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Sep 2018
Aching bones n bladder stones
are signs of gettin old,
missing teeth n droopin beef
two more,, or so i'm told.

Hairy backs n saggy sacks
are afflictions of old men,
havin rants n ****** pants-
happen now n then !

when the gut is sagging more n more
and it's dragging on the floor,
when ******* are banging on the knees
and armpits smell like cheese,

when teeth they sleep within a glass
upon the bedside table,
and as for giving girls a thrill
you find you're quite unable,

But don't think that Iā€™m unhappy
after everything I said,
e'en though I wear a grown up *****
and soon be ****** dead.
Obadiah Grey
Written by
Obadiah Grey
     Keith J Collard, Fawn and ---
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