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In a breeze of timid whispers
and with wary downcast eyes
the secret world was opened
to where true depth of feeling lies.

With each step, stories were told
and a tapestry of intimacy unfolded.
to dare or not to dare
to care or not to care.
In the dog-days of romance,
those are the calls
that lovebirds must answer.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Dog days: a period of heat so intense, it saps the will
 Jul 17 John Stevens
A caged bird... lays its egg
Sits in pain with a broken leg
It sings its song for all to hear
Knowing well that death is near
The egg hatches and from the shell
A tiny beak who's life is well
It wakes one day its mother gone
The body buried beneath the lawn
The young bird sits quiet now
A single tear upon its brow
Silence falls admits the room
It sits in wait within its tomb
I love the idea of pets... Always always loved birds but I have never had the heart to get one and have a cage for it. So I got a bird feeder and enjoy the ones outside with my cup of coffee. Live on little buddies live on...
A vision of us standing on that Day—
before Christ, eye to eye with souls’ Delight—
ignites heart’s fire to reach toward richest height,
forsake world’s common road for Glory’s Way.
I crave that sacred path—its holiness—
where wisdom and humility join hands,
where purifying difficulty stands
while prudence often feels like loneliness.
Brother, can you see this vision also,
as dross all burns away and gold shines forth,
displaying precious gems of our faith’s worth?
Let’s chase it hard and Christ more closely follow!
In Heaven—fixed on Jesus all the while—
our eyes shall catch, then nod with knowing smile.
I pray thee sun thou should set,
or take thy leave better yet,
wouldst at last my thirst be gone,
But alas thee linger, and linger on.

There be no flower not yet dead,
no water flows in yonder river bed.
'Tis a heat where nought doth grow,
nor doth thee ever mercy show.

Dry of skin and parch of throat,
a man doth need no overcoat.
Thy rays doth burn mine eyes,
they do not hear mine mercy cries.

If there be a place where chill be found,
'Tis there it be that I be bound,
A place where there be no burning sun,
show it to me, so to it I shall run.

(c) 26th January 2010
with apoligies to all you Shakespeare freaks
I was thinking how Will would have handled our Oz summer heat.
 Dec 2021 John Stevens
There is no reason I can find
why i love you

There is no reason  I can find
why i always pray for you

There is no reason I can find
Why am i happy with you

There is no reason.....
 Dec 2021 John Stevens
Never be afraid of the dark...
Because dark is reassuring...
That there is light...

It's the same with the sun..
He never cursed the darkness of the night...
Never be afraid of the dark:):)
 Dec 2021 John Stevens
I see a beautiful blooming flower
I see birds chirping in the morning
I saw small children playing in the park
I saw an old woman knitting. She really enjoys her job.

I look around....
the sun was shining, the beautiful birds chirping, the smiles on their faces, the sky was light blue.

hmmmm happiness is simplicity that  make you feel peace.
Happiness is simplicity that make you feel peace
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