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M Jul 14
I never thought  
   that I would kiss
      the trees to feel the air.
I've been drowning
   choking on the hope
      that you have and really do
You tied the knot
     a little too tight
        and I'm latching on
          the truth.
You've left me
    with a bleeding mouth
       'now turning into a
           sweet tooth.
M Jul 11
you could get me drunk with just the words that you say,
I can taste your lies, sizzling on my tongue.

the scent of your being fills my internal decay,
the raw fumes, infect my lung.

I cannot stomach the beauty that I snack on,
the look you have is a craving worth feeding,
I see you as the sky when the light's touch is all gone
my eyes are eternally
my eyes are heavy
my heart's even worse
M Jun 18
How must I seem
to the naked eye?
If you turn away am I your shadow?


always clinging from behind
restless and sinister
with motives to
hold your


here I am just mimicking
what you have
who you are
bleeding darkness
onto the


mirrors telling me who I am
reflecting only how I feel
and towards
M Jun 17
I never know what say  

a memory of longing
is painful as it keeps

decaying in my chest

putting my love on paper
doesn't take it away
it amplifies the sting
trying to move on

infecting the open cavity of my being

you read my words like you understand
but I'm lost in a memory of what would have been

trying to collect shattered pieces of my own self

emptied and dancing whisked into the shadows
like the end of a dream

feverishly waking up because my feelings weren't received

give them but don't get them
like as if I sent a letter of longing

never in return
I try to write but the words are my tears
drink up
and only then you will feel the same
as I do
M Jun 17
I'm trying to find a reason
a reason to make me stay.
I'm lost and anchored to a hope
that I will find my way.
The shadows swallowed me as a whole
and I am truly beat.
I cannot -will not sing my song
until the grounds beneath my feet.
M Mar 2018
Damning myself to grow purposefully alone?
Fumes of death surround my love, and tear apart my home.
Are you between the leaves and evergreens amidst the midnight moon?
I stare into the grey toned sky, my dear, has left too soon.
Find me now beneath the hour, with the ever rising sun.
I mustn't regret the choice at hand, the deed, it has been done.
M Mar 2018
Nobody ever talks' about your eyes.
Like how they swirl with hidden ember, and fallen leaves. And how they have the depth and mystery of a dark abyss. Pulling you in, really making you take a deeper look.
Nobody ever talks' about how they flicker with smoke, and fire each time the light shines 'just right' on them. And how they seem to have the whole world entangled into an innocent ring of rope. Like a warm round cup of coffee, bittersweet. Addictive.
Nobody ever talks' about how they make you feel ever-more engaged, like you could be looking into a whole universe, a whole soul. Pulling you in, making you dream of dim lit fires and smokey silhouettes sprawled against a midnight moon.
I get lost in your eyes. I feel found in your eyes. And I crave your eyes.
But nobody ever talks' about your eyes.
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