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Lord, I ask you to help me,
Be submissive to your Will;
With heaven my objective,  
Peace in my heart, there, instill.

Lord, since you know everything,
You want what is best for me,;
How to live in holiness,
Dear Lord, help me clearly see,

Found in the dark times of life,  
From your heart comes brilliant light;
You know what I'm in need of,
So you grant me your insight.

In life's worst times, help me cope.
Help me not give up on hope,
I've been away for a long  mystery walk
When you knocked at my locked door.
Far away, under a smiling sky I was waiting
For a red rose to open her eyes fully,
To appreciate her beauty and breath in
Her fragrance, that'd prompt me to wait
Till  you  visit after all those stormy years.

But see what did happen instead,

A miracle that should not have happened!
You have come seeking me, how can I put it,
'Against my wish?' Am I  right there?
I was expecting to hear your footsteps
Even when you step out from your cloister.
My hermitage was  eager to hear your knock.
Much much earlier, but you put it off
On account of some unknown reason
But where did I go wrong,on your arrival?
Even if I am as swift as wind we won't have
A chance to embrace each other....heareafter.
Time is the juggernaut that decides the laws
Of the hallucinatory world we believe ours.
When the time ceases at a big crunch
We are free from  the hallucinogen  we are fed.
I could wax on the wings of a butterfly
but, I aint that kinda o' guy.
rather kick the nuts off ******* squirrels
pull the wings off blue arsed fly.

I'm the stuff that flops off dog chops
when he's up fer it and high,
I'm a metaphor to drink s'more
I'm the toe nail in the pie.
Aching bones n bladder stones
are signs of gettin old,
missing teeth n droopin beef
two more,, or so i'm told.

Hairy backs n saggy sacks
are afflictions of old men,
havin rants n ****** pants-
happen now n then !

when the gut is sagging more n more
and it's dragging on the floor,
when ******* are banging on the knees
and armpits smell like cheese,

when teeth they sleep within a glass
upon the bedside table,
and as for giving girls a thrill
you find you're quite unable,

But don't think that I’m unhappy
after everything I said,
e'en though I wear a grown up *****
and soon be ****** dead.
Fully ambulatory with
onanist wrists,
neither whig,
nor tory,
nor communist,
he's loose lipped
loose hipped
quite well equipped,

he's bendy n trendy,
he's buff, n ripped.

not quite castrato
and gives good vibrato
to choirboys mulatto -
with belly button fluff.

Look, its poached, or fukin fried.

Its either, or,
there ain't no more,
tertiary options, out de door.
 Sep 2019 Keith J Collard
i love this community
bunch of loners
bunch of sads
talk about love
talk about hate
girls with tough dads
and boys with no fate
i love this community
 Sep 2019 Keith J Collard
We all need true Hope to keep moving forward
In this here life that we all are living right now.
So many giving up and ending it on their own.
But we need to keep persevering in this life.
This is a race that each of Us are in right now.
I am praying that we all make it to the finish line.
That after we finish this here race we shall eat together.
Celebrating that we all has finish the race here.
My prayer is that we shall celebrate it together.
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