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L Seagull Feb 2019
It’s coming at you
Like the dark cloud it proclaimed
It’s inappropriate intentions
With the lack of clarity
And a secret desire to burn
The witch that fell
For an apple
She never wanted
Just looking at an adversitising in the distance
L Seagull Oct 2018
Life isn’t lived if not accompanied
By the steady rhythm
A stomp of steps quiet or loud
Brave or careful the movement
Defined as a breath of oxygen
Away from safety that chocked
The bird that was born to sing
Oh how sad it was to watch it
Wither away and all your hopes
To watch it spread it’s wings
Shimmering in the moonlight
Now it gives away the cold unblinking
Stare just outside the cage
Always looking in
The view remains the same
See through confinement
It gave up all its feathers
Just to hold on
To the cold concrete
Of false hopelessness
False craving for something different
Than unpredictability
Silly bird silly me silly hope
It all ended before it
Was hoped to begin
Passing by an unnoticed suffering
L Seagull Oct 2018
Silence sings
What words are
Tired of repeating
Ripe as an oval that
Flows staccato crisp
Is a choice
In those eaten
By hungry
Another day when I got no desire to keep beating the dead horse. Nonsense is to continue a conversation with someone who keep begging to be abandoned. As they say in Russia - don’t spit into a well you wish to later drink from. So... want to **** on a relationship, then deal with having no one interested in your needs
  May 2018 L Seagull
Maria Monaghan
oh the perverse desire
to tear off my skin
to slice my tender flesh
to carve and chop

oh to feel the cool air against my bones
to be fully exposed
to be grotesque and unlovely

oh to rip my chest open
to be
unrestrained by ****** borders and
finally free

oh sweet freedom!
see me as i am;
vile and dying, in constant pain
a broken slice of hell

i wrote this a long time ago but i was going through old journals and found it.
L Seagull May 2018
so what was about that Hellen of Troy
who confused the villagers when a big horse
line train interrupted the flow of the conversation
with a most vile tone imaginable just to make
the air smell like it's insides - hatable
They say Ms. Andrews liked to stop by
Just to help with gardening she was rather short
But resilient as a sense of urge for destruction
So here now, grow your courage to face
Another day
L Seagull Apr 2018
Hello again
Without sense or meaning
Or good intention
Just out of hope
For confusing enough
Entanglement of ideas
That lead right to where
We started unintentionally
And proceed out if desire
To waste precious time
On something
That chose to be
L Seagull Apr 2018
Hospitals are great for
Keeping people alive
And checking for dead relationships
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