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JL Smith Sep 2018
When the love you seek
Cannot be found
And the Heavens above
Draw your knees to the ground

You will find what you sought
Within your own arms
Place your hand over your heart--
This gift is His art

An abundance of love lies within
To witness its marvel, you first must give
In time, you'll discover it's enough
And that's when a heart seeking yours shows up

© JL Smith
Sep 2018 · 725
To Whom It May Concern
JL Smith Sep 2018
You're gentle to others,
So be kind to yourself
Your spirit uplifts,
So eradicate self-doubt
Your humor arouses joy,
Laugh rather than pout
But above all,
Keep smiling, Precious Soul

Signed sincerely,

© JL Smith
Sep 2018 · 298
Three Words
JL Smith Sep 2018
And I wonder
If we feared saying those three words
A little less
Would our precious world reside
In its current state of distress?

© JL Smith
Sep 2018 · 440
JL Smith Sep 2018
Every cloud
Has a silver lining,
But Love,
You struck my heart
Just like lightning

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 322
I'll Remind You
JL Smith Aug 2018
I'd always choose
To let you sleep,
But just this once
I'll stir you from dreams
To whisper in your ear,
"I believe in your vision
After these stars disappear,
The sun rises for you
To chase your ambition"

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 355
To Relearn
JL Smith Aug 2018
Tonight, my tires traced the highway
I pulled over after missing my exit
Sidelined, I sat there
As the breeze through my window
Raised the hairs along my skin
And at once, it hit me
In that moment
Fear overcame bravery
Maybe you broke me
And there's no self-help book
To relearn how to let someone love me

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 309
Goodness Persists
JL Smith Aug 2018
I reached a crossroad
My integrity tested
I chose traveling justly
Knowing the path may grow ugly

I gritted my teeth,
Yet carried of firmly
And soon you approached
Armed to provoke me

But I stood my ground
As you crept closely
Ready to retaliate
An adversary, ignorant of my faith

Your attempt to attack
Will fall short in our midst
For an army stands behind me
Pledging allegiance as goodness persists

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 318
Eye of the Beholder
JL Smith Aug 2018
You won't impress me
With your Bentley
I'm just as beautiful
Driving my 17-year-old Camry
Shades on
Windows rolled down
Radio turned up
My spirit radiates
Across town

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 508
Blood and Ink
JL Smith Aug 2018
My half of the world's fast asleep
Both hands stretch to twelve in a reach
And as their minds fill with dreams,
I fill paper
With the spilling of my blood and ink

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 1.0k
Heart Talk
JL Smith Aug 2018

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 338
Surrendering for Faith
JL Smith Aug 2018
My greatest strength
Requires surrender of weight
Trusting a Higher Power
Intercedes to lift
While I maintain faith

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 728
Your Heart Will Reform
JL Smith Aug 2018
O, my heart!
With each pulse arrives ache
Not for thyself,
But my dear friend, far away

Before you told your tale--
I already knew
You see, it's captured in your eyes
And perceived through my view

Most have witnessed rock bottom,
But you sank deeper into its subterranean room
Don't fear, for I once visited
And believe I can guide you through

I know it hurts,
Sometimes so much your lungs forget to breathe
I've lived your anger,
Placing trust in the one breaking promises to me

But slowly and delicately
Your heart will reform
Stronger, yet softer
A little different than before

And when you feel desolate,
Absent of warmth
Listen to your inner voice reminding you
Times heals all wounds and transforms

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 335
JL Smith Aug 2018
I've endured the deepest blue:
Shades of midnight,
Presidential and navy, too

Once was prescribed medication
To help see me through,
But learned you can't bottle happiness
So, I chose an alternative view

Transforming pain into power
Biding hurt adieu
I channeled my grief
Into spreading hope, love and laughter
Among dark palettes to brighten its hue

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 746
Don't Wait
JL Smith Aug 2018
Don't wait
For a reason
That may never come
Be kind regardless--
It conceives love

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 586
JL Smith Aug 2018
You can pause
Catch your breath,
But don't give up
Don't you quit

Deep inside
Dwells a gift
Unique to you
Unlike the rest

The world awaits
Embrace your fate
Expose the truth
Eliminate hate

Knocked down
Rise to your feet
Persevere, my friend
Your strength defeats

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 683
JL Smith Aug 2018
Please don't attempt
To presume what they want
Inspiration may lead to action,
But sharing heartache
Evokes warmth

You so easily judged and labeled:
"Woe is me"--imaginary fluff,
But let me remind you
Job and Shakespeare coined that phrase
Knowing well, how this world is rough

I'm reflected within these words
You can't choose which I share
Not all of what you read will you comprehend
For your shoulders are inexperienced
Of the burden mine bear

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 543
Humanity Bleeds Red
JL Smith Aug 2018
Seven billion people
Seven billion faces
Scattered across our globe
Composed of beautiful races
Some rough around the edges
Others smooth as velvet,
But when pieced together
Form a puzzle if we solve it
From first glance, you look different
And what's unknown instills fear,
But my heart knows better
For all of humanity bleeds a red so sincere

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 707
A Piece of my Heart
JL Smith Aug 2018
I sit down at my desk
Placing trust in these keys
My world comes alive
As blood surges through me

Every letter I punch
Each stanza I create
Transfers a piece of my heart
Across this paper--my stage

An audience who relates
Commending acts of my play,
But never a witness behind scenes
To an emotionally intoxicated Hemingway

For the performance you see
Is my truth and it takes toll,
But reliving memories while writing
Is worth touching my readers' beautiful souls

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 352
Window to the Soul
JL Smith Aug 2018
And her eyes shared a story
Her lips never would
Hazel glistening like glass
Just as fragile
Exposing her past

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 834
Voices of This House
JL Smith Aug 2018
Drip drop
The voices of this house
Speak to me
And yet,
More comforting
Than the silence
We lived in
Before you left
Your key

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 434
You're Missed
JL Smith Aug 2018
It's 12:27 a.m.
And my postman's fast asleep
As I should be,
But I lie awake while you're also
Counting sheep

This distance between us
Cements my eyes to a map
Questioning the miles
Upon miles
Worth a hitchhike
And knapsack

For now, I'll write you poetry
Stamp and seal it
With a kiss
Until my mail carrier arrives
To deliver these words
Of how much you're missed

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 310
My Scarecrow
JL Smith Aug 2018
I remember--
I must've been a little younger than five
The first time I learned of letting go
Peeking around my mom's recliner
Staring tearfully at the screen
Dorothy said goodbye to the Scarecrow

We formed a friendship, an unlikely pair
Me poking fun at your lack of brains
You encouraging me as I followed a dream
Down my winding, yellow-brick lane

You were there for me first
Seeing me through every storm
Communicating in the darkest of nights
As I hid fearfully from a tornado that formed

A journey full of memories
A bond strengthened through time
I've always found you most intelligent
And whether I stay or go--
I'll remember there's no place like home
When your love is mine

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 281
Elation Unwrapped
JL Smith Aug 2018
I used to think the pinnacle of elation
Derived from you so wittingly
Conjuring my laugh,
But I must attest,
The sincerest bliss occurs
After I induce the same--
Witnessing your face illuminate
Is a gift unwrapped

© JL Smith
JL Smith Aug 2018
How could a smile
So radiant
Write from a place
Of such pain?

This question
You asked me
As you walked
The surface
Without digging
The terrain

For my roots
Have traveled deeply
Around rock--
Through dirt and clay,
But my limbs
Bear fruit of beauty
After the rain
Has washed away

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 525
The One for This Mess
JL Smith Aug 2018
Where are you?

I read about you in books
And watched you on the silver screen
Society places considerable emphasis
On you sweeping me off my feet

Who are you?

Someone labeled, "Super"
Dressed in boots and a cape?
Or a dubious author
Shredding manuscripts you create?

No matter--

The fairy tale's a myth
No perfect prince charming or princess
Just a worn heart-on-her-sleeve lover
Searching for The One who will accept her mess

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 657
The Brutal Truth
JL Smith Aug 2018
Ninety-nine percent of the time
The truth is brutal
It'll knock you on your back
You'll lie there positioned fetal
Praying it cuts you slack

As for me,
I continue to bear my soul
While most fear truth
I disclose the untold

My ninety-nine percent
Consists of a night owl
And a midnight snack
Laughing until my gut wrenches
And researching odd facts

My truth
Subsists of stubborness
I blame my dad for that
Tears form when I get angry,
But I forgive, rather than fight back

My reality
Reveals clearly
I'm a dreamer wandering an offbeat path
I've been told my goal's improbable,
But I believe in magic after solving the math

And honestly,
My heart falls swiftly
For the one I can't have
And to the ones who wanted me,
I can't force feelings that I lack

Ninety-nine percent of the time
The truth is brutal
It'll knock you on your back
I've shared my proportion,
And it's worth enduring to reach
My one percent of liberation after that

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 370
JL Smith Aug 2018
At times my memory fails
Yet, your words remain clear
It's ironic how you doubted my writing
Never gave it much thought or adhered

You attempted to break my spirit,
But instead, fueled this fire
You planned to bury me in your dust,
And here I am, sprouting higher

All it took--a little confidence
Commitment to my words
A belief in these syllables
Faith in a few strong verbs

I conjure feelings
I share stories
I bleed truth
I give glory

My poetry reveals this heart
You disrespected both,
But some day you will see
How I now touch the lives of strangers I call friends
And through these words,
They believe more than you did--
They've accepted me

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 727
Not a Cloud in the Sky
JL Smith Aug 2018
Please don't wander my way
For I know you're not willing to stay
Your clouded skies once cast shadows,
But now my blue paints over your gray

© JL Smith
Aug 2018 · 404
Rain Dance
JL Smith Aug 2018
How soothing
The sound of rain
As it trickles across
My rooftop
Reminds me of
The summer day
We danced along
My sidewalk

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jul 2018
You asked if I get lonely
And admitted that you do
Living alone requires bravery
Something I've grown accustomed to

I breathe in the scent of memories
And exhale a new-found freedom
This time alone strengthens my character
God knows it's what I needed

But you asked if I get lonely
And truthfully, I do
Whether together or independent
We all feel it at times, but push through

For Love resides around the corner
Followed by Laughter and its comrade, Joy
You see, loneliness may try to isolate,
But Faith always defeats its ploy

© JL Smith
Jul 2018 · 386
JL Smith Jul 2018
I've never labeled myself a singer
My voice is rather shy,
But after we spoke
My heart belted an operatic cry

© JL Smith
Jul 2018 · 312
A Future That's Ours
JL Smith Jul 2018
You may see something in me
That's captivated your heart,
But don't attempt to mold me
Into something you're desiring I'm not

I don't long for a sculptor
Instead, a friend I can trust
I'm complete on my own
And believe in Love unrushed

I'm unabashedly me
Proud of the stories I've lived
For I molded myself through heartache and laughter
And the love I continually give

I won't judge your honesty
I'm magnetized by authenticity
Our pasts shape our present
Autobiographies lacking simplicity

So, tell me your story
I'll stay awake with the stars
Share what has shaped your heart
Individual pasts may form a shared future that's ours

© JL Smith
Jul 2018 · 338
JL Smith Jul 2018
Let me remind you,
a nomad's observing--
You question your path,
as it becomes increasingly swerving
The pack's grown heavy,
but you must advance
For when you lease expect it,
your actions influence those
who have reached an impasse

© JL Smith
Jul 2018 · 967
Souls Converse
JL Smith Jul 2018
What is love?

It's catching your glance
With everyone's eyes on us,
But no one else speaks the language
Our souls silently discuss

© JL Smith
Jul 2018 · 272
JL Smith Jul 2018
Come sit with me a moment
Let me reveal your worth
I'll share stories of triumph
After I believed things couldn't get worse

I've caught that glimpse
Of doubt in your eye
When I speak of dedication and success
You hang your head, standing by

You make excuses
"It's just not in my cards,"
But as a player, stop accepting what's dealt
And become the dealer, himself

Don't compare yourself to others
Resist imitating the norm
Embrace your originality
Your God-given power--that of a magnificent storm

When it comes down to it
Your potential bursts to excel
You alone possess capabilities of greatness,
But you must believe it yourself

© JL Smith
Jul 2018 · 373
All That I've Got
JL Smith Jul 2018
Please, don't leave me
You're all that I've got
I'm not ready to trust again
So, I'm alone
Here with you
Making sense of these thoughts

Only few understand
The power behind your art
I was gifted this talent
As it consumes me--every part

Others broke me down,
But you've strengthened my belief
As you flow freely
From my mind and veins with each heartbeat

Don't fail me, Words
You're all that I've got
You've lifted my spirit
To write is to share what life has taught

© JL Smith
Jul 2018 · 311
Leave Me Dancing
JL Smith Jul 2018
There's a part of me
Who wants to love the hell out of you,
But there's a piece of me
That lacks the trust to believe
You won't leave me
Dancing with the devil

© JL Smith
Jul 2018 · 621
In the Clouds
JL Smith Jul 2018
So, maybe my head's always lived in the clouds
My lanky legs carried me too fast lifting me off the ground
You demand I descend and embrace the conventional
Abide by the rules, conform, fade to black--forgettable
But as I look down, you're all running in circles
Chasing immediate pleasures, shying from hurdles
I'll admit it's a risk, though too many fear heights and flying
Yet up here, my vision is clearest soaring after the horizon

© JL Smith
Jul 2018 · 320
JL Smith Jul 2018
It is said that
Blood is thicker than water,
But my friend,
You quenched my desert thirst
As I wandered

© JL Smith
#love #beauty #magic #heart #emotion #raw #soul #inspire #truth #passion
Jul 2018 · 284
Losing Sleep
JL Smith Jul 2018
Of all the lies I've been told
Of all the promises that have been broke
The ones I lose sleep over most
Are those three words you misspoke

© JL Smith
Jul 2018 · 389
JL Smith Jul 2018
This blanket brings warmth to most everyone
Yet, when I wrap it around me I seem colder
Yearning to thaw the frost from my bones
Within your arms, I melt while you smolder

© JL Smith
Jun 2018 · 511
It Cuts Me Deeper
JL Smith Jun 2018
You said it hurts,
But it cuts me deeper
I yearned for you to say it
Yet here I am, still playing mind reader

My brain's shut down
While my heart continues bleeding
Echoes of our love
Linger on while I'm grieving

© JL Smith
Jun 2018 · 556
Silent Prayer
JL Smith Jun 2018
When tears caress my cheekbones
It's rarely for my sake
This heart of mine empathizes immeasurably
For when another endures pain

My voice may not soothe
My written words unlikely to mend,
But my silent presence offers
Peace and prayer
Until your healing begins

© JL Smith
Jun 2018 · 382
JL Smith Jun 2018
Tonight, I dedicate this to you
My one-hundredth poem
To the reader who loyally returns
Day after day, view after view

For your support--warm words
Your encouragement and critique
And for the wisdom you've offered
I pray my poetry continually intrigues

You have a friend in me
If you've connected with my verse
I attempt to inspire love, kindness and growth
While revealing that your passion is a force

Do yourself a favor
Seize your greatness
Banish all cynics
Believe in your abilities
And live mightily courageous

Heed these steps
And watch the world around you change
The lives you will touch
Spread miracles through our gifts exchanged

© JL Smith
Jun 2018 · 427
My Greatest Fear
JL Smith Jun 2018
It's a writer's forbidden question
Because as poets we must speak truth,
But tonight you asked it purposely
And suddenly my voice went mute

What am I afraid of?
My answer's loaded, but I won't lie
Others may tell you heights and darkness
While some exclaim they're scared to die

As for myself
I've looked death in the eye
I'm not as afraid of it
As I am telling those I love goodbye

My body trembles in fear
When losing a parent comes to mind
It becomes difficult to swallow
Realizing life grants us such little time

And as I age
It's not poverty or debt
Or rejection I dread,
But a life others might soon forget

For my purpose is grand
I believe in myself and stand confidently by this
While I'm meant to inspire others
My greatest fear is regret of an opportunity missed

© JL Smith
Jun 2018 · 527
JL Smith Jun 2018
A fire burns within
Each flame igniting desires
For a passion I must pursue
Broiling my blood, searing every fiber

I once questioned why it chose me
Tried to fend it off for good,
But birth dealt me as a dreamer
Persistent imagination into adulthood

These words consist of power
Its control bestowed upon the unique
The responsibility of my talent
To share what others sincerely seek

Commitment and dedication
Discipline and sleepless nights
Believing in something bigger
Triumphant against all plights

As strength endures heartache
And my will to succeed prevails
My words shield me from naysayers
Because not everyone understand what my path entails

© JL Smith
Jun 2018 · 602
No Bounds
JL Smith Jun 2018
My love knows no bounds
Traveling deeper than the roots of a wild fig tree
Immersing into the darkest depths of the Pacific Ocean
Beyond the lowest valley in the grandest canyon
To Earth's most southern continent where it's frozen
Unrestrained, infinite, absolute
My love is given freely to whom I choose
I pray along my journey
I'll meet the one who reciprocates this truth

© JL Smith
Jun 2018 · 525
Into the Uncharted
JL Smith Jun 2018
I diverged
From the foreseen path most follow--
The route adhered to avert one's fears
Instead, I boldly strayed into the uncharted
Inquiring answers to what ifs and the unclear

© JL Smith
Jun 2018 · 779
Thoughts of You
JL Smith Jun 2018
I departed the city
To tally the stars,
But my thoughts of you
Lifted me among them
Between the moon and Mars

© JL Smith
Jun 2018 · 478
In Good Company
JL Smith Jun 2018
May I ask you a favor?
Join me for a walk
I won't steal too much time
Or demand you to talk

I'll lead if you follow
Just don't question my aim
Mysteries concealed within
Consist of heartache and pain

These streets buzz loudly,
But your presence bears peace
We're almost there, I promise
Around this corner, a few more feet

Enter this doorway
We're taking the stairs
I forgot to mention, you needed sneakers
A comfortable pair

Too late, up we go
Breath is heavy at the top
Your heart pulsing, a little frustrated
A dead end as we stop

I unlatch the bolt
And we walk through the door
Onto a roof under the night sky
Stars lighting our dance floor

You sing and I twirl
As we draw closer to the ledge
Peeking over onto the city
Down below, a world outstretched

And out of nowhere, it happens
I scream into the air
You stare at me baffled,
But I've released all worry and care

I glance at you and smile
You laugh and shake your head
Then climb onto the rim
And yell until your face turns red

That's all I wanted
It's what we need
To take a stroll, scream a little
Spend life in good company

© JL Smith
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