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Obadiah Grey Apr 20
I met my uncle Albert
down at asda, in aisle three;
he got there in his mazda,
jus' a smidgen after me,

said he'd traversed sainsburys,
tesco liddle n the spar,
but not one o' them flogged caviar
truffles or foie Gras.

He sidled past the pork pies
streaky bacon turkey thighs
a headin for the french fries
n forsaken knock down buys,

He shimmied 'round the ankle biters;
expectant mums to be,
popin pills for bloated ills
in the haberdashery.
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Obadiah Grey Feb 8
feets, are the foundation
of our uprightedness,
knees, are for the leanings
in advance of our fall.
hips, are for the twisting-
and swivelling of it all.
necks, keep our head up
in back stroke, or the crawl.

Obadiah Grey Jan 2020
"-Boing !!!!-"

Afore you up and shuffle
out the door
for god to tally up
yer score,

may I make jus'
one suggestion-
that you ask of him
this question.

Why was Zebedee
so rude
and what became of -
Obadiah Grey Nov 2019
didn't know him very well,
didn't even know he'd gone,
though, what I know is that he was,
The idiot, in an idiotocracy.
Obadiah Grey Jul 2019
Feathered, daft,
leaning sweet.
compliant, reliant,
we, complete
Obadiah Grey May 2019
Look, its poached, or fukin fried.

Its either, or,
there ain't no more,
tertiary options, out de door.
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