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Joseph 6d
I wish I could go back in time,
To when you were still here;
To when we laughed, and cried, and smiled together;
To when you were still mine.

I wish I could go back to bliss,
To when we were inseparable;
To when our eyes would lock and we would both be lost;
To the feeling of your kiss.

I wish I could go back into the comfort of your love when I remembered how to smile and I remembered how to laugh and I remembered how to control what I was thinking in my head and keep my irrational thoughts and fears from encroaching on my life and blitzing through my heart and soul and keep from rambling to myself about things that shouldn't matter while I'm going off on tangents rambling on and on and on as my instability just grows and grows and I lose what little semblance of control that I had left.


But I know that things may never be the same
Because fate just had to push us apart.
And I know that we are sent off separate ways
To explore these blank new maps we've yet to chart.

I know that I am stronger.
I can stand up on my own.
I don't need to waste my time and energy
on an emotional crutch.

I know our time together
will be a wonderful memory
and through my life as I press on forward
I can remember back to you and me.

I hope you can look back in time,
To when you were still here.
And you look back like me on all those blissful times,
To see what we could have been.
Song from a larger musical I am writing. I am a musician and not usually a creative writer. I am more than happy for any and all constructive feedback.

— The End —