way
Dancing all night, in front of the bay
The moment I took her, in my arms
She immediately sent off, all my alarms
In that moment I felt and I knew
That I was not one, I was two!
I meet a girl, her name is Kateryna
A little angel, a ballerina
Amazing eyes, a perfect smile
She´s tailor-made, a unique style
I try to impress, make her laugh
I try to show, my other half
She glances at me, what does she see?
The invisible man, we can agree
And if she knew, what I'm feeling
And that my heart, she is stealing
Would she change and look at me
Setting the Invisible man, free.
I was young
and you were old
you were shy
And I was bold

I stared at you
you smiled twice
I made my bet
you rolled the dice

I came to you
you felt my smell
I stole a kiss
You fell under my spell

I was a brat
You had no aim
I was an ace
You had no game

I had fun
You had too
I'm leaving soon
You're feeling blue

And so it ends
what never started
in the game of love
you've been out smarted
I'm lost
I'm alone
my future
is unknown

I'm hurt
I'm in pain
under this
bullet's rain

I try
not to cry
not to fade
not to die

I fight
through the night
until darkness
Becomes light

I hold
onto life
onto the memory
of my wife

I persist
I resist
in hope
to be kissed

I return
I survive
I don´t dream
I revive

I'm awake
I'm alive
with you
I thrive

I'm a soldier
I'm a fighter
with you
I shine brighter
Special thanks to my inspirational Marta.
Perfect life's
and a perfect world
Perfect wife's
and perfect love

Faithful and trustworthy
Beautiful and in love
Passionate or careless
Is this really love?

Perfect home
and the perfect job
perfect neighbourhood
and the perfect dog

A mistress, a lover
no shame, no sorrow
no true, no love
or friendship to borrow

The perfect smile
the perfect eyes
the perfect face
that never cries

The perfect life's
and a perfect world
Perfect wife's
and rotten love...
You arrive, you wanna to have fun,
It´s your holidays, spent under the sun,

The sea, the sandy beaches,
The party's meeting all the peaches

We meet, We dance, We have fun,
In your holidays under the sun,

We Drank, We loved,We kissed,
Will all of this be missed?

You leave and I feel no pain
Cause it will start all over again

— The End —