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Keara Marie Jan 22
If there is a hole in your chest the size of a heart,
I hope you find beauty in the way you loved so hard.
Cracks are where the light gets in.
Cracks are how shadows fade away. There is grace to be found in your darkest days.
Starfire Nov 2018
Hope is in all of us
even if we don't think so
Hope will always be there for us

Hope is what keeps us going
even on our darkest days

Hope is like a drug for all of us
It's something we latch onto when we have nothing left
Pax Oct 2014

In my darkest days, I held you beneath my warmth.
You indulged me with your feverish hunger.
You embraced me with your piercing emotions.
You were immune to my changeable disease.

I came to a realization that you were my muse,
the best rainbow I received……….

You told me that I was part of your soul.
To me you’re the fuel to my rusty engine,
The energy to my thirsty being,
And the light of my darkened soul.

© Pax

— The End —