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Winter Aug 27
Her heart is twisted,
she yearns for him still...
Her love beacon beckons, but
small sonars bounce off
the four brick-walls
her mind has constructed.

Her heart is muted,
so her sound-proof love
stays a lonely soul.
Inside her protective shell
she'll never tell
that she loves him, still.

Jennifer Alé
Can both strips of love's DNA live unrequited...?
Winter Jul 26
out of my body
out of my mind
into the furnace
I watch myself climb
Jennifer Alé
Winter Jul 12
When you turn over the page
in the book of life
and you find your next chapter...

you'll find that love
was never over-
only beginning again...

Jennifer Alé
Winter Jun 2
At night,
Sadness tends to sing my song
in E-minor.
How am I supposed to
write a eulogy
for my broken heart...?
I'm sure I'll be
jealous of my pen-
that gets to find true love
on this page...
In the dark,
my mind wanders away with my dreams,
wanders willingly
towards your translucent smile,
that once
served to fool...
towards your opaque love
that now lives unrequited.
the day shines through
my eyes
shrouded in one blank stare
after blank stare-
I share a new drink with
Jennifer Alé
Winter Mar 30
After the darkness
a new day in light,
love is rejected
like flesh on unfamiliar bone,
the heart is
neither open nor closed,
life in between
and falls like autumn leaves
Winter Mar 28
he said
a blank canvas
for the day is breaking...
what will we paint
today my love?
for the incense, we burn
to warn of the wards
gives us a new spirit
so when the ground
softly breaks
under our pleasure bed
relinquishing our dreams
we make way
for our new
Winter Mar 3
This renaissance mind
has rejected
my being...
I can no longer
the world that
I am seeing,
take shape
of late-
are we fated
to hate?
This race war
it's an
but not a joke
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