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Lily Feb 2019
I have a friend who tells me
that nothing
no one
and no love
is unconditional.

He’s beaming and bright,
and light like soft rain;
but sometimes I look at him
and it hurts.

I have a friend who speaks softly
to my hard of heart,
who cracks me up and open.
I have a friend who keeps me strong.

I have a friend for whom I love
even in times when I have none;

He’s not the love of my life but so often the light.
For Jon
  Jan 2019 Lily
James M Vines
Jonathan Campbell  1d
I was wondering if you would be interested in this project im starting up. I wanna post spoken word poetry audio on sound cloud and youube. non profit just for the artists
Lily Jan 2019
As your eyes go
& your skin turns
away from me

I feel the energy transfer
In heat waves
& headaches;

I look at you
and I’m sorry
for the way that I am.

For you
are all
that I’ve lost;

Theres a calm
that comes
when I’m not.

Eyes downcast
only wanting
to be pulled in close.
you do.

You are all that I’m not;

You hold my face
in your hands
and make me small

When our eyes meet
we go away.

for a moment,
the world quiets.

You are all that I need;

Listening now
all I hear
are slow waves

& suddenly
I'm lost
in turquoise.

I want to take you there.
  Jan 2019 Lily
i want to know somebody

know every detail of their life events
i want to blow the candles on their first birthday
lick the stamp on the first letter they sent

i want to share and be shared intimately

from my brown skin into my core
i want to wrap around his member and see his eyes ask mine for more

i want to nearly bleed to death

over how much I’m able to give
over how much I might withstand if it meant my love would live

because i think people are meant to be shared with one another, tied in an infinitesimal amount of ways; tumbling as one.
© tempest p
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