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Winter May 15
I've known your branches
they hit me with full force,
flowing in the wind
we twisted and locked
eyes, our leaves fell for one
another under the cosmic
path of the sun.

I want your mind... I lied
I really wanted
body &
but now, I don't know...

Perhaps my tree
will twist away with old age
or maybe we'll grow into one?
tree of life...
grow some mushrooms at our
roots and shoot for
the stars...

my stahr...
king of hearts
Winter May 2
don't lose sight of your
beyond the clouds
beyond the memories
within the Akash
within the DNA seams
as above
so below
for any who care to listen
Winter Apr 5
The day is as majestic as the dawn
In sleep, I lay wide awake
To exist without the weight of the world
In a dream within a dream
The past drifts by like clouds
No longer in childhood
But in love - for a season.
each line a new title
Winter Mar 27
If her eyes were
the gateway to her soul,
then her heart is a
picket fence ideal of our love.

When I cannot be
what she needs from me
I follow her into
her wildest dreams,
where our electricity
lives only as a memory.

'She loves me' she said
Je t'aime - I can't reply
So instead,
choke me until I'm dead
re-wire my soul
and when I wake...

I might be able to love you
the way you want me to.
Winter Jan 2022
28 days pass by...
when the mist shadowing my mind
slowly disappears
into the horizon of exile.

A thousand souls of memories,
your silent longing,
my twisted angst, pray
stay dead.

Then my heartstrings
play a reincarnation song,
no longer holding onto our
broken pieces, now buried.

28 days pass by...
my eyes open again.

Jennifer Alé
Winter Aug 2021
Her heart is twisted,
she yearns for him still...
Her love beacon beckons, but
small sonars bounce off
the four brick-walls
her mind has constructed.

Her heart is muted,
so her sound-proof love
stays a lonely soul.
Inside her protective shell
she'll never tell
that she loves him, still.

Jennifer Alé
Can both strips of love's DNA live unrequited...?
Winter Jul 2021
out of my body
out of my mind
into the furnace
I watch myself climb
Jennifer Alé
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