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Kamoo Aug 2015
She waits for 01.00 a.m every single day because that was the time in which whom she had hoped would be her companion in life would say goodnight to her. She hates the day Thursday because whom she had hoped would love her till death treasured that day. She hates the moon because she whom had promised to never forget her found pleasure and serenity in its glimmering smile that casts out joy into the beautiful dark surroundings every single night. She resents breathing because when all sunny days turned into gloom and they would be sitting together staring into each other's eyes, she whom had promised to never leave told her to continue breathing because that was just enough. She is unable to stomach concrete stones because the sacred and peaceful place in which she whom had promised to always love her said whenever the unrequited one may feel down or in despair she should go sit on the beautifully painful stones as that was their special place. She who loves wholeheartedly and experienced a beautiful lie buries her heart in pain throughout her life. If love is pain then she loves fiercely.
She is broken and no one is able to save her...from her.
Kamoo Mar 2015
Remember these sheets?
You buried your face here every night and shared your soul with me
Each morning you’d leave your spirit and scent in what I consider as my sacred palace because we used to make magic here
You taught me how to dream
Every night with you meant joy and us finding love in our dreams
Now that you left, life is just not what we dreamt of
You promised to stay and be my companion in finding love in the skies
But you left the stars howling at me for daily melodies that we made when our bodies were intact every night
My nights have become lonely and the peace in which I found in the breeze that the night time cast out into our little fantasy has faded
All I experience now is drench concentrated with despair from the tears that the skies shed every night
You promised to make every night mystical in these sheets and our exchange of breath will always keep us together because we breathe each other
I don’t know if I should continue lying in these tarnished sheets and hope that someday your spirit will creep back into them or I should just find a new wooden palace that will not care about how I feel
We used to see stars through the ceiling but all I see now is white dreaded material looking down at me
When I stare at this depressing ceiling I always hope that your brain is what walked and not your heart
Each time I smile at flashbacks that run all around the room and tickle my tired body in these sheets the ceiling reminds me that you are no more
Bygone you are and I could only wish that your presence awakens me the next morning
  Oct 2014 Kamoo

In my darkest days, I held you beneath my warmth.
You indulged me with your feverish hunger.
You embraced me with your piercing emotions.
You were immune to my changeable disease.

I came to a realization that you were my muse,
the best rainbow I received……….

You told me that I was part of your soul.
To me you’re the fuel to my rusty engine,
The energy to my thirsty being,
And the light of my darkened soul.

© Pax
Kamoo Oct 2014
I sit here in silence
Tears straying down my cheeks
In pain, heartbroken, breathless
I am stripped, tormented, suffocated
My hands shiver with dread
My knuckles bleed with sorrow
I have nothing to give
It's never your fault
It never was your fault
I'm just sorry that it had to be you
The skies, the moon and the stars begged me to love you
Through you, they saw light hence my heart and spirit
were redirected to you
I am an ocean full of agony
My banks overflow with love
Enough love that even your amazingly long lashes tingle with joy
when the reverberations of love buried within me express
how much they belong to you
Love chooses no one
It goes for everyone
Even those who are broken and damaged have pores that engulf
tiny little specks of love because it cares about all of us
It's confusing
and it hurts
But I know for a fact that my love never dies and only you can heal me.
  Sep 2014 Kamoo
She is the love,
the soul,
the one who makes me give it all

She is worth trying,
she completes me when we touch,
I want to kneel in front and give her a ring

She could be a beauty queen
with just a tee and some jeans

She could be what I have been asking for,
she could be what she is and more

She could be one in a billion,
she could be mine and I am a champion

She could be beautiful without even trying,
she could be - or maybe she is - my everything.
Kamoo Sep 2014
When I think of my future

I see love

When I smile about my future I fall into a trance,
it's encapsulated by friends
my babies :)

Happiness will prevail.
The moon will glimmer with passion
and rays of love will reach me.

I will live
and laugh.

My growth will be determined by my worth.
My worth being goals
and ambition.

I'll be free
and cheerful.

I will be me :)
And she'll be there :)
We'll BE together ^_^
#Smiles #Us ##Joy
  Sep 2014 Kamoo
SG Holter
I have sides to me as
Dark as the
Devil. I deal with
Demons like

Always dropping
One, adopting
Don't dream of
Me. Keep the light

My heart rooms
A thousand angels.
They love you as
One. Don't be blown
Too far away by the

Wind of their wings
Keeping my feelings

To be human is to be
The good kind of evil
Or opposite.

All shades, all colours,
Tutti Frutti; aeons of

All that matters
Is the honesty with
Which you embrace
Your own multitudes.

Both feet in Hell, head in
The Heavens,
One hand on either side
Of your heart; keeping
You safe from extremities.

You will cry. Oh, you'll
Cry, looking around
To see if anyone else
Has ever felt as loved,

As guarded.
Carried by angels,
Protected by demons,
Kept warm by the man
Who tamed them
All for
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