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A. All the time I spent by myself i could never see anyone else beside me.

L. Locked away the contents of my heart, I buried them so deep I hoped they would never find me.

O. Oblivion the void I been falling for awhile, cant see the ground I just keep falling down, down, down... The never ending fall.

N. Never thought I'd fall so far, lately I've been wondering if there was something more.

E. Even Something just beyond my reach, something I can hear but can not see. All my life I thought I was walking alone, no one beside me all alone. But all my life i've just started to realize that sound, it was coming from behind me. I've never been alone I just never thought to look behind me.
Just a little something I was thinking of, hope y'all like it!
  Aug 2015 elizabeth capital
you don't understand how long some people have been here
you don't understand the changes we've seen
you don't understand how much we've longed for the people to
be who they be
you don't understand how it breaks our hearts
to see such infighting
bought to our world from other pages
used to back biting
you don't understand, for us
that have believed from the start
that Hello Poetry was once a place
where we always laid our heart
we gave over our life to this place
we endured every change
when you see something different here
know we have suffered more than this strange
once upon a time
in an awesome time and place
when people googled

they found this space
they found inspiration
they found laughter that never ends
they found confidantes and a place
to plant
a never ending garden of friends
So if you're from another site
drawn here by the skin of tooth
sit a while in our midnight garden
and I'll speak to you a truth

Hello Poetry has been my best friend
for over 5 years, and all the friends
I've found on here, they've danced beneath my laugh, and held onto me so tight
that if I ever fall so wrong, they'll make
it all right

And that's the saddest thing
about Hello Poetry today...
is that most don't try
to make true friends
really real friends
or interact with them
in any meaningful way
Honestly, in over 5 years I've seen it all, every single change, the arguments, the kisses, the makeups, the losses and the successes... what I really hate to see is the pettiness, the juvenile and puerile ugliness that escapes from another shore, only to find themselves washed upon our beach.... Sorry, we roast such sorry carcasses, then we eat!

26/08/2015 - I am truly stoked to see this as the Daily and humbled but so very proud by the comments and sharing of my heartfelt desire for you all to see HP as I do.... Home. Thank you everyone :)
A poet isn't one to followeth the rules of poetry,
A poet's writing
Cometh from the soul;
And the soul hath none rule's....
Thus the word's from one
Art words of freedom...

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
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