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Kurt Kanawa Aug 2014
have you         seen everything
ever felt      everything at once
a blackout                   from hell
'cause that's         heaven's fear
how it                          feels real
feels to                           be alive
be without                      fear or
you or                      truly know
your love                       i've felt
can be read left, right, or all together.
Kurt Kanawa Jul 2014
You are the itch I can't ever scratch,
you trickle and ***** my thoughts
like sandpaper to a match,

latching onto the roots of my head,
you are the one stalking my thinking space
in and between the hours I lay on my bed,

and I tell myself that you're nothing to me,
a dusty web on the corner of my mind,
you are, I tell myself, nothing to me,

that you are the vexing fly I can't catch,
and I tell myself you are nothing to me,
nothing but the itch I can't ever scratch,
Kurt Kanawa Jul 2014
A wolf raised by sheep.
Kurt Kanawa Jun 2014
woe to the happy poet
for soon
he shall find his well of inspiration dry
because one can write about
sunshine smiles and blue butterflies
for only so long

let us cheer then
for the lonely
for the heartbroken
for the misunderstood

they fester in unrequited love:
they love the world
but the world does not love them back
and they spend the rest of their days
grieving about it
in the prettiest words
Kurt Kanawa Jun 2014
capture his laugh in a cave and let it echo

fish out the starry oceans from his eyes

call love a placebo

let all the moonlight shoot out of his fingers and toes

carve the gold out of his heart

bleach the butterflies in your gut

don't smile

don't think about his smile

let silence devour you both

let entropy rip you apart

get used to the cold

wait for the next big bang
Kurt Kanawa Jun 2014
is not to be silent
but to have voices competing
drowning each other out
so that we only hear the words
coming out of our own mouths

it means not to be cold
but to be scorched with the frustration
of being misunderstood
and pushed away
watching as our bridges burn
before they have ever even been built

it means not the darkness
but the light, blinding light
of the stage we stand
where we must deliver our lines
and play our parts eternally
never to remove our masks

it means not to be broken
but not being able to break
even when we want to
always on the verge of crying
we let our eyes swell but never flow
pretending everything's fine

and as i look from eye to eye
i know that i am lonely but not alone
in this cageless prison
Kurt Kanawa Jun 2014
i wonder
if there existed
a combination of words
that i could say
to push all your buttons
to dig into your brain
to shiver your veins
to hold onto your soul
that in the end
would make you love me

but perhaps
it is not a word or a phrase
not a line nor a page
but a never-ending poem
that demands not just to be sung
but lived out
“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”
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