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james nordlund
58/M/reality, Earth, Universe    Short literary :) Lifelong Green + student of all, 58 yrs; w. 2 kids in their 40's. Into poetic revelation, workshop as individual + group ...
Tyler Matthew
27/M/U.S.    "I am large, I contain multitudes" I identify as 1965 Bob Dylan standing in the doorway of a Greenwich Village nightclub with a lit cigarette ...
18/Non-binary/Between Earth and Hell    I pop a pomegranate seed, the flesh grows red, it trickles, I lap it up.
16/Hell ;)    Im here for a good time not a long time
depth over distance
19/F    sweet like cinnamon ᥫ᭡
Seth Seaman
34/M/Florida    "Lots of stuff to write about so little time, too many ideas without a said rhyme, came here to hear and digest to rest." Me
London    find someone to unlock your mind to, or else, it will explode
B E Cults
30/M/hendersonville tn    none of this shit is autobiographical. above everything, I am a liar. ig @loiter.cult
22/M/Lagos, Nigeria    A spoken word poet and beautifician from Lagos, Nigeria.
58/M/US    i love you's are everywhere
South City Lady
F/Atlanta    I am a writer; it has taken me decades to admit that about myself. I use poetry to excavate meaning, to express love, to appreciate ...
Nellie 55
26/M/Minnesota    I use my writing skills to Express feelings that people don't get or care about. This site is amazing because all the options and stories ...
Thomas Goss
WA    Wild Words Whispered Willingly
Zach Kinnett
31/M/Ohio    You will find me in the twilight of inner machination. Within a forethought and absolution. Here lies skeletons and demons and flickers of light.
Natasha Monica
24/F    A lead role in a cage.
M/Pelada    Poet, Singer/Songwriter
44/M/the foot of the mountain    i've been fixed and i've been broken and i've broken what i've fixed
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