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Paulina Falomir Nov 2018
A veces me mareo de tanto blanco,
No se malentienda, gran color ese blanco
Sólo me marea verlo y verlo en todos los edificios,
Las paredes
Y no me marea el color en sí,
Me marea la intención
Me marea usar el blanco para adormecer
La sensación de acorralamiento en jaulas
Que doblegan voluntades
A través de necesidades

El ser estático en su jaula porque no hay más a donde ir
Y las jaulas blancas
Para que sienta paz
Y las paredes blancas
Para que esté tranquilo

Me marea el blanco
Me marean las intenciones
Las intenciones “blancas”

Me marea recurrir a colores
Para disfrazar crueles realidades
Nadie quiere estar sentado todo el día

Quizá me marea el truco
Me marea
Me marea el blanco y lo que implica
Me marea el uso

Y la pregunta, pero sí no el blanco entonces ¿quién?
Entonces ¿cuál?
No abundan opciones
De jaulas negras, de jaulas rojas, no vendría nada mejor
Tiene que ser el blanco
Y eso me marea

Probablemente me marea la realidad y yo
Yo lo refiero todo al blanco
Me marea tanto blanco
Had to be in spanish, it was mind *****
Paulina Falomir Mar 2016
What a terror
What a joy
To feel everything so deeply
Paulina Falomir Mar 2016
Birds migrating
fly from here to there
Their lives now are changing
nothing seems to persevere

There's never a home
It's always a race
Loneliness comes
to hide there's no place

What's the point
in the move?
Things never joint
They never improve

And from here to there
tears are shed

Through air
their eyes can be read
Life is not fair
Wrote this at 16, guess i had something to say.
Paulina Falomir Feb 2016
Inspiration is born in:

Dark places
Lost cases
Consumed chases
Forgotten races
Empty spaces
Mind mazes
Someone else's suitcases
What life Erases
Absent Embraces
Bad places
Sad places
Disappearing faces

So go.
Find your aces.
Paulina Falomir Feb 2016
We are alone
Feelings at motion
We loose it in a world of our own  

You make me feel like an ocean
Paulina Falomir Nov 2015
Lost leaves
May i wear you today?

Don’t expect what you give
Just give what you may.

Let’s live for the moment
Let’s say i can forget
Erase the atonement
Get ready, set.

Free mind
Untied from ground
No whine
No sound.

Do what you do
Take the big jump
There’s to much to
One day we’ll bump.
Paulina Falomir Nov 2015
Birds on wires
Traded their wings
For long lost desires
Tried to change things
For those hearts that are tired.

Birds on wires
Stand for long stories
And things to admire
Stand for my worries
And for non stopping fires.

Blending in with the sky
They wait around
They never ask why
Suddenly it’s all down
And they’ve lost their will to fly.
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