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Jennifer Ale Oct 7
My Black Black Man
The Walls of your Mind
Beckon only a Unique kind
The Love of a full Woman
An illusioned witness to
the Truth behind You
and your fettered prime, can
Be more black, more diaspora than
thee. Educated with sight
Yet conflicted by societal rite
And a King in every Troubled Stage
Unable to Fight
Can or cannot Love right?
My Black black man.
Jennifer Ale Mar 2017
The wall is a place where dreams can happen
Look to the left. Why?
Screams emptiness at you
To make you regurgitate your thoughts
Into a blank place.

Give me your mind
The wall screams silently
One colour one tone one grey
Wall, another grey wall
Making up my grey home

I am in the corners of your mind
Says the wall
The wall laughs at me for it can be as still
As I ever could be
I long for quiet- I long for space
I long for emptiness no emotion no pace
Forever still like the wall

I envy its maker. Man.
Man made wall.
Jennifer Ale Feb 2016
And I see your tears
Falling like the heart of
The Ocean
All I see is you
Standing at the Golden gates
of Love

I dream dreams true
Of your love and your strength
but your loneliness
seeps through... and
I cry the world's tears
For you

I just met you
But your soul flies
With doves wings,
cutting blue
skies and I lie
Jennifer Ale Nov 2015
I look up to you Sweet Jane
And try a smile amidst this pain.
The hands of sorrow, stroke me slight
While I long to be relieved from this night.

My heart fails to tell a lie
But sings to fools until it dies
Rich with impeccable sloth, plain
I pray, dear Jane to rid me of these chains.

Tempts, with fingers quick to please
Dark ecstasy fills me with ease
Cold wetness waits for the impure
For the slow rage of ***, there is no cure.

Go forth into the world, to ****- to play
Mad Jane, take your time. They will pay
Finally, bid my mind welcome peace
And lay with my lost soul until we cease.
  Nov 2015 Jennifer Ale
You taught me
the most effective disguise
for a treacherous beast
is beauty
Jennifer Ale Nov 2015
'The End' I sigh 'is near'
I fear
I'm high
And my love is gone.

London's maze, and then
August love
A faze
But now my love is gone.

The sea in me
Is icy & free
But my tears- are still
And now this man is gone.

I need him more now, but
Then I don't
No eros,
No love
Nor passion
My soul- once sweet, is gone.
the fear of loss is imminent and then to embrace the unexpected can swallow you.
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