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554 · Oct 2018
JL Smith Oct 2018
Your feet drift from foundation
Your eyes instinctively close
Your stomach somersaults
Your heart, momentarily froze

Your eyes begin to open
Engrossed by the beauty of our globe
You've overcome your fear

Spread your wings,
Enjoy the show

© JL Smith
I faced one of my fears and did it... I jumped out of a plane! Don't ever allow fear to control you. You are capable of achieving whatever you desire. Just DO IT!
551 · Jan 2019
My Roots, My Truth
JL Smith Jan 2019
Dig deeper--
For the answers you seek
Require travel farther beneath
An ambiguous surface
Along a foundation of strength
Tracing the tips of my roots
Is where you'll discover
My soul, my truth

© JL Smith
547 · Jan 2019
JL Smith Jan 2019
No fruits from the trees
Nor honey from bees
No meat from the livestock
Nor dairy's finest cheese
Could satisfy my appetite
For I crave a love too sweet
Fulfilling this hunger
Savoring each heartbeat

© JL Smith
544 · Mar 2018
One Last Time
JL Smith Mar 2018
What you ask for
I promise I'd try to give
But all I've known
Are patterns of brokenness
I'm not willing to relive

I've heard it before,
"I'll never turn my back"
But all I've known
Are watching the ones I've loved
Leave before they fully unpack

I cling to your words
I'm fascinated, I'll admit
But all I've known
Are promises spun from lies
Absent of action, no one who commits

And yet, I promised I'd try
Here I go, up I climb
Even though all I've known
Are heartaches and blows
I'll attempt to trust, one last time

© JL Smith
543 · Aug 2018
Humanity Bleeds Red
JL Smith Aug 2018
Seven billion people
Seven billion faces
Scattered across our globe
Composed of beautiful races
Some rough around the edges
Others smooth as velvet,
But when pieced together
Form a puzzle if we solve it
From first glance, you look different
And what's unknown instills fear,
But my heart knows better
For all of humanity bleeds a red so sincere

© JL Smith
540 · May 2018
JL Smith May 2018
I fell in love
You fell in lust
I broke your plans
You broke my trust

© JL Smith
540 · Jul 2017
With These Hands
JL Smith Jul 2017
With these hands
I've written stories
I've penned my secrets
And shared my glory

With these hands
I've assisted my friend
I've patted his back
And made amends

With these hands
I've lifted a child
I've caressed her face
And witnessed a smile

With these hands
I've earned my keep
I've labored long hours
And rested my feet

With these hands
I've held you tightly
I've loved you gently
And given politely

With these hands
I've dried my tears
I've bandaged my wounds
And conquered my fears

With these hands
I've prayed to our Creator
I've thanked Him for this gift
And a Love that's greater

© JL Smith
535 · Jun 2018
JL Smith Jun 2018
I sincerely miss
Giving the top of your head
A kiss
When you appear in my dreams
On nights like this

© JL Smith
531 · Dec 2018
JL Smith Dec 2018
As the glue grasps the shards
And the splint heals the bone
Your love mends my heart's pieces
Repairing what's broken by thrown stones

© JL Smith
530 · Sep 2018
You'll Find Me Laughing
JL Smith Sep 2018
I'm not swayed by your status
Nor your wealth or crown,
While your nose is held high among the court
I've curtsied for comedy in the corner--
Your jester, my clown

© JL Smith
530 · Apr 2017
Fairy Tale
JL Smith Apr 2017
The happiest ever after
I've found
Is falling in love with yourself

© JL Smith
527 · Jun 2018
JL Smith Jun 2018
A fire burns within
Each flame igniting desires
For a passion I must pursue
Broiling my blood, searing every fiber

I once questioned why it chose me
Tried to fend it off for good,
But birth dealt me as a dreamer
Persistent imagination into adulthood

These words consist of power
Its control bestowed upon the unique
The responsibility of my talent
To share what others sincerely seek

Commitment and dedication
Discipline and sleepless nights
Believing in something bigger
Triumphant against all plights

As strength endures heartache
And my will to succeed prevails
My words shield me from naysayers
Because not everyone understand what my path entails

© JL Smith
527 · Jun 2018
JL Smith Jun 2018
I don't know
Which is uglier
Your jealousy or pride
I grew too closely
Then you changed
Like the seasons
And I drifted
With the tide

© JL Smith
525 · Jun 2018
Into the Uncharted
JL Smith Jun 2018
I diverged
From the foreseen path most follow--
The route adhered to avert one's fears
Instead, I boldly strayed into the uncharted
Inquiring answers to what ifs and the unclear

© JL Smith
525 · Aug 2018
The One for This Mess
JL Smith Aug 2018
Where are you?

I read about you in books
And watched you on the silver screen
Society places considerable emphasis
On you sweeping me off my feet

Who are you?

Someone labeled, "Super"
Dressed in boots and a cape?
Or a dubious author
Shredding manuscripts you create?

No matter--

The fairy tale's a myth
No perfect prince charming or princess
Just a worn heart-on-her-sleeve lover
Searching for The One who will accept her mess

© JL Smith
519 · Sep 2018
Beyond Doubt
JL Smith Sep 2018
I love you in ways
You could never fathom
Beyond doubt,
Past what any creator can imagine

I love you as passionately
As the pianist plays his keys
And as devoted as the sinner
Prays upon his knees

I loved you before I knew
The depth of your heart
As the sailor sets to sea
Placing faith in his chart

I'll love you as long as the sun
Rises in the East
And remain as loyal as the moon
Commits waves along the beach

© JL Smith
516 · Jun 2017
JL Smith Jun 2017
And when she tells you,
Tells you she's wild
You laugh and then contemplate
How she's compiled

Reserved in appearance
Occasional demeanor, too
As you seek a sign
To reveal a divergent view

But most won't notice
What's sacred to discover
She's disciplined beyond measure
Yet, an untamed lover

© JL Smith
514 · Jun 2018
A Stranger
JL Smith Jun 2018
By definition, you're a stranger
But from my gut, I'd risk the chance
To sit beside you
Get to know you
Hear your story
Fall under trance
You say my words are magnets,
But your own attracted me
To ask for answers
Seek your truth
Reveal my secrets
So effortlessly

© JL Smith
512 · Jun 2017
JL Smith Jun 2017
I woke before the sun,
But if I'm honest, I never slept
I knew I'd dream those nightmares
Of the secrets that I've kept

So, I confess

I sense when you're behind me
As I turn and lock your stare
Or how my insides go crazy
When your laughter fills the air

I act as if it chills my bones,
But you possess the warmest touch
Others grow weary of discussion
Yet, I crave your words so much

Distance draws an ache
I try to feel you near
The clock becomes my nemesis
Time is closing, I fear

I'd get homesick as a child
Inside different walls I felt alone,
But now it's not a house I miss
It's your heart I've called my home

© JL Smith
511 · Jun 2018
It Cuts Me Deeper
JL Smith Jun 2018
You said it hurts,
But it cuts me deeper
I yearned for you to say it
Yet here I am, still playing mind reader

My brain's shut down
While my heart continues bleeding
Echoes of our love
Linger on while I'm grieving

© JL Smith
509 · May 2017
JL Smith May 2017
My head lowers
And you lift my chin
Doubt festers
As you take me in

Concealed struggle
Catastrophic tailspin
But your belief in me
May help this end

© JL Smith
508 · Aug 2018
Blood and Ink
JL Smith Aug 2018
My half of the world's fast asleep
Both hands stretch to twelve in a reach
And as their minds fill with dreams,
I fill paper
With the spilling of my blood and ink

© JL Smith
492 · May 2017
Society's Puppet
JL Smith May 2017
Don't lie to yourself
To appease the impostor
Break formation
Rearrange your posture

You're handed a rule book
Embedded tradition
Expected performance
But not your audition

Reject their measure
Conclude your own
Never accept majority
If you can't condone

© JL Smith
487 · Jun 2018
JL Smith Jun 2018
They'll think I'm crazy for this,
But I'm certain they already do
You're not here yet,
But I'm confident someday in the future
The world sure is gonna welcome you

You'll be bright
A shining star
With a head full of curls
Always setting the bar

You'll be kind
Looking out for others
With a smile
Patient, like a Southerner

You'll be humble
A skilled listener
With arms open
For any visitor

You'll be witty
Eliciting laughter from many
With joy as your purpose
And remarkably friendly

You'll be loving
Deeply, so deeply
With a heart
Crafted ever uniquely

You're not here yet,
But someday we'll meet
For now, you'll remain in my heart
As I count its beats

Until I witness these words
Of all that you'll be
I know of their truth
Because you'll inherit them from me

© JL Smith
484 · Jan 2019
JL Smith Jan 2019
Your eyes exclaimed beauty
Witnessing my face
Behind its cosmetic mask
I didn't expect any attention,
But your admiration
Stopped this heart in its tracks

© JL Smith
No make-up necessary.
JL Smith Sep 2018
When the love you seek
Cannot be found
And the Heavens above
Draw your knees to the ground

You will find what you sought
Within your own arms
Place your hand over your heart--
This gift is His art

An abundance of love lies within
To witness its marvel, you first must give
In time, you'll discover it's enough
And that's when a heart seeking yours shows up

© JL Smith
478 · Jun 2018
In Good Company
JL Smith Jun 2018
May I ask you a favor?
Join me for a walk
I won't steal too much time
Or demand you to talk

I'll lead if you follow
Just don't question my aim
Mysteries concealed within
Consist of heartache and pain

These streets buzz loudly,
But your presence bears peace
We're almost there, I promise
Around this corner, a few more feet

Enter this doorway
We're taking the stairs
I forgot to mention, you needed sneakers
A comfortable pair

Too late, up we go
Breath is heavy at the top
Your heart pulsing, a little frustrated
A dead end as we stop

I unlatch the bolt
And we walk through the door
Onto a roof under the night sky
Stars lighting our dance floor

You sing and I twirl
As we draw closer to the ledge
Peeking over onto the city
Down below, a world outstretched

And out of nowhere, it happens
I scream into the air
You stare at me baffled,
But I've released all worry and care

I glance at you and smile
You laugh and shake your head
Then climb onto the rim
And yell until your face turns red

That's all I wanted
It's what we need
To take a stroll, scream a little
Spend life in good company

© JL Smith
470 · May 2017
JL Smith May 2017
Knock on my door
After the sun sets
When the world goes dark
Before I regret

Grab my hand
Lead me into the unknown
Caress my cheek
Your lips on my collarbone

Force my memories to fade
The ones you know well
Speak truths to me
Our secret, I won't tell

© JL Smith
469 · Dec 2018
Doubt Departs
JL Smith Dec 2018
Crashing waves
Compose uncertainty
Within the walls of my heart
Until your Love
Walks the waters
Calming tsunamis
As doubt departs

© JL Smith
467 · Jan 2019
My Words
JL Smith Jan 2019
As my type whispers
Yes, as it softly speaks
Through emphasis of pressed ink
It reveals my secrets,
Desires and fears
Listen with your heart
Rather than your ears

© JL Smith
466 · Sep 2018
Live Loudly
JL Smith Sep 2018
Your voice shakes,
But speak loudly
Your hands hesitate,
Though write proudly
Your thoughts linger,
So, ask profoundly
Your feet wander,
Seek devoutly
Your spirit differs,
Embrace oddity
Your heart aches
Yet, love constantly

© JL Smith
453 · Jan 2019
JL Smith Jan 2019
Loves casts a shadow
Through your glance
While concealing its confession
Behind lips
Fleetingly blinding my world
As the moon masks the sun
By eclipse

© JL Smith
445 · Jan 2019
Love Arrives
JL Smith Jan 2019
And if your patience grows short
How winter's snow
Awaits fall's last leaf
How the blackbird's song
Serenades only after our sleep
And every flower blossoms
In its own time
When you least expect it
Love arrives

© JL Smith
444 · Mar 2018
A Heart I Once Could Feel
JL Smith Mar 2018
Today was your birthday
I didn't forget
Your first in four years without me
How was it spent?

Maybe that's why
You've crept back into my mind
Our birthdays, so close
The only part of us intertwined

I don't think of you as often
I guess that's how I know
I'm moving on
And I'm letting go

As much as I hurt
And as much as I learned
As much as I hated
My heart remains concerned

In time, I'll forgive
But for now, I'll heal
Happy birthday to you
A heart I once could feel

© JL Smith
440 · Sep 2018
JL Smith Sep 2018
Every cloud
Has a silver lining,
But Love,
You struck my heart
Just like lightning

© JL Smith
438 · May 2017
Drowsy Decay
JL Smith May 2017
Like anchors drowning in the sea
Eyelids are heavy
Dreams beckon me
I resist, I contest
As I lay by your side
Mutual surrender
As we drift with the tide

© JL Smith
434 · Aug 2018
You're Missed
JL Smith Aug 2018
It's 12:27 a.m.
And my postman's fast asleep
As I should be,
But I lie awake while you're also
Counting sheep

This distance between us
Cements my eyes to a map
Questioning the miles
Upon miles
Worth a hitchhike
And knapsack

For now, I'll write you poetry
Stamp and seal it
With a kiss
Until my mail carrier arrives
To deliver these words
Of how much you're missed

© JL Smith
431 · Apr 2018
My Guarantee
JL Smith Apr 2018
I guarantee there will be times
Where their voices will carry you over a mountain

I guarantee there will be times
Where their backs will turn, silencing the cheers and shouting

I guarantee there will be moments
Where your goals seem within reach

I guarantee there will be moments
Where your progress will fall under siege

I guarantee there will be days
Where your dedication is rewarded

I guarantee there will be days
Where your effort is unsupported

I guarantee there will be nights
Where your dreams keep you awake

I guarantee there will be mornings
Where your fears will dominate

But I promise through it all
If you never quit your chase

I guarantee you'll reach your dream
Only you can keep the faith

© JL Smith
431 · Dec 2018
JL Smith Dec 2018
After traveling the winding roads
Lit by a crescent moon
Kissed by the crisp breeze
Your kindness welcomed me
Like warm rays from the sun
And sweet honey from the comb of bees

© JL Smith
429 · Mar 2018
Do You Think of Me, too?
JL Smith Mar 2018
It's 1:43 a.m. as I sit here and wonder
If you're awake, asleep
Or in between where we dream
It's times like this when I think of you
Question if you think of me, too

Has your heart been broken?
Are your dreams coming true?
Is life everything you wished for?
If not, do you continue following through?

I know, it's crazy
I wouldn't recognize your face
And yet, I feel we're connected
Just need the right time and place

We're guided by Above
You face your trials, while I face mine
I pray you're somewhere out there
And when we're ready
We'll find each other
In due time

© JL Smith
427 · Jun 2018
My Greatest Fear
JL Smith Jun 2018
It's a writer's forbidden question
Because as poets we must speak truth,
But tonight you asked it purposely
And suddenly my voice went mute

What am I afraid of?
My answer's loaded, but I won't lie
Others may tell you heights and darkness
While some exclaim they're scared to die

As for myself
I've looked death in the eye
I'm not as afraid of it
As I am telling those I love goodbye

My body trembles in fear
When losing a parent comes to mind
It becomes difficult to swallow
Realizing life grants us such little time

And as I age
It's not poverty or debt
Or rejection I dread,
But a life others might soon forget

For my purpose is grand
I believe in myself and stand confidently by this
While I'm meant to inspire others
My greatest fear is regret of an opportunity missed

© JL Smith
426 · Jun 2018
JL Smith Jun 2018
I must have erased this
A hundred times
The truth is
I feared loneliness
As it peaked at bedtime

Someone once spent a fortune
Of time on me
Implanting ideas
I'd amount to nothing
"Just wait and see"
I wasn't worthy of love
Something out of my reach
I worked myself to the bone
To earn nothing
Of what was promised or preached
And one day Someone left,
But I've managed to survive
While those poisonous thoughts
Continued to eat me alive

Time does pass
As wounds heal slowly
My loved ones remind me to laugh
And look after me closely
I'm grateful for them
And for guidance from Above
I can fall asleep peacefully
Knowing I am loved

I'm confident
Someone wouldn't recognize me now
I'm stronger, wiser, less lonely
But I don't question how

For you see, the answer's obvious
Granting me tenacity of a fighter
All along, my strength's been within
Loving myself through words on a typewriter

© JL Smith
I type all of my poetry on my typewriter. Please visit my Instagram account @jlsmith_odist to view my typewritten poetry.
419 · May 2017
Emerged from the Shadow
JL Smith May 2017
Left out or left behind
In your shadow every time

Watched from afar
The praise you received

Admired you
And what you achieved

Your name well-known
Among our peers

Mine forgotten
Year after year

Relentless pursuit
Your path I followed

A hand-me-down
Everything borrowed

Sought your approval
Constantly dismissed

Realization in time
As I now reminisce

So similar to the eye
Yet worlds apart inside

I stopped being you
My first sense of pride

Earning recognition
Embracing my own strengths

Not ashamed of my weakness
Hope kept at arm's length

I've gained your respect
I know now it's not needed

Who I am, I always was
My own approval exceeded

© JL Smith
414 · Oct 2018
To Hell With You, Fear
JL Smith Oct 2018
You're holding me back,
You're holding me back!
To see the world, I desire
Yet, you control and conspire

Foreshadowing a future full of regret
If I comply with your reasoning;
Instilling doubt and anxiety
Comparing me to society

I'm breaking your grasp,
I'm breaking your grasp!
To hell with you, Fear
I'm moving forward
Abandoning you to my past

© JL Smith
406 · Oct 2018
A Heart Like Mine
JL Smith Oct 2018
Who could ever understand a heart like mine?
What a mess, what a maze, what a caged bird awaiting flight

And yet a few relate, those who take the time
Comprised of patience, generosity, compassion and sunshine

Most may call them strangers, but I know them as friends
Each expressing emotions and moving mountains through pen

Your humble hearts hurt more than most,
And your vulnerability often leaves you exposed

But promise me you'll never stray from your truth
Because I'm more confident today
Knowing pieces of my heart reside also within you

© JL Smith
A dedication to a few of my dearest writers who have taken the time to get to know my heart--who understand it because their hearts beat to a similar song. I'm blessed to call you my friend.
404 · Aug 2018
Rain Dance
JL Smith Aug 2018
How soothing
The sound of rain
As it trickles across
My rooftop
Reminds me of
The summer day
We danced along
My sidewalk

© JL Smith
402 · Jun 2018
JL Smith Jun 2018
I take my time
Stand behind the others
Listen before I speak
Then confront what they run from

You can tell me what to do,
But I'll learn my own way
I'm as hard-headed as they come
Whatever's forced turns me away

I won't duplicate the norm
I create what others can't
My ideas are abnormally structured,
But come alive through my two hands

Too many think the same
And so the world continues to circle
Yet, I question if it can change
As I dedicate my existence to its reversal

© JL Smith
402 · Oct 2018
The Promise
JL Smith Oct 2018

© JL Smith
9-Word Story using #Rainbows
402 · May 2017
Heart Conspiracy
JL Smith May 2017
You caught your reflection
And told yourself a lie
"I love myself," you said
But you disbelieved inside

You made others laugh
Depicted a world full of joy
"I'm happy," you exclaimed
All part of your ploy

You didn't want to face it
Denial of your past
"I've moved on," you swore
Oh, how your demons had massed

You rebuked my offer for help
Instead you chose me as your pawn
"I'm all you need," you promised
As the naive trusts the conn

You allured me from the start
I fell hard, you stopped short
Those three words to you mean nothing
Pray my heart is the last you distort

© JL Smith
396 · May 2017
Transparent Hearts
JL Smith May 2017
Questioning the pair

Never saw it coming
And suddenly, it was there

Yesterday you spoke
Smiled as a friend

Today something's different
I can't comprehend

Clouded judgment
Rationality impaired

Loss my train of thought
Feelings undeclared

It beats a little faster
Now that you're near

The answer became clear

© JL Smith
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